Thursday, June 26, 2008

2 days til the wedding....

and we are almost ready to go. Dressed are all done, the shoes, and the favors. I still have to do the table signs, the jewelry, and we have to decorate the cheese "cake". Audra and Neil are both taking pills for the Malaria they could possibly get in the DR for their honey moon, and Aud is cooking pasta with meat sauce for dinner. Its tight. its wild, but its going to be fantastic on Saturday.

Weather looks good for the afternoon to take pictures, and they are getting married outside. Its going to be beautiful, and Aud is more then ready for it all.

So two days ago we went to Edinburgh, and Im going to share a picture or two...

Pretty right? Edinburgh is fantastic. Once i get the videos all sorted out Ill be posting those but i have to compress them, and its a pain to do when Im not at my home workstation.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Gifts is now in print!

The third installment of the Duvall Inc. Series is now available in print!


The holidays are a time for giving, so when Marsh decides to give Jane a real Christmas, complete with family and friends, he never expected everything to go haywire. Meeting his family is only part of the problem. His parents, the reigning royalty of his race, are going to be a surprise to Jane, but no more so then his station as crown prince, a fact he had kept hidden from her till now.

Throw in a conniving princess that contracts his death, an engagement ring and his quirky and outlandish parents, and Marsh has his hands full, just presenting Jane as his consort. Two days before Christmas, Trent Duvall, Janey's Silent partner in the assassin syndicate shows in Austria and informs them of the fact that a special member of the Duvall inner circle has gone AWOL, and its up to Jane and Marsh to help him get him back.

With the help of Malcolm Frost and a few choice friends, Trent and Marsh leave Jane in Austria and go to Africa to retrieve their family member, and usurp the position of a murderous and insane Fallen Angel.

And you thought your holidays were stressful.

This Book contains: heavy violence, mild gore, a 5 heat rating, sex, sex, humor, fmf threesomes and good old fashioned lunacy.

Read and excerpt HERE and order the print straight from Phaze HERE
Interested in the video? Check it out HERE
and be sure to look out for the next in the series, Malcolm Frosts book London for the Holidays...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scotland, books and

So im still in the lad of scots. Its great, beautiful, and im going to have SO much research done for the next few books. Aud and I have decided on a new writing regime, starting the last week in July. I think it should work really well. So London for the Holidays will be done and ready to go before September. Looking forward to that.

Gifts was pushed back a week, so it will be out the 23rd, next monday. So if your waiting for it in print *i know I am* then get your bum to Phaze on monday and order it from them!

OOH and If you have read our books, please stop by and register and CAST OUR BOOKS! thats right its a fantabulous promo opp, but in order for it to work, you guys gotta pop by and CAST the books! Even if you cast it exactly as we do, it still helps! So pop by and help us out.

Im off to See 5 castles... Ill pop some piccys on once we get back!

Friday, June 13, 2008

here! and its awesome

Scotland is a beautiful beautiful place. And where my sister lives is a wonderful little town. So Im going to share some stuff with you guys...

First, PIMMS!

Second... Portencross Castle...

Isnt it lovely? I have more but its taking ages to upload them. These two are my favorite. Today we are off to get our dress fittings, and then i think a party in Kilburn... Which my sister isnt too keen on. No matter... LOL.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Im off!

Yep! today is the day! I'm getting ready as I type, making sure everything is packed, everything is printed, and all my documentation is ready to go. I still have to close my compy down to bring it with me, and pack my compy bag with stuff Ill need for the plane ride, but its less to do then I thought. Last night I repacked, took out stuff I knew I wouldn't be wearing, and while it was scant, it did lighten the load.

My carry on is still pretty heavy but thats due to the damn glass votive's I have to bring for the wedding. And we just found out that the Mongreen, the hotel we were having the reception at, has Asbestos *they have been doing construction to fix the wing that exploded with the boiler* and now the wedding party cant stay there, nor can anyone else. they have to close the damn place. Aud is a mess, or gutted as she said... and Now I have to hold that stress for her. Not good. Ugh it never ends.

So as you can see, surprises around every corner. So if your reading this, be sure to pop by the Authors After Dark blog, Im giving away a print copy of GIFTS to a lucky commenter.

I'm off! Wish me luck!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Ready. Totally.

Well Im finally packed, my boarding pass is printed, my passport is ready and Im less then 24 hours from seeing my sister. WOO. needless to say its going to be a good time. Still, Im nervous about flying alone, though as far as says, I have a full row to myself for the flight. So thats cool, I can stretch out.

I have a book, Maggie Shayne's Lovers Bite, and I'm bringing the notebook to get down all the craziness when i need to write stuff down. My new video camera has a voice recorder as well, so that should be fun.

Still, I'm sad I'm leaving home for the month. I'm leaving Joe behind, hes got a small tour with his band he couldn't pass up, and I support that. Not going to see him for 21 days is going to suck major. We have been together for a little over 5 years and we haven't ever been apart this long.
And I'm going to be away from mum and the moo. Don't get me wrong Momma Angela, my sisters mum, will be in Scotland for me to see, but its still not the same as my mum.

And the moo is not happy. He sees the luggage and has been growling at me for no good damn reason. Since I'm always home with him, I know hes going to miss me, and hes going to be hella pissed when i get home.

On the bright side, I get to see Zorro, Pimms, Petey, Katie, Ninja... Oh thats all Audra's pets. I'll put video up for them, so you can see too.

So... This going to be quite an adventure, and I am looking forward to it, if a little sad I'm going to be be starting it alone.

OOH and today is Johnny Depp's birthday. Happy birthday Hottie.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

We are now listed on!

Get into the Eververse like never before! You have read the books, now cast them! thats right! 7 of Stella and Audra's books is on and you can pop over and cast everyone you can think of in the books!

POP by, register *cuz its fun* and search Stella Price, and get to casting! We would love you forever!

Stella Price

Monday, June 02, 2008

New Cover!

So we just got word the London for the Holidays is going to be put out this fall simultaneously in e book and in print. So of course, I had to do a new cover for it. I mean I'm a firm believer that what will sell a book in e book visually wont always sell the print, and we loved the original cover for London, but this one is just SO much better for a print book we had to use it. Luckily Phaze liked the new one more. Here it is:
Isnt it pretty? Im very happy with how it turned out, and I also have the back cover finished, though I won't be showing it out any time soon, Im waiting on the spine to do it all in one shot. Anywho, just thought I would show it off. Im off to finish packing and getting the house in order.