Sunday, May 31, 2009

A contest for my buddy Emily Bryan

So I dont often repost anything from friends, because I tend to forget, but Emily is awesome and you should enter this contest. Good Luck!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Guest Blogging

At TRS today. you can check it out HERE.

OOh and Im hip deep in edits for A Gift of Daybreak, the third in the Knossos West weresnake novella's. Also, Masquerade needs a Epilogue, and then its off to Super Editor Holly!

and the new books is practically writing itself. This is going to be a good weekend. Ooh and I bought a new bookcase at IKEA yesterday. Excited? you bet!

See you guys soon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dirty Thirty

My mother said that to me on Sunday. Welcome to the dirty thirties. What that mean, I have no clue.

But I am 30 now, and they keep telling me life begins at 30. I'm not sure about that, but I am hopeful that good changes will come now that I'm past the hump of my 20's. So far its been good. I'm happy we have been productive with the writing, and I feel like things could be looking up. We reopened the Shadow heights forum, and its been going well. Ooh and we are almost finished with Masquerade. That NEEDS to get out to readers, its the best book we have written to date in the Eververse series.

I have been excited about writing the past two weeks. Its not feeling like a chore, and I'm so damn hopeful for all the goodness coming this year, especially Audra visiting. But first, summer. Summer is going to rock this year. Joe and I will be visiting our friend in NC in July for a week, and we have a few day trips coming up as well. I cant wait.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tomorrow... Dun dun dun dun!

Well. One more day. and I'm 30. Yeah. Not excited. But I did get my hair cut yesterday, short, and it looks cute. Its much better for the summer. Just have to keep up with it. Or chemically straighten it. Either way, I will be cute throughout July.

We got our edits for Daybreak, and need to add some sex, Surprise surprise. See Audra and I get bored of writing sex for some books, so this is going to be like pulling teeth, but we will get it done and back to our super awesome editor in about a week and a half. I cant wait to see the cover for the book.

OOH and Surrender in Moonlight will be out June 22nd. Mark your calendar. Its hot.

I'm also excited because we will be finishing Masquerade in the next two weeks and sending it to Holly for edits. Finally, you guys will know and love the brothers of the first house of Conglacio, Oscar and Drake. And YES, you WILL love Drake. And yes, we will have it for AAD this year. Cant wait for that.

So what will we be working on this summer? Book two of our most recent series, Moongardens, and A Bitter Kiss of Chaos. Also, we will be working on some shorts for Janey and Marsh, Arcady and Snow and Barbas and Illithen. So be on the lookout.

So Im off to the grocery store, gotta get ready for todays BBQ and buy some alcohol so i can deal with my crazy ass family.

Monday, May 18, 2009


yes, I'm happy to say that our submission for the new series we are developing is off to its requested submission. I'm nervous, and scared and hell freaked out. The CP we have (who is the COOLEST EVA!) loved the book the second time through after we added to it, and I feel good about that. I just hope this submission is well liked by the person that requested it. Here is hoping.

So my birthday is 5 days away. T minus 5 days till I'm rocking 30. And guess what I did today? I bought myself Fea Bea Ugly Doll. Yep. Happy birthday to me. I'm a happy girl. WOO.

Ooh and edits for Surrender in Moonlight are done, and the book will be available June 22nd. I hope you will consider picking it up. Its a naughty little story (much more erotic then the first one) and we love Reece. LOL.

So I guess its bed time. I have a weak stomach and don't know if I will be able to sleep. Crap. I should have done this in Feb when i wasnt sleeping much. On the upswing, I can finish the covers I have on my plate tomorrow. Nite.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

T-minus 10 days and counting

On May 24th, I will be 30. Am I freaked? Nope. 30 is just a number, and I don't look like I'm going to be 30 either so I think that helps. This year is a big year, and I don't think I will be doing any big celebrating. Its a very odd weekend, being Memorial day and all. So I'm not expecting much. Joe is getting me a wonderful spa day which I need, and I have decided on a Warm Stone treatment and Full body massage. I seriously need it, my body is a mess of knots and toxins.

So this year everyone keeps asking me what I want for my birthday. Well Imma leave a list here for everyone who asked to refer to:

~Another Ugly Doll. This year I want either FEBEA BLUE or HIDDEN POE
~My tarot cards done or my astrology chart
~A Winters Journal
~A new pocket watch
~ A Mad Hatter Ring

So that's what I like. I also like Urban Decay makeup, and Tart makeup. So there you go.

Audra and I will finish this book tomorrow. and Then Ill be editing and sending it out as we are supposed to. I'm excited, and nervous. But I feel good about the book. Really good.

Friday, May 08, 2009

it is almost time.

Yes, this books is one scene away from being put to bed. After the awesome talk we had with our CP, she gave us some insight and we decided to add two more scenes to the book to really round it out and answer some hanging questions. I'm hoping this will make the book better in the long run, but we will just have to wait to see what everyone things.

So today I'm writing the cover letter, blurb and hoping for the best. I suck canal water at writing a cover letter, and I always get it wrong. Too many templates to what you need, and I'm not a natural marketer (I know right? Me?). I just cant sum shit up, and If I can then I personally feel the writer (or myself) didn't intrigue me enough for my mind to play out all possibilities. So it looks like Im going to need help with this, as usual. And before you say, 'well, you got aud' Aud cant write a business letter any better then we are. we are creative, and I find cover letters too limiting. Still, it must be done, so Im going to start plugging away at it shortly, once I get my ducks in a row.

Everything for AAD is also going awesome. If your thinking about going, DO. The authors we have signing up for it are freaking amazing, and the surprises and goodies we have in store for you are well worth the pittance it costs to go to this event. Check everything out HERE.
We are still waiting on edits for the second snake book, and if you havent read the first, please go and pick it up and leave us a review. But if you dont like snakes, give it a chance ok, I swear they arent gross or icky.

OOh and thanks to the awesome chicks from last night that helped me come up with a name for the book and the series. Kimmy, Amiee, Judy and Kay, LOVE you guys. It helped a lot and Im running it all by Audra today.

So its back to work for me. I have lots to do and less time to do it in. Why? because today is STAR TREK DAY!!!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sometimes I miss her.

Who am I kidding? I miss Audra all the time. It sucks when your sister is your best friend and lives so fa away you cant celebrate for real with her. What are we celebrating? Well its the good fortune we have had recently in the requests of our work from a few editors and agents. I mean, nothing is set in stone, but we have been doing well recently for requests and because of that, its cause of celebration. We are a lot further then we were a year ago, and I'm thankful for that.

So it was good to Skype with Aud for the past couple hours. We talked about our books, series and what we are doing for the future, and where we are going with everything. Shes got the old spark back, and I think its because we aren't as stagnant as we were before this. It felt good to reconnect, and Im so damn hopeful about where we are going from here.

October cannot come soon enough.One week is going to be a tease and a half but we will have to deal with it. It really sucks when your best friend is so far from you... But I love what we do, and I love that its my sister I do it with. I couldnt be this close to anyone else, and without her We couldnt do what we do.

Im off to bed, but Im feeling a lot better about the state of our career. My sister keeps me hopeful.