Monday, July 31, 2006

Life without Audra

Well my awesome sister left last night. Im still bummed. She got home safe and all, and we had a great time but the visit wasnt nearly long enough. Im looking foward to April and RT cuz thats the next time ill be seeing her.

So ill have picutres soon enough to post on here, so be on the look out... But honestly we had such a great time. Oh, and RWA was good. Met a fellow Siren, Susan Greene, and she rocks. other then that it was ok, though we did get a lot of promo done. Lets hope it pays off!


Monday, July 24, 2006

New Review! 4 cups from CTR!

this is what Kathy had to say about Beyond the Vision of Dreams: 4 cups!!!!

Ms. Stella and Ms. Audra Price have written a steamy story of hot sex and fated love between fantasy shape shifters. Chrissy easily accepts Remy’s dominance, intuitively recognizing her one true love; while Remy, with his carefree attitude, instinctively marks Chrissy in hopes of wooing her. They both fall easily into a preordained pattern of partners for life, the shared camaraderie evidenced by their instant closeness. I loved their easy way with each other, and the conclusion tops off an engaging read. It is definitely worth keeping.

We are so happy!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Two New Reviews! 5 Clovers Each!

So we got two new reviews! one for The Blessings of the Storm (out August 1st,Mardi Gras Publishing) and one for Beyond the Vision of Dreams (out now with Forbidden Publications)

You can check them out HERE and HERE

Im damn excited.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

What Eververse Demon race are you?

Well to kick off our mont long celebration for Sugar and sin (albiet a little early but i cant wait!) we have started off with a Quiz... And you know your curious!

So if you blog it,or myspace it let us know (in comments)... we are going to give away a mini demon goodie basket...

Let the games begin!

Take the quiz HERE

Monday, July 17, 2006

Beyond gets its second real review

We got a review at Euro Reviews for Beyond the Vision of Dreams.

Well needless to say i just feel like we cant win with it.

Cant please everyone.


Ikea and the Beyond Effect.

Tomorrow i have agreed to go to the wonderful world of Ikea with Jojo. this i dread. Why? because its like a fucking time warp in there. what feels like 20 minutes is about 6 months of your life. it sucks your will to live, trys to playcate you with sweedish meatballs and sticky buns and cheap cool furniture, but really all its doing is stealing your life force. I swear.

Joe and i had went in for a Chair. 4 HOURS LATER we emerged, the sun was down and i was completely bewildered as to how i lost the afternoon. it was the dreaded IKEA monster. I tell you, i know how they can sell a snazzy couch for 150$. its made out of the souls of the unfortunates that never made it out. and they are seelling them at bargain price!

So help me. If you dont hear from me by 8pm on tuesday night, Send the millitia to the Paramus NJ IKEA and burn the place down. I might still be inside but id rather burn in a firey blaze then have my soul suched out and miss time. There are house i dont even remember... and ill never get that time back. So thats on the list now too...
Time ill never get back:
~the two hours from watchin house of 1000 corpses
~the 2 hours spent watching the forgotten
~the half hour(i swear that was all i could stand before my brain went numb and i started drooling) of Dumb and Dumber
~20 mins(that turned into 4 hours) in the Paramus Ikea

Im sure there are more, but damn it im almost missing a day already. where the fuck did the time go?


Summer Block Party!

This Friday, July 21st come and hangout with some of your favorite authors for fun, excerpts and a lot of great surprises!

When: July 21st 2006 ALL DAY (midnight to midnight)

Where: Http:// 

What: multiple author excerpts, q and a, giveaways and goodies galore

So come and hangout, get to know some new authors and fill up your summer reading list!

Authors! If you would like to participate, simply join the group. No RSVP needed!

We look foward to seeing each and every single one of you!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Back to work.. in so many ways...

Marsh and Janey have been sent to Phaze for consideration, and stupid me, i started yet another project. this time its a somewhat short story, and i got about 2k down in an hour last night it really flowed from me, but it needs bulking, what i have so far, and im hoping i wasnt under the influence too badly last night to right it off as drivle. We will have to see.

So Now, with audra coming for nationals on the 26th, we have just enough time to finish Arcady and Snow, which really only needs a fight scene and the epilogue, things that Audra already has partially finished. Marsh and janey ended up at 38, 391 words, and Arcady and Snow will probably be around 70k, seeing as right now its it 68... i think.

So the 26th-30th Audra will be here in the states, which rocks, and well be going to RWA nationals for ONE DAY ONLY. it sucks i know but we needed to get our asses there, and with family comitments, and audra's short stay, we are trying to fit it all in. Thank god we didnt register.

So when our fun time is finished (not couting the promo we have to do for Blessings with MGP) then its back to work full steam on current projects. What projects? Our dragons (that have apparently caught the intrested of the EIC at MGP), our Fallen Series (which is going to be mentally draining), our Ghosts (still trying to figure a direction on that Horror set up), Lady Luck (Jake and Nina need to get back in the saddle and get to being intresting again), and our Cursed objects submission. its going to be a very wild august.

I do have Dragons Book two, titled Deep water, about 1k, which is good cuz we had nothing, only the premise a short time ago. Book one, Fire in his Eyes, is going well, albiet slowly, but im hoping that changes after nationals...

And now we need to find another Siren. One of our own left for her own reasons, which sucks, though we wish her the best. So finding someone new we gel with is going to be a PITA.

off to work.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

First review for Beyond the Vision of Dreams

4 Stars!!!!

Reviewed by Michelle Ellis © 2006
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Shapeshifter
Heat Index: Erotic/Extreme
Book Length: Mid-Category
Publisher: Forbidden Publications
Price: $3.99

Beyond the Vision of Dreams has an excellent premise. People who are snakes! I found this amazingly intriguing. Stella and Audra Price do have some good plot ideas up their sleeves.

From the first word I thought this was going to be a sleazy porn story, as the first paragraph describes a dream, with rather colourful language/imagery. Giving the book a chance, as it does indicate ‘Extreme’ in the heat index, I read on.

Remi Crane belongs to a ‘nest’ of snakes. Sexually frustrated, he had many dreams of mating. With sex predominant in his mind, his thoughts on his dilemma, he bumps into a woman in the foyer of the nest. Said woman, Chrissy Stanford, has come to live at The Compound (nest) and Remy knows he will have to administer restraint when she is around.

Chrissy meets the nest leader, Elise, who shows her round The Compound. I found the idea of humans changing into snakes quite unusual, though I will admit to not reading this type of premise before. The snakes in this nest have a ‘changing room’ where they change into snakes before going out to hunt. The whole mental image from this scene made me light up inside. I thought, ‘Well, how cool!’ Really did enjoy this part.

Reece, another snake at The Compound, for the brief moment he appears in the story, is an utter pig! I wanted to slap him at the very least, and kick him where it hurt at most!

With the mention of a carnival ride called ‘The Zipper’ I was instantly transported back in time to my childhood. This ride was THE scariest thing on earth to me. I went on it once and lost all my money when it spun upside down…ahem, back to the review…

So, not giving any more of the actual story away, I will say I enjoyed this shapeshifter story. It didn’t grip me as some tales do, but held my interest. I wasn’t bored, which is the main thing! Not one for the traditional HEA, this tale didn’t smack of ‘Oh bloody hell these two are going to end up together’ as you get that idea from the start. It’s more of a ‘I’m glad they did get together’ story.

Best part? The premise itself. Brilliant idea.
Permission granted for the authors to use this review.

Friday, July 14, 2006

4.5 hearts at Love Romances!

We got our review from love romances today... 4.5 hearts. Not too damn bad. the reviewer obviously liked the story, which rocks.

So you can Check out the review here.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Im back to droolin over Fallon

Well i got some new sexy pics of everyones favorite pirate, but these are exactly how we see Fallon so You guys can get the full effect. So for a few days here im going to be posting Johnny Depp eye Candy... So... Onward!

Ok not a bad one to star off with... Quite yummy actually... Back to droolin and making goodiebags.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Contest Notification

So we have decided to do another contest... this one is for the eminet release of our paranormal romance, The Blessings of the Storm, on August 1st with the next big publisher... Mardi Gras Publishing. Its an easy one... and a thoughtful one.

You can check out the contest here


We are going to blog it up after the contest is done...


Countdown to Audra

So my sister will be here the 26th of July. Im freaking out. its going to be such fun to go to RWA with her and hangoiut with the few fans we have going, and some of our fellow Sirens. Im so tickled. So find us if your around, We will have goodies galore..

Marsh and Janey book two will be sent by friday, and we have a new series in the works to work on after the Dragons are sent to MGP. *giggles* i love it when a plan comes together.

Back to promo goodiebags prep.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Awsome review for Wishes

So Joyfully Reviewed sent Phaze their review of WISHES... and its damn good. You can read it here...

Damn nice to see that today... and its nice to know our work isnt being misenturpreted... did i spell that right?


PS: Juts Saw Pirates... And im more then ever convinced that JD would be the most Screen Fallon ever... Now to make that damn Screenplay....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

We have our main release date.

Sugar and Sin will be out (god willing theres no holdups) August 25th. Aud and i are freaking out, and it looks like the girls on the street teams are excited as well. Major step for us as this is the book that started us writing, and its finally going to be published.

This is going to be a pretty good summer. So, updates! We have narrowed it down for our author branding, there 5 slogans we like so, well keep you posted on that, still looking for the perfect icon though. Poo.Marsh and Janey will be done in a few days. I have it back in my possession, and Today, after work, MArsh is going to do it like it should be done. im hoping by tuesday well have our part finished and that Aud can look at it once more.
Our edits will be in in a week or so. It shouldnt be that bad grammar wize, we have two people look it in the past 7 months. OOh and the edits for Blessings, our straight mainstream paranormal is in. Im really surprised we actually pulled it off (though Cash is still threatening death and desertion if we try writing something that fluffy again... and hes right)
So now, with the book coming hoping the Anthology will do better. After all, people want backstory dont they? And you can pick this awsome little ditty up at, in either print or E book fashion. Its 9 stories from the Afterverse including The Sleeping, our short story with Pretty Scary. Youll meet some new characters in this book, and some that youll come to love soon enough. Interested? Pick it up HERE
the last but not least update is that Book two, Silk and Steel,(the tennitive name of course) will be to our Publisher by the projected date of July 21st. We are going to celebrate with a big excerpt party at Eververse, with a bunch of authors we know and love comming to give everyone a great time.(i hope... these things never work out for me so well see).
So on to todays musings...

Why the hell is HEA so damn important? Im sorry life isnt happily ever after and with so many cookie cutter books out there, whats the problem of being different? Well the problem is that it takes longer to get published. We have been guilty of changing things, mostly the end of a story, to fit the HEA mold. Well im happy to say we dont have to anymore. Granted some things might be depressing, but on the whole, i think our endings are pretty damn good. True some are going to have the HEA, cuz lets face it, some characters need it, but most arent, and the book isnt going to end on a down note, but a nutral one. its all a question of presentation i think, and i think that you can have a book that isnt HEA in the romance genre, and still do well with it, if its marketed correctly. For us, if a story is a HEA story, it will end with HEA. if its not, and its just a story, a damn good one, then its going to stay true to form.
So why the fuck is HEA so damn important as a reader? i dont like them much and think the cheese is inflated when i see them in a book that could have had a better ending if they werent forced into the mold of HEA. gimme something dark anyday...


Friday, July 07, 2006

Author Branding

Well it has come to our attention that we need to get branded. Which is very true, nothing like selling yourself as a comodity. The problem stems from audra and i just not being that damn creative. Using the old book idea is out, even though most of our books revolve around a spell dealer and grimorie seller. We need to decide on a genre, if thats even possible... and a logo. this is all becoming very confusing.

So i have no clue as to doing this. well thats not true. I have some clue, but christ if i can figure out the right thing for us. ugh. Any ideas?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The 4th

So its the 4th. we have a lot more written with Book two, which rocks, and i think it will end up at 70k, a bit more then we expected, but hey im not knocking it.

The sirens are starting a few contests for July, so well see what coolness ensues there.

The countdowns have started, Joes birthday, RWA...

So let it begin...