Friday, November 18, 2011

breaking radio silence...

Just needed to stop by and mention something.

Please do not buy our book The Soft Edge of Midnight from any retailers or from the publisher site, Siren/ Bookstrand. We have a year left on the contract and apparently they feel that 129 copies of the book sold in 4 years is average, and wont be giving us our rights back. Hell you couldnt even FIND the book on their site all of 2009 without doing some creative naming (and no, when you put our name in on there, it didnt come up, nor was it listed under paranormal.) We made 8$ last quarter, and really, it would be more beneficial to everyone, especially them, to let the book go, as it would save them time if they didnt have to send us a statement.

But I guess they dont see it that way, which is their prerogative. And its mine to tell my readers to forget it even exists. Thanks so much everyone, hopefully when the contract is up it will be new and fresh to everyone!