Friday, February 27, 2009

Moo update.

Well doctor says hes fine, and that the gash is healing really well. He was SOOOO good at the vet today and is now hunkering down for his afternoon nap. He looks pleased with himself.

So I'm hopefully going to write today, even if its just for Dagmar. I think I'm going to sit with the Moo and read a bit, then write a little. Maybe. we will have to see. I have to make packages up and still design some promo for RT. So today might be busier then I expected.

And I thought i would mention, we have a new review at ck2s Kwips and Kritiques for London for the Holidays: 5 KLOVERS! Woooo You can read the review HERE.

Also, on the same site, they have interviewed us for their Feb interviews! Im sooo excited. You can read that HERE.

And lastly, we finally have a home on the TEB forum. I have posted a excerpt for the Snakes there, and would love it if you could stop by and give us your opinion. You can check it all out HERE.

So have a great day and awesome weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

a happy accident.

So we found out today that Beyond the Vision of Dreams will be pushed up to April 13th, a whole week early! So I'm soooo excited about that. Now I have to do some promo for the book now, I think I'm going to do book cards and postcards I think.

So tomorrow I take Moo to get his sutures out. Im happy to report hes pretty much back to normal, and the wound looks very good. Im hoping his recovery will continue to be speedy. I need my Moo back to normal.

Still working on some more jewelry for RT, but Im happy to say the Sugar Skull Mafia pins are now all done and ready for fun. Im still waiting on new pieces so I can finish off some ideas. I hate when supplies dont show up when they are supposed to.

Ok back to work for me. Just thought I would pop in and give you guys the update.

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Design

Yes, I thought we needed a sprucing up. Audra and I have been working on this design for about 2 months, and yes the curtains match the carpet, or rather, the blog matches the website.

So the Snake and the Octopus... that's me and Audra. Or rather Audra is the snake, im the octy. HEH. I think it was about time we changed the site around, we needed something more streamline and easy and clean looking. Im really happy with it, especially because we have all these events coming up and the site looks 100% more professional.

so what do you think? Pretty? too dark? not sexy enough?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Update on Moo.

Thanks to everyone who have sent good wishes and positive thoughts our way concerning Moo. hes home, two days into his recovery and you wouldn't even know he was sick, well aside from the large sewn gash in his head, and he looks like friar tuck with half his head saved. But hes eating, taking his meds like a good boy and finally starting to sleep through the night. I might be able to get back to my bed this coming week.

Well thats the plan. Moo is still running from us when we have to spray the Bactine on him, It was that or leave him at the vet because he wont let us put the neosporin on him, so its been interesting. Thank you to everyone who has called me and helped out with everything, especially his bills. They were steep, but I feel good now that we can pay it, and that I have such amazing friends that would even think of helping us out for this.

So Im off to cuddle with him while he relaxes, then give him his meds. Have a good weekend everyone. Ooh and Ill have a new context week. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today is truly a day of days.

Why? because today is Audra's 25th birthday. Rejoice!

Im hoping shes having a good day in the land of scots, though I know I will speak to her later on today. So I hope you will join me in wishing her health, wealth and happiness this year, and may her 25th be even more special then she could ever hope for.

Happy Birthday sis.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Covers, voting, and surgery

Yes... Its been a rough couple of days since my last post. I'm sitting here watching Dollhouse, which is interesting to say the least and I'm tired as hell. My poor moo is very ill, needs an operation, and is miserable. Hes been sleeping a lot, which might not be good, but at least hes not scratching his head and turning my condo into grind house with blood everywhere. Its been a crappy day and last night was horrible. Hes got his surgery on Thursday but I'm going to call tomorrow and get it earlier. My poor Moo.

So You guys can guess why Im just not very excited today, and if you cant sense my lethargy, then I am doing a good job of hiding it. Im so tired but I have to stay awake to watch BSG. But I figured I would mention a few things. First, The Fantasms are up and around once again... and we are up for THREE this year! Please pop by and show your support for us and vote for Frost and Flame in the Best Demonic Novel Category, Deep Water in the Best Shifter Non-Wolf category, and Hot Rio Nights in the Best Paranormal Romance Story. Please Please Please, we really wanna win these this year. We won the Best Shifter Non- wolf a few years back... and we would love to win the Best Demonic too! And Please vote for our friends Bianca D'Arc, Larissa Ione, Ashleigh Raine and Tilly Greene too!

Last but not least, we got our cover for the first in the Snake Novella series, Beyond the Vision of Dreams. Its sexy... And I hope you guys like it and are inticed to pick it up after seeing it.
Ok well thats it. Im off to watch BSG and snuggle with my moo. Have a goof Valentines day everyone... Ooh and for the Eververse readers, Arcady and Snow just had a cute V day short put out on ARe. And its priced nice at 99 cents. Pick it up and see how the hottie Incubus and his frosty lady is doing this V day! Night.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What do readers want?

Ok so I know we have a lot of readers, and we are thankful for each and every one of you. Because of you, we have been able publish several series and stories and tell our tales to the world. But I want to know what is it that draws you to a book, and when is a subject done to death for you?

The reason why I ask is that at ComiCon in NYC this past weekend, I went to a few panels, and the publishers that were there were showing off their coming soon work, and I gotta tell you, the amount of books that were the same kept me ill.

When I see the same book being spun out over and over I feel like the editors are flooding the market and just giving you more of them same. Case in point. I saw a publisher that put out atleast 4 books involving a PI who solves supernatural crimes. The same pub is putting out atleast 4 urban fantays's with a female kickass heroine written in 1st person. Same publisher is jumping on the vampire YA band wagon, as well as putting out books about Seelie/Unseelie fey and more werewolves. So where is the variety? Do readers wanna just have the choice of three or 4 subjects? Do they want the same old same old every month's release? What is it that they wanna see in books, and why isnt NY listening?

See, I feel like there no room in NY for the unique books that I think readers would embrace. Oh sure theres flukes, like the Jessica Andersen series about the 2012 armageddon, and they have been doing great from what I hear, but aside from Ms. Andersen and a few others that the pubs have taken the chances on, the market remains largely the same book different author. So whaty say you? Are you cowed by the "variety" NY is giving you, or do you Not wanna try anything new, and stay with the old stand bys? How is this industry going to progress to another level, and survive if they just keep giving us the same thing to read? What say you?

So... Now that you are here and have decided to comment here as well... Lemme give you the skinny. there are three blogs and that entitles you to three comments. Each comment will be entered in a contest that will be concluded on Feb 28th and announced on the TEB blog. The winner will recieve a 20$ gift certificate from either, or Borders, their choice. Pretty good prize just for giving us your opinions eh? So lets get to it... and good luck.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

So tired.

Im so damn tired I could probably sleep a week. But thats not going to happen. The signing went well, we had a great time and meat some fantastic new readers and friends. Im hoping that everyone had a good time. But the drive back was hellish and my body is tired from me tottering about on 4 inch heels. So not my thing.

Tomorrow is ComiCon, and Im excited as hell. But my ass has to get up at 630 AM to make sure im all set to go at 815. YEAH. So Im going to bed, cuz I need it. Ill have pictures form Comicon I think, I forgot my camera in all the hubbub this morning. I know some of the other girls did get piccys so they will be soon.

So Im done. Stick a fork in me, just dont wake my ass up till 630.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Big romance book signing this saturday: Romance and Chocolate!

Saturday Feb 7th Borders, 1600 South East Road
Farmington, CT 06032

Join 15 authors this saturday for a fun and sexy booksigning event filled with treats, drinks, prizes, giftbaskets and of course, BOOKS!

Participating authors include:
Stella Price
Jessica Andersen
Marie Force
Cat Johnson
Tilly Greene
Allie Boniface
Kristan Higgins
Annette Blair
Isabelle Santiago
Denise Egan
Emily Bryan
Toni Andrews
Kathryn Smith
Donna Michaels
Leigh Ellwood

from 2-6pm and we have 15 gift baskets that will be given away throught the event!!!!

we hope to see you there!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Lots and Lots

Of stuff to do this week before the big hunkin signing and the Comic Con! And you know what? Im not even caring. Im futzing about doing stuff that could wait, and not doing what I need to be. No this isnt procrastination, this is me interested in what i WANT to do not what NEEDS doing. Le Sigh.

So I made some new jewelry, two neclaces, one pendant charm and a pretty sweet steampunk ring. Im going to take pictures of them in a little while and then post them on the ETSY shop. Im just a bit behind.

Also, last month we only did a little over 34k, and Im aiming for 50 this month. So, Im pushing to write atleast 500 words a day this month, but with the month so short, Im hoping it ends up as such. Audra and I are hip deep in three books, and we need to get them finished ASAP.

And Saturday is the signing! Finally! I have had this set up for months now and the freaking awesome lineup of authors attending this has really made me more excited for the event. I need to make cupcakes, and brownies, and get some sparkling cider and juice, but I really cant wait regardless of all the crap i have to do.

OOh and today started my new excersize regime. Yes, Im looking to loose 10 lbs for RT. I think I can do it.

So its back to writing, and taking pictures. Im hoping audra and I can hit 1k today.