Friday, March 31, 2006

i do love getting work done...

so as it is, we have 15k+ on the snake were story, its really going well. we have one chapter, and epilogue to do, then a shit load of bulking up... when we start stories like this, they do everything they can to get them out to us early (meaning the characters) and then after the gist of the story is down, they go back with us and fine tune it by adding a good portion of discription. this makes me happy. Audra and i have decided that we should possibly do another one, and odds are we will, but just sit on it till we need it.

We got our editor assignment for Cobblestone, and im extremely happy, we are just now waiting on edits... for both CP and for Phaze... so well see what we gotta do there.

our biggest question right now is where to send this story... and damn if the name isnt freakin awsome. Should we send it to CP? or maybe to forbidden? LSB? Loose ID? New Concepts? Lord knows.... Ill have to see about stuff.

Back to writing....


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dragons on the Back burner, Snakes on the forfront...

Well Remy kinda knocked Char and Al out of the forfront... seems he wants to tell his story and hes not fucking around with it. We have gotten about 8k done in two days, no guff, hes just talkin and talking... and for those of you who dont know who the picutre is, Remy told me that he resembles Suly Erna from godsmack... and boy is the man yummy... So Remy Crane has my vote.

So the dragons are pushed back till we finish this one, or until remy looses steam, but i have a feeling the former will happen before the latter. Damn hes hot. So i just thought i would give an update...

Back to the hot Python...


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sexy right? Well hes out model for the first dragon in our Elementals series. His name is Char, and well, youll get to meet him soon enough. Hes a fire elemental, which is fitting given his personality.

So anyways, we still have yet to get our editor assignments from either of our publishers, and im really hoping we dont get them both at once.

Our promo ideas are in full swing, and i think anyone going to Nationals and the NJRWA confrence in october, and of course, any thing else i decide to get out to, will be plesently surprised. I just love giving out free stuff, and while this kinda stuff is different from the work i used to do in promotions (actually promoting a book and a band are relative) im still getting the hang of OL promotions. Well see how well we do with that...


Sunday, March 26, 2006

our SURGE cover and other things.

Well thats our cover for WISHES. Cool right? i thought so. So we are just waiting for our editor assignment (for both Phaze and for Cobblestone press) and well be set.

We re submitted the original body of work to Phaze after we paired it down. its still over 85k, but i think cutting over 11k from it was quite astonishing. And today i learned all about promo items i never thought about... so well have some sweet goodie bags at nationals. its all going well...

oh yeah... I did a new site today here and its all about the series and the books... theres links on the author site to it. and did i mention we have a CHATROOM on it? Yippee! so all the character chats will be on there. so i was busy today.. hella busy!


And yet ANOTHER change in gears!

Well, since the inception of the Residents of the Eververse Community Forum, the guys have decided that we should take back control of the blog and they can play there. So if your intrested, they answer all their questons on the Forum now, as well as bitch and complain. So thats a good thing. we got the blog back...

So let's see... We got picked up by Cobblestone Press for our Story Bargain by Starlight, and PHAZE for our Surge submission, Wishes. needless to say we are estatic about it all and cant wait to get down and dirty promoting.... which will be soon enough on my end..

So what have WE, meaning Audra and I, been doing? Writing.. and a lot of it... We started full force our Dragon series, and as long as Char quits being stubborn, story one should be completely finished in a week or so... which is good... im a big fan of progress.

We finished the Ifrit sotry and are going over it to send out to PHAZE (its part of the trilogy of stories about our genies) and it looks pretty good... I think you guys will like Sinclair... I do...

OOH and i finally got my hair cut a way i like... so Kudos for my new Hairdresser Naomi...

And Audra is making her pans for this summer... and im so excited to see her...


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wishes, Surge Submission...

Marsh walked into the lavish living room and saw the beauty pouring herself a drink from the brandy decanter. It was true that he had been sent in to meet her, but god if she wasn’t fine as hell. Cash said to watch her, do anything to gain her trust, and Marsh fully intended on doing just that.
The woman was all curves in all the right places, a mane of hair that would do a lion proud. Good god, hips made for fucking and a set of lips ripe for a cock. He was going to enjoy this, a lot.

She noticed him standing to the side of the doorway, more in the shadow then in the doorway, and he was certain that this gorgeous little human wasn’t sure how he got into the room without her noticing the door opening.
“So, you’re Janey? You’re the little tart Taylor sent me to work with on this? Or was it sent me to play with? I can’t remember, but I think I shall enjoy the later more, you like the sound of that?”

She regarded him with a bit of interest. “I suppose I might ... of course I’ll have to put you through some very... rigorous testing...”
Yeah she was interested alright, but then again, most women were, until they got into it. Then that was a whole another ballgame. “Yeah? Well... I’m sure I can oblige you woman... lord knows I need some rigorous activity to get be back in the swing. You like it raw baby?”

The look in her eyes was enough of an answer. She smirked at him. “Raw and wild.” She ran her hands over her body, over the luscious curves that were her ample breasts and he was close to salivating. This woman had no clue as to who she was playing with. Taylor told him that it would be a “Who fucks who” situations to prove who was boss in this job, and Marsh planned on being the one to win this little battle of the sexes.

Sounds good doesnt it? Well it better, its my story. Wishes just got picked up by the sexy ladies at Phaze and both Janey and i are estatic... Be on the look out... the story is all true, i swear. *Wink*


Sunday, March 19, 2006

And I beat Cash.

Hey everyone. So i found out recently that mine and Snows Story, Bargain by Starlight got picked up by the beautiful ladies at Cobblestone Press. Needless to say Im greatful... after all, I beat Cash.*grins* Yep, I got something published before the big brother did. Hes stewing just so you know.

So anyway, we havent seen the cover yet but the girls are estatic, and i better get off this thing so Snow can tell you all about her feelings. The woman is fantastic. So Ill be around more as our release date gets closer...