Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year, New print, New Contest!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, and arent too hungover. Heres to a fantastic 2011, and Audra and I decided to open up the year with a faboo contest!

So some of you know we have a new print book coming out, the American Satyrs collection one. Well we are trying to get the word out about it, as it releases on the 17th. So, you, our awesome readers and fans, can help with that, and it wont cost nothing but your time! And there are several ways to enter!

1. go to the page at Total E bound and LIKE the page. this will get you ONE entry

(EDIT TO ADD: There is a LIKE button on the Page link above. LIKE the PAGE there and THAT counts as ONE entry. Liking TEB's page at FB gets you nothing on my side of it.)

2. go to the page at Total E bound and Twitter the link with @eververse in it, as (Pick up @Eververse 's new book, ...) This will get you ONE entry for every DAY you post it (up to 10 days)
3. go to the page at Total E bound and click the FACEBOOK link, post it to your face book page. This will get you ONE entry
4. Comment on this link.

What do you win? How about a signed copy of Both the new book, American Satyrs collection 1 AND Forever Shadow, the convention only edition? Tempted? Well help us spread the word!