Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awesome Steampunk Contest at ARe!

And yes... Im part of it (or rather, my naughty alter ego Dagmar is...)

Steam Society Contest!

Are you curious about Steampunk? Maybe you're already a diehard fan. The Steam Society, a super cool group housed right here at, is hosting this fab contest.

Who said 13 is an unlucky number? Bah! Rubbish! This contest will have 13 lucky winners...

The Prizes

1. Steampunk hair comb and set of gear hair pins courtesy of Stella by Starlight! The watch gear hair comb is made with Italian lace and ribbon. The copper colored hair pins are made with pewter gears. All pieces are one of a kind, never to be reproduced. ($50.00)

2. A Hellion of the Skies by Dagmar Avery ($.99)

"Lady Sarah Worthington had been missing for over five years, all clues to her whereabouts completely unknown. Inquiries had been made, investigations had been carried out, but it seemed she’d vanished without a trace."

3. Evie's Gift by PJ Schnyder ($2.99)

"The sound of a siren cut across the cabin, making her jump and clap her hands over her ears. Other passengers did the same, some of the gentlemen falling into a crouch as the airship lurched."

4. Flavia's Flying Corset by Sahara Kelly ($3.50)

"Flavia Winters settled her skirts, adjusted her corset more comfortably and walked out of reality into a dream late one Thursday afternoon."

5. Miss Bramble and the Leviathan by Kristen Painter ($3.50)

"Pandora glanced around. Not another soul occupied the room with her. Recalling the schematics, she counted off passageways until she came to the fifth on the left-hand side."

6. Lady Doctor Wyre by Joley Sue Burkhart ($3.50)

"“I cannot marry you.” Charlotte Wilder struggled to take a deep breath through the heartache banding her chest, made even more difficult by her corset. A lady could have some luxuries even on a backwater colony planet. “I’m sorry, truly.”"

7. Infernal Devices by Abigail Barnett ($3.99)

"The scrap of paper that Miss Permilia Deering clutched in her black satin glove instructed her to cross the street, go to the door with the little brass plaque in the shape of two playing cards—aces, a heart and a spade—and to pull the bell and wait."

8. Like Clockwork by Bonnie Dee ($3.99)

"Late for her appointment with the Commission for Animatronic Affairs, Victoria desperately searched her overflowing desk for the files she'd intended to present today. How was it possible she'd mislaid them?"

9. Wild Cards and Iron Horses by Sheryl Nantus ($5.50)

"Jon stepped inside the building, his eyes slow to adjust to the different lighting of the workshop. The thick wooden door swung shut behind him with a resounding thud. His imagination brought up the image of a gladiator walking into the Roman arena about to meet his doom."

10. Unraveled Souls by Sandra Sookoo ($5.95)

"Blood everywhere. The abstract splatter from the violent spray dotted the rose-patterned paper of an unfamiliar drawing room, blending a macabre design with the sedate ordinary."

11. Steam Queen by Jack Hessey ($5.99)

"Erica took a quick step back as the blonde took a wild swipe at the tattered brown Stetson hat on her head and gave a small shake of her head."

12. Steam & Sorcery by Cindy Spencer Pape ($5.99)

""We live in an age where people can travel on ships that fly through the air." The sharp rap of an umbrella point on the wooden floor of the carriage punctuated the sentence."

13. Full Steam Ahead by Natalie Gray ($6.95)

"With the addition of the boarding party, the original combatants could make a hasty retreat, which they did. Laurel's knuckles throbbed from repeatedly hitting the guy's head. But damn. What a night."

How to Join the Steam Society

It's free and easy. Select "Groups" from your top navigation menu after logging in. Then order the groups alphabetically using the drop-down menu and look for The Steam Society. Click on the "Join Group" button and say hello!

How to Enter the Contest

Click on the "Attending" button on this page (it's right under the contest image).

THE FINE PRINT: One entry per person, please. The contest will run until 12:01 am on May 1, 2011. You must be 18 years of age to enter. Employees of All Romance eBooks, LLC are not eligible. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY. The odds of winning are dependent on the number of entries. The winners will be randomly selected with the prizes of lesser value being awarded first. Winners will be notified via private message using their site. If they do not respond to the notification within 72 hours, another winner will be chosen. eBooks will be delivered to the users All Romance/OmniLit eCommerce account. The remaining prizes will be shipped following acknowledgement and receipt of a ship to address. The prizes are valued as declared above. Prize #1 was furnished by Stella By Starlight @ All remaining prizes are being furnished by All Romance ebooks, LLC, DBA,, and 334 East Lake Road, Ste 286, Palm Harbor, Florida 34684-2427.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I will be reading in NYC this coming Sunday!

I'm going to be reading and signing Sunday. come hangout, and get some awesome books from awesome authors!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New Prices, Old Books!

So in an attempt to get some real interest in our back list, we have decided to lower prices on the older books, allowing you, the reader an almost painless way to try us out. So if you havent yet, please let me give you the skinny.

At All Romance E books, you can get Sugar and Sin, Silk and Steel, Frost and Flame, Fire in His Eyes and Deep Water for 2.99 from now on. Now newer books will be our normal price of 4.99, but these are the prices for these books from now on at ARe, FW and soon NOOK and AMAZON.

So all of you a little apprehensive about reading our work, can now try it out cheap! and if your attending AAD 2011 in Philly, Audra and I will be having a special non scheduled Q & A for our books, complete with candy, goodies and some special prizes for our readers!

Ok Im back to working... much to do today!