Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some Awesome news!!!!

Well I'm back in NY, and settled in as much as can be at this point, so I figured I would announce all the awesome that has happened in the last few weeks...

First... Audra is pregnant again! She is due in April, and shes hoping for another boy!

Second... Joseph and I bought a house in SC! Its a really nice house, perfect for the first we will own together. I love it, and We move in in January.

Two great things right? 2012 is going to be INSANE. Moving, Another baby in the family, the convention and a wedding... I don't think we will be able to stand all the awesome that is to be had.

Now, on the writing front... we have some news as well... well I do. As Dagmar, Ill be featured in a steamypunk anthology later this year (i believe). The story is about a a painter that is painting all the ladies of the new aristocracy... but why and what setting hes painting them... well that's what you have to read the story for. I loved writing it, and I told my agent that there's three more stories to come from that setting, so she was super excited about that.

And guess what else? I have a new writing partner... The two of us have written several stories with the dark court of fae involved and the first of the stories will be available this halloween with Ravenous Romance. Right now its titled Antebellum, but that could change. We will post about it soon enough!

And it looks like The Djinn will have a new home for the holidays! Wishes, Glamour and Gifts have all had an overhaul, a title change and a better edit, and will be coming out later this year for the holiday season. Ill have all the information along with new covers soon so stay tuned!

Now for something NOT so fun...

All our Tease Publishing Print books will be down off Amazon in January. This is because we are switching over to create space (because without borders we dont need the distribution angle, especially because BN doesnt give two shits about small press) but it might take a bit to get it out there... So if you wanted our books as is, PLEASE pop by Amazon and ORDER them... it would make out holidays that much more awesome and you will be getting the last of that edition.

Also, if you haven't yet, and have read our books, PLEASE stop by Amazon and REVIEW the works. I don't know if readers know how much reviews on Amazon mean to an authors sales, but they really do help. Good, bad, whatever... Please go and have your say on the book listing...

Oh and for every new review we get starting Sept. 25, we will enter the reviewer in a drawing... and the winner? The winner gets a VERY cool prize... But I don't wanna tell you what it is, because I don't want that to be your driving force... My feeling is, as a reader, if you have read our work, and like it, you should want to help us get further in order for us to keep writing books for you to enjoy!

The Contest will run till December 5th... and trust me... the winner isn't winning some swag or something like that... No this is one HELL of a prize just for helping us and our work. (And if you have it in e book, and bought it on ARe, if you post a review and rating there, You will get entered as well! and if we hit the top reader rated? The awesome that we will do for the winner is going to be INSANE!)

Lastly... we are on Kindlegraph! If you have our books on Kindle, why not have us sign it?! go to and Request a signing!

I know... Lots of awesome! hopefully I'll have more awesome news soon!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Last day in SC...

So I'm finally coming up for air while on vacay to post. It has been the busiest vacation I have ever had, and that's a damn good thing. We managed to hit Savannah and see the hotels for AAD 2013, so now its just a question of who gets the bid. they were all faboo, and everyone was super nice, I wish i could pick them all, but Sadly (and sorta not sadly) AAD will never be DragonCon size... So that's out.

I leave tomorrow in the AM for NY and normal life once again, maybe with some new surprises and such. It was good to get away, even if I didn't do much relaxing while here. I'll hopefully have some great news coming up, so stay tuned... LOL.

So today is some writing that needs to be done, or my agent will beat me senseless, some art that needs done for clients and then (blessedly) shopping at Coligny! YAY! I can finally finish shopping!

So stay tuned everyone... Good, fun, and exciting news to share soon!