Monday, December 05, 2011

Breaking Silence: Help! Seriously, HELP!

So yesterday, I lost my engagement ring at the palisades mall. And of course, whoever found it didn't event bother to bring it to the management,or the security office. I normally think horrible things about people in general because everyone is usually out for themselves, and it looks like I was right. Whoever it was that took my ring, I hope they die a painful, scabies filled death as their fucking fingers and toes fall off.

I'm a good person. Had I found a ring I would have turned it in, mean its a sapphire engagement ring, its not gold, or diamonds, someone specific obviously loved it... right? Well apparently the person that took it is a total asshat and they need to be run over by a fucking train or something else of that sort.

So anyway, this is where you come in. I need to buy myself another engagement ring, and as much as it sucks to do that, at least I know I wasn't doing it originally. So in order to do that, we need book sales. I don't care if you buy a print book and burn it or use it to wipe your ass. I don't care if you buy an e copy and never read it, just please help me out with this...

Almost all our books are available at Amazon, Kindle(except the dragons) and ARe (both Stella and Audra Price books and Dagmar Avery Books) My hope is to be able to repurchase my engagement ring in March when I get my next bout of royalties, which, sadly would have went to other wedding things like jewelry for the wedding party, and securing the DJ... but sacrifices will be made, because that ring really was the ring of my dreams and it just doesn't seem right to get married in October without it.

So please, pick up some of our books, help a girl out will ya?

Thank you, so much!

Friday, November 18, 2011

breaking radio silence...

Just needed to stop by and mention something.

Please do not buy our book The Soft Edge of Midnight from any retailers or from the publisher site, Siren/ Bookstrand. We have a year left on the contract and apparently they feel that 129 copies of the book sold in 4 years is average, and wont be giving us our rights back. Hell you couldnt even FIND the book on their site all of 2009 without doing some creative naming (and no, when you put our name in on there, it didnt come up, nor was it listed under paranormal.) We made 8$ last quarter, and really, it would be more beneficial to everyone, especially them, to let the book go, as it would save them time if they didnt have to send us a statement.

But I guess they dont see it that way, which is their prerogative. And its mine to tell my readers to forget it even exists. Thanks so much everyone, hopefully when the contract is up it will be new and fresh to everyone!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Decisions had to be made.

Going to be taking a break for a while, so this blog won’t be updated till morale improves. I have reached a breaking point that I can no longer ignore without real issues with health (both mental and physical) and straining relationships with friends and coworkers.

Suffice to say this decision didn’t come lightly, but with the daily reminders of things that I cannot change or help, it’s probably better if this all just fades into the background until something good happens. Something I don’t see coming any time soon.

I’m hoping that 2012 will be a better year. The New Year will bring severe changes, babies, new homes and a wedding… and maybe other things will follow suit in the realm of good things happening for us.

Have a good holiday season, and happy new year.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Naughty books for the Paranormal Season... and a HUGE CONTEST!

Hello All!

October is the paranormal season and we have written some very sexy, very naughty paranormal books! And how would you like to win a FABULOUS contest? Well read on.. till the end...

How do you feel about weresnakes? ooh you have problems with snakes? You wont with these... I promise you!

Beyond the Vision of Dreams:

What do you do when the woman of your dreams shows up on your doorstep?

Remy Crane, an unmated were python, has been having some extremely erotic dreams for the past week about a woman he's sure doesn't exist. Imagine his surprise when he wakes up one morning and finds the woman of his dreams standing just inside the front door of the Weresnake compound.

He recognises Chrissy Stanford as his mate, albeit instinctually only, and decides he needs to have her in his bed. Little does he know she's going to become part of his heart as well.

Reader Advisory: This book contains erotic dreams and a hot hero and heroine who turn into snakes once a month. Find out why scales are the new fur.

Surrender in Moonlight:
Book two in the Knossos West Series

The plan was to steal his bike and ride outta town. She didn't count of him stealing her freedom, or her heart.

Reece Evans, the nest bad boy and only male Anaconda in the NY nest, is NOT looking for a mate, but he is looking for a wild ride. When he goes to Dry Ice one night, he meets Carmen - a viper and a rogue - and the attraction is beyond hot.

When she steals his motorcycle from under his nose and then calls him to bail her out, Reece sees his opportunity for a very satisfying tryst still within his grasp. He agrees, on the condition that she stays with him a month, and becomes his sexy plaything.

Little does he know he's sealed his fate, Carmen is exactly the snake he never knew he couldn't live without.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of masturbation.

A Gift of Daybreak:

Book three in the Knossos West Series

Thrust into what could be a very illicit situation, could a man not looking for love find it where he least expects it?

When Andy Derrell went to Las Vegas to enjoy a wedding he never thought he would be propositioned by one of the most notorious nests in the country to audition its female members for a possible mate. But there he was, with six females to choose from, females that were coveted by their own territory's men.

Fajer Copeland, the only non-venomous snake of the southwestern nest, and their most sought after beauty is not looking for a mate, and is fine with being alone. Until the night Andy shows up in her bedroom doorway. Can she fall for the man that entices both her body and her mind and look forward to a life she always dreamed of?

Reader Advisory: This book contains random acts of romance and a few snarky vipers.

Three stories that are sexy, naughty and wild... nothing better for a halloween season... Unless you wanna read something REALLY naughty... and then we have the American Satyrs series...

Of Crimson and Collars:

A prince without a kingdom, and a princess without a master. A Satyr's passion knows no bounds.

As a princess of the Satyr confederation, Minerva has been coddled, spoiled and revered, as well as taught and trained just how to serve her Satyr. Beautiful, sexy and a prize in herself, she's anxious to meet the man that will become her lover, master, and reason for living.

Esben Chambers, a half demon, half something else orphan lives on earth with few cares or ties. His family partially unknown, he's embraced his Strigo, or time demon, heritage, though some of his powers are well out of the scope of the lords of time.

When an Imp shows up at his estate and claims he's the only living Satyr prince to clan Tempest, Ben realises there might be something to figuring out just who his father's people were, and agrees to go to New York for a Convergence Summit. He's counting on figuring out why he was left alone in the world.

What he doesn't count on is the enchanting woman he sees in a floor show, the woman that makes his blood burn to possess her.

Reader Advisory: This book contains bloodletting, polyamourous scenes, brief f/f interaction, very mild D/s and Satyrs with a very unique look at relationships. If you enjoy your heroes giving with a heart of gold, Ben and the world of Satyr might not be for you.

To Collar and Keep:
A surrender to the unknown has never been sexier.

Olanis, the summer holiday is upon the Satyr clans once more and it is the time for Harlequin, prince of the Rummer clan, to claim his first and only female, the Grecian Satyr princess Arabella, sight unseen.

Unsure of what kind of woman his clan had brokered for him, he is both interested in the woman that would wear his collar, and nervous that she won’t meet his standards. His female has to rival him in all things, and his hopes of that coming true are slim and none.

Arabella craves two things, finishing her education, and being claimed by her Satyr. An anomaly in the Satyr world, Arabella was afforded opportunities other princesses weren’t. Now, in a foreign land she is given over to the Prince she was promised to, and she couldn’t be more nervous. What's a girl to do when you’re being gifted to a man you have never seen?

Harley is a commodity to the Rummer clan, one that his father plans to exploit regardless of his son’s wishes. When he gives Harley an ultimatum, Harley and Bella have two choices-agree to the terms or rebel.

When sparks fly and new alliances are forged in the Satyr ranks, both Harley and Bella have to decide what it is they want and what kind of future they wish to have. Only together will they succeed, if they can suffer the slings and arrows.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a Satyr prince with unconventional ideas about his princess, a princess with a mind to rival Hawkings, a feral Satyr with a hidden agenda, F/F scenes, polyamory and lots of hot sex.

Now... for the contest!

READ the books, and post reviews up on Amazon, TEB's site and anywhere else(good reads, your blog, etc). For every review we will put an entry in to the contest... ooh but shall you win? How does registration to Authors After Dark 2012 or 13 sound? Yep, thats right... And btw... the contest also includes the REST of our books (that can be found on All Romance E Books ) and EVERY review put up on line gets 1 entry... So you could have a almost 50 entries quite quickly... just for helping us out in getting the word about our books out there! (reviews must be put up between October 9th and November 30th to Count)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some Awesome news!!!!

Well I'm back in NY, and settled in as much as can be at this point, so I figured I would announce all the awesome that has happened in the last few weeks...

First... Audra is pregnant again! She is due in April, and shes hoping for another boy!

Second... Joseph and I bought a house in SC! Its a really nice house, perfect for the first we will own together. I love it, and We move in in January.

Two great things right? 2012 is going to be INSANE. Moving, Another baby in the family, the convention and a wedding... I don't think we will be able to stand all the awesome that is to be had.

Now, on the writing front... we have some news as well... well I do. As Dagmar, Ill be featured in a steamypunk anthology later this year (i believe). The story is about a a painter that is painting all the ladies of the new aristocracy... but why and what setting hes painting them... well that's what you have to read the story for. I loved writing it, and I told my agent that there's three more stories to come from that setting, so she was super excited about that.

And guess what else? I have a new writing partner... The two of us have written several stories with the dark court of fae involved and the first of the stories will be available this halloween with Ravenous Romance. Right now its titled Antebellum, but that could change. We will post about it soon enough!

And it looks like The Djinn will have a new home for the holidays! Wishes, Glamour and Gifts have all had an overhaul, a title change and a better edit, and will be coming out later this year for the holiday season. Ill have all the information along with new covers soon so stay tuned!

Now for something NOT so fun...

All our Tease Publishing Print books will be down off Amazon in January. This is because we are switching over to create space (because without borders we dont need the distribution angle, especially because BN doesnt give two shits about small press) but it might take a bit to get it out there... So if you wanted our books as is, PLEASE pop by Amazon and ORDER them... it would make out holidays that much more awesome and you will be getting the last of that edition.

Also, if you haven't yet, and have read our books, PLEASE stop by Amazon and REVIEW the works. I don't know if readers know how much reviews on Amazon mean to an authors sales, but they really do help. Good, bad, whatever... Please go and have your say on the book listing...

Oh and for every new review we get starting Sept. 25, we will enter the reviewer in a drawing... and the winner? The winner gets a VERY cool prize... But I don't wanna tell you what it is, because I don't want that to be your driving force... My feeling is, as a reader, if you have read our work, and like it, you should want to help us get further in order for us to keep writing books for you to enjoy!

The Contest will run till December 5th... and trust me... the winner isn't winning some swag or something like that... No this is one HELL of a prize just for helping us and our work. (And if you have it in e book, and bought it on ARe, if you post a review and rating there, You will get entered as well! and if we hit the top reader rated? The awesome that we will do for the winner is going to be INSANE!)

Lastly... we are on Kindlegraph! If you have our books on Kindle, why not have us sign it?! go to and Request a signing!

I know... Lots of awesome! hopefully I'll have more awesome news soon!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Last day in SC...

So I'm finally coming up for air while on vacay to post. It has been the busiest vacation I have ever had, and that's a damn good thing. We managed to hit Savannah and see the hotels for AAD 2013, so now its just a question of who gets the bid. they were all faboo, and everyone was super nice, I wish i could pick them all, but Sadly (and sorta not sadly) AAD will never be DragonCon size... So that's out.

I leave tomorrow in the AM for NY and normal life once again, maybe with some new surprises and such. It was good to get away, even if I didn't do much relaxing while here. I'll hopefully have some great news coming up, so stay tuned... LOL.

So today is some writing that needs to be done, or my agent will beat me senseless, some art that needs done for clients and then (blessedly) shopping at Coligny! YAY! I can finally finish shopping!

So stay tuned everyone... Good, fun, and exciting news to share soon!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

And the fall comes...

Sorry I haven't been posting here as much as I want to, but Stella is busy busy busy these days!

Its almost September, and I'm gearing up to leave on Wed for ATL and DRAGONCON for a week, so excited to be going this year, and hanging out with Joanna and Carol and Jess. I haven't seen the girls in ages, literally AGES. Its been too long and we are going to tear shit up. Oh and I'm on the WriteSEX panel friday night at 10pm... So if your going stop by and see me.

Then I come home and hangout for three days, which will give me just enough time to do laundry and repack, because I leave on the 9th to drive south to South Carolina for a week with the in-laws. So excited that Brandi will be coming this time, so we can hangout, hot tub and drink a lot. I need some time to relax and just read and write with Audra and that's what I'm hoping I will be able to do.

AAD2012's registration opens on the 6th, so I'm trying to get all the clerical done for when I'm away so we wont have to worry about it either way. I know everyone is seriously excited about NOLA (I am too) so i cant wait to get the ball rolling.

And while I'm in Hilton Head, I'll be checking out the Savannah properties for the 2013 con. I'll be posting about it, along with pictures, on the AAD blog when I'm down there.

Hopefully we will have some news in the coming weeks... so stay tuned...

Monday, August 15, 2011

post AAD... and I have some news...

Ok so first... Something I'm very happy about... Stella will soon be a Sadie.

Ah whats a Sadie? A Sadie is a married lady, or so says Babs Streisand in Funny girl. Yes, We are engaged, Jojo and I! HE did it at 154am on Sunday morning in out hotel room during the chaos that is aad and I love love love my ring. We have set a date so far for October 2012, but we will see if that changes....

So AAD is now over and I'm sitting here still reeling. So much happened, I have NO IDEA where to start. Dinners went well, I won a Bookie award for the Biggest friend to Romance, though I dont know HOW that happened, like AT ALL. Whoever voted for me, thank you, It was a total surprise.

I got a new tattoo, which I will show off soon as its not crusty with grossness. What did I get? I got Cash's house brand on my wrist. Or maybe its Dimitri's... I dont know it is the royal brand of the Conglacio though. yes. Finally.

The Booksigning went really well, Which surprised me. I had someone come and see me, Which surprised the hell outta me. So thank you Caitlyn, You totally made my day! Most people dont realize this but as a small press author that isn't with one of the more popular houses, meeting fans that arent just reviewers that get your books for free is a HUGE deal! it made the entire event worth it for me (especially since she reads this blog!)

We raised $2186 for Pets Alive this year, Which I thank everyone for! We had some Amazing baskets this year and I know everyone that won them got some great stuff. Sadly, third year in a row I didnt win anything, but its for charity and it was all in good fun.

We had a fabulous cake for Larissa Ione as well this year, and it was yummy! I dont know who had some but it was good...

OOh and The winner of the Registration for NOLA is Joy Daniels. This year I decided to do something different for my big gift, and since I can, I decided I would give away a registration for NOLA to someone that bought a book from me this year. After the signing I picked a winner from who bought books... and Joy won.

So heres a few piccys from the event....

This is our awesome Tattoo artist, Voodoo

Me and my amazing Agent Louise Fury and Lori Perkins at the Masquerade ball...

So thats just a bit... Ill have more info and fun soon... and with AAD 2012 prep starting soon... its going to be one hell of a fall!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

AAD this week!

hey everyone!

Well I'm leaving in about an hour to leave for the 3 hour trek to Philadelphia to start the now chaos of AAD Philly. I wish I was more excited about this year, but all the bullshit with the hotel as sucked the joy out of this year for me. Seriously? Do yourselves a favor and NEVER use a Hilton to do ANY events. AT ALL. This has been a nightmare, well at least the past 4 weeks has been.

I wish I could say I am determined to make the best of it but I'll be on edge all week. I am looking forward to the signing on Saturday. No matter what happens, I do love meeting readers and talking to people. So if your coming to the signing on Saturday (2-4 Ormandy Ballroom) Stop by and see me, say hi, maybe pick up a book, and let me know the signing rocks.

Im sure there will be lots of pictures and insanity online as AAD has free wifi for its guests and the Guidebook app. Check about on FB and twitter for all the madness. I might know Im going to have a fucked week... but everyone else will have the time of their lives.

See you this week!


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Updates from the front lines...

Ahoy everyone!

I have been very busy with AAD and all that its been hard to update anything. So i have some time now, so lemme get down to it.

Its been an INSANE couple of months. May was a blur as was June. July was tons of insanity as well... Needless to say, I cant remember much. I know I went to MARCON in there at some point. On that trip Leanna Renee Hieber and I got really drunk with Rosemary Laurey and I was on a panel about the Walking Dead. I dont remember much except I came home with a GIANT Cthulhu from the vendor room.

We went to the beach in there as well. I got drunk with our friend Kelly and played at the waterpark. I really need pictures of these things.

So in book news, we have submissions out with our Awesome Agent, so we are waiting on answers. its been pins and needles around here. Something cool though, We are on KINDLEGRAPH! Thats right those of you with Kindle's can have US sign your books of ours on there.

Check us out HERE

So AAD is next week and I'm still up to my ass in con problems. Sadly Audra will not be attending, but I will be there and I have tons of awesome goodies to giveaway. Come and see me on my panels and Ill be a Steam Court author under my Dagmar Avery guise. I plan to do a lot this year... and if your NOT coming to the con, COME TO THE SIGNING! Saturday the 13th from 2-4 at the Ormandy Ballroom at the Doubeltree Hotel, 237 South Broad St. the signing is FREE to the PUBLIC!

And the Steam Ball is open to the public too!

Monday, May 09, 2011

The Rockstar Playlist...

So Rhys' book is coming along, and Im thankful for the cooperation, he can be tempermental at times, especially when he doesnt like whats coming up. So Im writing today, and Audra is in the middle of one of Phaedra's fits, so I guess shes writing now as well.

I figured I would stop and give you guys a play list for what we are writing to... A lot of it you wont know, but do yourself a favor, head over to itunes and download ALL these songs, because they NEED to be in your music catalog... So... shall we?

Dramarama- Anything, Anything (you'll see why when you read the book)
Weep- Lay there and Drown
Sweetest Kill - Broken Social Scene
Weep- When Im Wrong
#1 Crush- Garbage
Alkaline Trio- Crawl
Crystal Castles Feat. Robert Smith- Not In Love
Depeche Mode- Personal Jesus
Metric- Gold Guns Girls
Saosin- Seven Years
From Autumn to Ashes- Reflections
The National- Blood Buzz Ohio
Cursive- The recluse
DeathCab for Cutie- I will Possess your Heart
Reggie and the Full Effect- Thanks for Staying
Grade- The Inefficiency of Emotion
Junction 18- June and the Ocean
SkyCameFalling- Porcelin Heart Promises (yes I know Porcelin is spelled wrong but thats the song)
GlassJaw- Lovebites and Razorlines

So... thats what we are working on right now... theres more I have scheduled to get INTO the playlist, but i havent gotten that far writing yet... Thoughts?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Rhys' rock star book...

So Audra and I are working on Rhys' book while we are working on other things that are taking precedence. Its been good, getting 500 words here 250 words there with this story, and its coming along nicely.

For those that don't know, Rhys' book is about a rock star on tour that happens to be able to see dead people. yes, Rhys is a medium. Anyway, he and his band are on their first full US tour and Rhys decides that seducing his tour manager (yes, it is a woman) is one hell of a pass time on the road, and pursues her, to the point of forgetting about the woman hes loved and suffered for for so long, his long dead Phaedra. Well Phaedra isn't having any of that, shes of the mind that he should suffer greatly and doesn't want him to be happy, least of all with a girl shes extremely jealous of.

Yes. Clusterfuck. I am loving writing this book. Anyway, With this one, because its about a rockstar and life on the road (and YES, I can write about it with authority, Its what I did for a living for 5 years...) I was thinking of adding in the play lists we used to write it... Since Rhys and the band are not Rock and Roll in the most pure sense, they are a Emo core band from NOLA, a lot of readers done know squat about that lifestyle or the kinda music it really is... So I'm thinking of adding a play list in at the beginning to help readers get into the story, and even help them find some new music they will probably love.

So as readers, do you like extras like that in books?

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Books for reviews!

Ok so I have been checking some things out recently... and realized that while we have been selling a nice amount of books recently NO ONE is reviewing anything. Well that's Just Poo. See, what readers don't understand is that reviews (reader reviews) DO HELP SELL BOOKS. Most readers will go and review the big NY published books, but what about the ones that REALLY need the reviews to make sure sales keep up, IE: the Small press author?

So in an attempt to get our name out there more, I'm going to offer up books for review, free of charge! So whats the catch... Read on.

1. If you take the book, you MUST review it either on Amazon, ARe, TEB (if applicable), Siren(If Applicable) and This REALLY does help authors sell books.
2. If you have a bloggy, you MUST post there as well.
3. If you happen to post on ARe, PLEASE rate the book. Ratings help the authors sell books by getting on the Top Reader Rated list.

Can you do any and or all of that? Well contact me! For every book you take I ask that you try to get them out before the end of the month (cuz then its not like your agreeing to review, your just taking a free book otherwise)

This is the list of books up for reviews... You can take as many as you want, but PLEASE only take what you can review:

Sugar and Sin
Silk and Steel
Frost and Flame
Your Burn Me
Of Crimson and Collars
To Collar and Keep
Fire In His Eyes
Deep Water
Astoroth: Her Last Sin
Hot Rio Nights
Beyond the Vision of Dreams
Surrender in Moonlight
A Gift of Daybreak
Entwined by Fate
The Soft Edge of Midnight

Stella writing as Dagmar Avery:(short stories)
A Hellion of the Skies (Steampunk)
Becoming Persephone (Erotic gods)
Looking Glass Lover (Erotic gods)
All the Pleasures the Skies have to Offer (Erotic gods)

So email me at and Tell me what you want... and lets get the ball rolling!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awesome Steampunk Contest at ARe!

And yes... Im part of it (or rather, my naughty alter ego Dagmar is...)

Steam Society Contest!

Are you curious about Steampunk? Maybe you're already a diehard fan. The Steam Society, a super cool group housed right here at, is hosting this fab contest.

Who said 13 is an unlucky number? Bah! Rubbish! This contest will have 13 lucky winners...

The Prizes

1. Steampunk hair comb and set of gear hair pins courtesy of Stella by Starlight! The watch gear hair comb is made with Italian lace and ribbon. The copper colored hair pins are made with pewter gears. All pieces are one of a kind, never to be reproduced. ($50.00)

2. A Hellion of the Skies by Dagmar Avery ($.99)

"Lady Sarah Worthington had been missing for over five years, all clues to her whereabouts completely unknown. Inquiries had been made, investigations had been carried out, but it seemed she’d vanished without a trace."

3. Evie's Gift by PJ Schnyder ($2.99)

"The sound of a siren cut across the cabin, making her jump and clap her hands over her ears. Other passengers did the same, some of the gentlemen falling into a crouch as the airship lurched."

4. Flavia's Flying Corset by Sahara Kelly ($3.50)

"Flavia Winters settled her skirts, adjusted her corset more comfortably and walked out of reality into a dream late one Thursday afternoon."

5. Miss Bramble and the Leviathan by Kristen Painter ($3.50)

"Pandora glanced around. Not another soul occupied the room with her. Recalling the schematics, she counted off passageways until she came to the fifth on the left-hand side."

6. Lady Doctor Wyre by Joley Sue Burkhart ($3.50)

"“I cannot marry you.” Charlotte Wilder struggled to take a deep breath through the heartache banding her chest, made even more difficult by her corset. A lady could have some luxuries even on a backwater colony planet. “I’m sorry, truly.”"

7. Infernal Devices by Abigail Barnett ($3.99)

"The scrap of paper that Miss Permilia Deering clutched in her black satin glove instructed her to cross the street, go to the door with the little brass plaque in the shape of two playing cards—aces, a heart and a spade—and to pull the bell and wait."

8. Like Clockwork by Bonnie Dee ($3.99)

"Late for her appointment with the Commission for Animatronic Affairs, Victoria desperately searched her overflowing desk for the files she'd intended to present today. How was it possible she'd mislaid them?"

9. Wild Cards and Iron Horses by Sheryl Nantus ($5.50)

"Jon stepped inside the building, his eyes slow to adjust to the different lighting of the workshop. The thick wooden door swung shut behind him with a resounding thud. His imagination brought up the image of a gladiator walking into the Roman arena about to meet his doom."

10. Unraveled Souls by Sandra Sookoo ($5.95)

"Blood everywhere. The abstract splatter from the violent spray dotted the rose-patterned paper of an unfamiliar drawing room, blending a macabre design with the sedate ordinary."

11. Steam Queen by Jack Hessey ($5.99)

"Erica took a quick step back as the blonde took a wild swipe at the tattered brown Stetson hat on her head and gave a small shake of her head."

12. Steam & Sorcery by Cindy Spencer Pape ($5.99)

""We live in an age where people can travel on ships that fly through the air." The sharp rap of an umbrella point on the wooden floor of the carriage punctuated the sentence."

13. Full Steam Ahead by Natalie Gray ($6.95)

"With the addition of the boarding party, the original combatants could make a hasty retreat, which they did. Laurel's knuckles throbbed from repeatedly hitting the guy's head. But damn. What a night."

How to Join the Steam Society

It's free and easy. Select "Groups" from your top navigation menu after logging in. Then order the groups alphabetically using the drop-down menu and look for The Steam Society. Click on the "Join Group" button and say hello!

How to Enter the Contest

Click on the "Attending" button on this page (it's right under the contest image).

THE FINE PRINT: One entry per person, please. The contest will run until 12:01 am on May 1, 2011. You must be 18 years of age to enter. Employees of All Romance eBooks, LLC are not eligible. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY. The odds of winning are dependent on the number of entries. The winners will be randomly selected with the prizes of lesser value being awarded first. Winners will be notified via private message using their site. If they do not respond to the notification within 72 hours, another winner will be chosen. eBooks will be delivered to the users All Romance/OmniLit eCommerce account. The remaining prizes will be shipped following acknowledgement and receipt of a ship to address. The prizes are valued as declared above. Prize #1 was furnished by Stella By Starlight @ All remaining prizes are being furnished by All Romance ebooks, LLC, DBA,, and 334 East Lake Road, Ste 286, Palm Harbor, Florida 34684-2427.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I will be reading in NYC this coming Sunday!

I'm going to be reading and signing Sunday. come hangout, and get some awesome books from awesome authors!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New Prices, Old Books!

So in an attempt to get some real interest in our back list, we have decided to lower prices on the older books, allowing you, the reader an almost painless way to try us out. So if you havent yet, please let me give you the skinny.

At All Romance E books, you can get Sugar and Sin, Silk and Steel, Frost and Flame, Fire in His Eyes and Deep Water for 2.99 from now on. Now newer books will be our normal price of 4.99, but these are the prices for these books from now on at ARe, FW and soon NOOK and AMAZON.

So all of you a little apprehensive about reading our work, can now try it out cheap! and if your attending AAD 2011 in Philly, Audra and I will be having a special non scheduled Q & A for our books, complete with candy, goodies and some special prizes for our readers!

Ok Im back to working... much to do today!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stella tells cons like it is: RT convention & why I dont go.

Ok so a lot of people are going to say this post is because of AAD and everything... but let me assure you, its not. AAD has had no problem making its numbers because AAD is affordable and BETTER, but lets not get into that yet, shall we? No, this post is because I have heard YET AGAIN that RT has screwed over more small press authors this year and I think its about time someone brought some facts to light about the much beloved event.

Now, dont get me wrong, I have spent money on rt 4 times, no more. I have learned that RT is not the be all end all for romance cons. Why? because as a small press author, you get shafted, and heres how you do.

NY published authors have no problem on the whole, as they are the ones that get ALL of the opportunities. They are the ones leading the panel lists (and filling the panels with their friends) they are the ones thatget the promotional opps, and their parties are the ones that are picked up. Small press authors get thrown by the wayside in so many ways for RT that is almost laughable. So here we go.

1. The Booksigning saturday is a sham. Going to a con as HUGE as RT, if your not signing saturday, you have no reason to be there. Why? because the "expo" is a joke on the whole. RT has succeeded in segregating those in e book and small press by making sure 90% of small press authors dont participate in saturday by not allowing carry in books. "But Stella", you say, "thats not true." Oh but it is. See, RT plays the game of not knowing if a bookseller will be able to order books for small press... when the Bookseller knows when the sign on who they will order. How do I know? I run a convention, and its the same situation. 90% of all small press (with the exception of Samhain, and mostly, EC) BN will not order so, because of that, small press authors cant sign at the biggest signing event of the con. HOW IS THAT FAIR? Everyone pays and exorbitant amount to attend, so everyone should have the opportunity to sell to people. But its not so.

Now, last years event almost all of the EC authors were screwed over by NOT getting books in for the majority of their authors, even AFTER one of the EC staff worked with them. I know of several authors that were told personally by the BN store when they called that they HAD their books, and they showed up and nothing was there.. whats more, Some authors showed up and there was ONE copy of ONE book on their table. Again, How is that fair?

2. Promotional opportunities are limited. 99% of the reader events are populated by NY authors and NY authors only. Why? Because RT charges an arm and a Leg to be part of these things, They DONT HAVE TO. but they do because RT is a money making machine (WHY do you think your registration is so expensive? Believe me, its not because it has to be, your registration doesnt pay for your meals or anything like that.) This year, a friend of mine had tried to set up a reader event. she is small press, but set it up with some other people, including some new NY authors. She was told yesterday that the time frame was TRIPLE BOOKED and that she wouldnt be doing this. Now remember, this is AFTER everything has gone to print. Either they forgot about her (likely, shes no one big enough to catch notice) or they just didnt care (more likely) because shes not a big name. Either way, her opportunities for promotion to the readers is cut to nothing because she doesnt have any sort of focused event they will attend.

Now you will say "Stella, theres SO MANY other reasons to attend RT." No. theres not. Attending a con like this is supposed to be about connecting with readers, and getting your name known. Unless your on panels, focused in parties or a NY author that can afford to pay for a personal party, your thrown by the wayside. You dont attend RT to network with other authors. You attend to get your name out to readers, and meet other industry. I have been there 4 times, and have busted my ass to meet people, set up smaller events in Club RT, and this does NOTHING. Most readers attending wanna meet the NY authors, and I get that, hell i agree with it, but if thats the way it is, dont try to pull small press authors in with empty promises and ideas.

Here's some things you may not know about rt:
  • All meals (the Faerie Ball and the Vamp Ball) are paid for by the authors sponsoring. So your registration pays for nothing.
  • RT's book goodies have fallen off through the years. I went home with 150 books in Houston. In Ohio I went home with maybe 30. Whats up with that?
  • Promo Alley has NOBODY watching it, In the years since they have instituted it, I have never once seen someone go and watch it. so why charge authors 25$ each for it to "Pay someone to watch it?" Yep, they are TAKING MORE OF YOUR MONEY for no reason.
  • You will not recoup 1/8 of what you paid to go in any fashion. being that if they HAVE your books they only allow 15, you wont make back anything close to what you paid to get there, do your promo and your costumes. And those residuals, of people looking for you later? Non existent.
  • RT tacks on at least a grand for EVERY party they put on. Again, I know because there are standards in food service (not across the board but the majority) and i can figure out how much it will cost for an author to do a party... and 3k-8k isn't it... especially when they never have more food then for 100 people.
Now, Im not talking simply from my own experience, this is what I have figured out after 4 year, and scores of authors and friends talking at the event and after. New authors need to know that RT is not in any way the place to garner new readers, unless of course you have the $ to pay for the privilege. I dont know about you, but I dont and cant justify spending so much to walk around and get ogled by oiled up men, eat crappy over cooked food (and its recycled btw, at least it was in Florida and Ohio), and be ignored by readers who go with their own agenda.

So here's my call to arms, because I know there's authors out there saying "that's not it, Stella is a liar, and RT is the best!" and they have no idea. So Please, if you had any problems with RT, and how its not affected or affected your career, pleas comment here. I would like these authors to know they arent alone, and that Im not just hemming and hawing because I have another con. AAD came about BECAUSE RT was so shady... and people needed an alternative.