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Sexy Saturday Sex Scene Week 4 WINNER!

Well this was an odd week, I had hoped for more of a turn out with the menage, but it sometimes ends up like this.

Anyway, todays winner is Larissa with her choice of Breathe me by Sia

Why did I choose that one? because Audra and I wrote this scene to something equally slow, Duran Duran's Come Undone.

So thanks for playing once again this week! Just a reminder, if your going to comment, please pick a song to suggest or the comment doesn't count towards the contest. Also, choosing an artist is great, but specific songs is what I'm looking for for these contests.

So next weekend will be a scene from our first ever book, Sugar and Sin, and it stars Astrid and Fallon in a billiards room. HOT doesn't even cover what this one is...

Thanks for playing, and Larissa, you can contact me at

Now... who wants to see our new candle? Yeppers Im so excited about this one and it smells like Sangria.

And you could win one along with a signed copy of Entwined by Fate just for entering a contest. Enter the contest, it needs entries!

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Sexy Saturday Sex Scene Week 4

This week is a naughty little scene from our one and only book with a "Vampire" hero, London for the Holidays.

Contest is still the same: Read it, comment on what song you think is playing in the background and a winner will be chosen on Sunday at 5pm.

So? ready?

Stella and Audra Price
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance/Menage
Length: Novel
Races: Vampire, Fallen Angel, Conglacio(ice demon), werewolves


Malcolm raised his eyebrow. “Tell us, pet... what would you like us to do?”

She knew she would have to bluff. She shrugged. “I think I’m going to take a stroll around the place, you know, take the tour.”

“More the pity,” Sam sighed heavily. “For a moment or two there I thought she wanted us both to fuck her. Now that would have been a wild night.” He shook his head.

Thisbe stood up and unbuttoned the shirt, her breasts now fully uncovered, and she stretched, shaking out her hair. She winked at Sam and turned. “I’m going to explore a bit, I think.” She strode across the room and then turned slightly. “I might get lost, sure I can’t get the tour?”

“Never let it be said that I’m one to turn down the offer of escorting a beautiful lady, especially while she’s in such a wicked state of undress.” Sam grinned, shooting up to his feet and offering her his arm. “Looks like you got yourself a stubborn one there, vamp. Although, it only proves my earlier point,” he told Mal smugly.

She looked at Sam. “Your point?”

“That you’re hurt and struggling for control of your life? That you’re trying to break through years of conditioning? That you need to be treated as more than just a plaything? That this is going to be a wild night?” He shrugged, his eyes glinting. “Take your pick, they’re all true. What you need are baby steps. Start with mutual fun... then move up to love and all that relationship stuff.”

“Who the hell says I want a relationship again?” She frowned and looked at Mal. “So, does Sam know his way around this place?”

“Hey, I didn’t tell you how long those baby steps had to take.”

Mal stood up, his scotch still in hand. “He seems to, though I don’t remember him ever being here before.”

“Umm, then he should know where the master bedroom is, shouldn’t he?”

Sam laughed next to her. “Kinking it up in the demon’s bed. Now that sounds like a plan.”

Thisbe giggled and looked at Mal, hoping. Truth was, she could have a worse night being alone with the fallen, but she wanted Mal in a way she couldn’t figure completely. She knew he could be hers, body and soul, whereas Sam was a ‘one night only’ kind of fun. Mal could be forever, and she wouldn’t chance that not coming to pass. “You going to steer me in the right direction? Or do I have to remind you that we have some unfinished business?”

Mal grinned up at her, banishing all fears of him not following. “Sure, pet. Just up the stairs.” He moved beside her to the side the fallen wasn’t currently occupying. “Then up another flight of stairs and the third room on the right. You really should see the view from the balcony,” he told her, his hand on the small of her back as he guided them towards the stairs.

She smirked. Right, like she gave a fig about the view, unless it was the two of them naked and sweaty with her. “Oh? And just how often have you spent time in the master bedroom? Dare I think I wouldn’t be your first there?” she asked with gusto, hoping to hide the growing disappointment if she wasn’t.

Mal chuckled. “I never take women home, pet. Least of all here. I think it’ll be my first time in the mansion, let alone in Taylor’s room.”

His quiet admission warmed her, and she turned to him and kissed him. The three of them went through the mansion into the main hall again, and she looked at the large horse made out of ice that was perpetually frozen on its pedestal to the left of the stairway. She regarded it carefully and reached out to touch it, feeling the pulse of Conglacio power that ran through it and kept it frozen. “Casha is quite talented,” she murmured.

The infusion of power made her nipples peak and she shivered, the energy coursing through her. They climbed the stairs, and as they took each step Malcolm got more comfortable, as did Sam, and both of them were stroking her skin with their thumbs. Mal stayed closer, though, and she reacted to him stronger than to Sam.

As they made it to the second landing, Mal unzipped her skirt from behind, and as she stepped again the skirt fell down. She stepped out of it and stood in her heels, happy to be naked again. She pulled away from them and bent down, picking up her skirt and giving them both a full show. She straightened, mounted the step, and turned to them, her hair wild around her head. “You two are way too relaxed, you know that?”

Sam grinned at her, his gaze moving lustfully over her body. “What do you expect?”

Mal pulled her against him, his hands slipping up to cup her breasts. “Love, we’re far from prudes here. It won’t have been the first time I’ve seen his ass. Though, granted, it’s never been in such delectable circumstance.” He nipped her neck between his teeth. “Besides, Sammy’s already drunk, the chance of him holding any memory of tonight come morning is slim.”

“I’m perfectly capable, you know... And my kind can’t overindulge. Oblivion isn’t granted to us,” he told them sullenly from across his glass.

“Mmmm, very true,” Mal grunted his direction. “Although, when mixed with severe blood letting and whatever else he’s been up to…” Mal whispered in her ear.

Thisbe giggled and rolled her hips, closing her eyes. “You of all people shouldn’t knock the bloodletting... I know I won’t.” She opened her eyes and smirked at Sam. “And I should hope I’m memorable... this is a one time deal, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Mal answered, his arms curling protectively around her.

“I’m not one to offer twice.” The fallen smiled, finishing his glass.

Malcolm’s arm was a most welcome weight. It was telling, in both how he felt about her and how he felt about a future. If there was one. Mal could be a longtime relationship, but the fact that he was Casha’s right hand man was a black mark on his record. Work and Cassiel would always come first, and Thisbe couldn’t deal with that anymore. But all of that was for later.

Sam was smirking at her from behind his glass and Mal was stroking her side, his hands rough and thrilling. She wasn’t sure if she was getting aroused from Sam’s looks or Mal’s actions, but she realized it didn’t really matter. She was going to have both of them and she wouldn’t have to choose.

She turned her head and bit Mal’s ear sweetly, then stepped away from him and walked up a few stairs, her hips swaying. “Good thing you don’t have to offer again then, isn’t it?”

“I’d say so.” The fallen stepped towards her, his lips mere inches from her own.

Thisbe leaned into him, then away slightly. feeling Malcolm come up behind her once more. She might be getting in over her head, but when in her life would she ever have a chance like this again? A vampire and a fallen both wanted her and had no qualms about it. Well, she wouldn’t either. Let tomorrow take care of itself.

Sam pressed his lips against hers in a kiss. Sam’s kiss was startling, his lips unyielding as he moved his body closer. She could feel exactly how she was affecting him and kissed him back, unashamed.

Thisbe moaned, and rolled her naked hips into them both—Sam in the front, her vampire lover from behind. She felt Mal’s hands on her breasts, his thumb and forefinger plucking and rolling her nipples. They were close to the room and she wasn’t sure they would make it, but she found she really didn’t care.

She could feel Mal’s lips kissing the nape of her neck, his teeth grazing her skin as he rasped his tongue slowly down her spine. It really was his touch that set her body to thrumming in a way her old lover never did. She relaxed between them and simultaneously reached back and palmed Malcolm’s groin, then moved her other hand forward to Sam’s zipper, lovingly stroking them both through the fabric. Where Malcolm was wearing rough jeans, Sam wore soft dress pants. Both of them were quite ready for her and her body clenched in delicious ways. “Hope you boys can take a little cold…” she murmured into Sam’s mouth.

“Oh, I think we’ll both manage.” Sam chuckled briefly into her before kissing her again.

Somehow they made it to the bedroom, though Thisbe had no clue as to how either of them managed it, what with the continuous touching and the fevered kisses from the front and behind. She had closed her eyes to revel in the sensations and opened them to a whole other scene, one of frigid beauty and stark familiarity. It vaguely reminded her of Levi’s bedroom, though where Levi had a room of blue and white, Cassiel’s master bedroom in the mansion was white and silver silks and satins. The bed, clearly meant to be used as a playground, dominated the space.

A seriously old four-poster, it had silver and organza material draped around the dark cherry wood. Thisbe knew Casha had taste, but this was way beyond that. She smirked, thinking it fitting that she would experience this in this perfect room, with two perfect men.

She giggled, feeling Malcolm’s fangs softly tickle the skin of her inner elbow, and broke her kiss with Sam, turning towards her vampire lover. “You are a tease, Mal, you know that. You are the only man so far to make me shiver.” She winked and set to work getting his pants open, Sam now behind her with his hands weighing her breasts. Malcolm had moved back to her neck and nipped and licked playfully as she worked his pants open and lifted his shirt.

Mal growled at her, grinning smugly as Sam rolled her nipples around with his fingers. “So far,” the fallen whispered into her neck.

She gasped and leaned into Mal, her breasts jutting out towards Sam’s caressing hands and she pulsed her power. Her nipples peaked to icy hardness. “Umm, Sam, you are close, but I think shudder is more the word for you.” She turned her head and kissed Malcolm, slipping her tongue into his mouth, purposefully nicking it on his sharp fang.

“In a good way, I hope,” Sam purred against her as Mal moaned, his whole body turning ridged with the first taste of her blood.

She kept kissing Mal, and reached back to Sam and grasped him through his pants, squeezing to let him know he was indeed much appreciated.

When she broke the kiss she licked her lip, the scant blood coating it ever so slightly.

“Mmm...” Sam smiled, leaving her to lay himself down on the bed. “Blood doesn’t just excite the vampire, you know...” He patted the space on the huge bed next to him. “Come lie down, love. It’ll make things so much easier. Although, the balcony is still an option. We could take you over that if you wish?”

She cocked an eyebrow. “Both of you? That is a feat, I’m sure. I’m the meat of this sandwich, you decide.” She bit her bottom lip and stroked Mal, his pants open and his shirt now going over his head. She then turned to the bed and crawled on, kissing Sam with reckless abandon.

“I’m sure you’ll find more comfort in the bed.” the fallen told her, pulling off his own shirt.

Thisbe turned to lie on her back and watched as Sam’s almost golden skin came into view. Mal stood there, watching her and shucking his pants as well. She licked her lips at the thought of all that sexy flesh—the fallen’s dark and her vampire’s pale—for her to play with. She rested on her elbows, her nipples puckered and jutting up to a still standing Malcolm. Sam was against her then, lying on his side, his fingers drawing circles on her flat stomach and his lips traveling her collarbone and shoulder.

Perfection. Both of them with their broad shoulders, tight abs, and just the right amount of hair peppering their bodies. Her body ached anew for them, for the wickedness she saw glinting in Malcolm’s eyes, and felt in Sam’s kisses and gasp-worthy nips. She seriously could be in over her head.

She closed her eyes, reveling in the moment. She felt hands on her right ankle, holding her lovingly, fingers stroking her instep, then higher, past the hand holding her leg, and traveling softly up her shin to caress behind her knee. Her leg lifted, and she opened her eyes to see Malcolm dipping his head and kissing her ankle, then trailing his lips further, stopping at her knee. He gave her a heart-stopping, sexy grin.

“You feel like silk, This, you know that?” The vampire’s voice rumbled through her. His eyes darkened even more as he flicked his tongue on her skin as he resumed its journey upwards.
She whimpered as his lips ghosted on her skin, tickling ever so sweetly. “I do now. You’re a tease, Mal.” She threw her head back, then looked at Sam, who was intently watching her body’s reactions to all the attention. She felt sexy and wicked.

The fallen smiled innocently at his fingers dancing over her hot flesh. “So tell me, pet, just how would you like me to take you first?” He dipped his head down, sucking a puckered nipple into his mouth.

That was the question, wasn’t it? She moaned and hissed a breath, arching as she felt Malcolm’s lips nibble higher. The inside of her right thigh tingled with sensation. Sam’s wonderful mouth tightened her body even more. “Would it be wrong to say however you want? Gods, that’s nice.”

“Nothing wrong with that, Thissy,” he murmured around her breast. “Nothing wrong at all.”

“Good. Ummm, having the undivided attention of two beautiful men. I’m getting my Sleeping present early.”

“Indeed,” Sam growled, lifting her up to him. Mal nipped her thigh, bringing her attention back to him.

She gasped and looked down at Malcolm with a smile and licked her lips. “Careful, lover, or you’ll draw blood.” She winked and nibbled on Sam’s throat.

“Oh I’m not gonna draw blood just yet, pet...” He licked his lips, moving to her center, and laid a kiss upon her already wet and slick flesh.

Thisbe shuddered with the contact. She looked down, biting her bottom lip. Nothing in the world was as sexy or erotic as Malcolm looking up at her from between her thighs. Most girls wouldn’t let a vampire even consider going down on them, but Thisbe never really played it safe. Malcolm wouldn’t hurt her, the look in his eyes promised so much, but pain wasn’t part of it.

He sucked her into his mouth, circling her clit with his tongue. His cool fingers traveled up her legs, parting her thighs further as he set himself between them.

She moaned into Sam’s mouth as he kissed her, his tongue unconsciously mirroring what Malcolm’s was doing to her pussy. It was erotic, being teased by these two men, both her highly erogenous zones being pleasured at once. Sam could kiss, that was for damn sure, and she felt like she would die from the pleasure Malcolm was giving her.

Sam growled, rolling her nipples around in his fingertips as Mal teased her open with his tongue, delving deep inside of her.

It was all too much. She broke away and panted. “Mal, gods, baby...”

Mal moaned into her, his gaze locking onto hers as he brushed his rough thumb over her clit.
Thisbe cried out, lifting off the bed with the force of her orgasm. She shuddered, whimpering as Sam pinched her nipples tighter, and her body frosted with the action. “Mal!” she gasped in a breathy whisper and arched as he kept up his assault. Gods, but he was generous.

Sam watched her, his eyes taking in every movement of her body. “My, if you aren’t responsive. Nothing more erotic than a woman truly letting go.”

“Why do you think the king kept me?” She bit his bottom lip and reached down, running her hands through Malcolm’s hair and pulled his face away from her pussy, which still pulsed with the tremors of orgasmic aftershock. “You keep that up I’m going to be a boneless mess, not good for much of anything. That mouth of yours is lethal.”

Sam chuckled. “You have no idea of the truth of that... and we can still use a boneless mess, pet.”
She laughed and pulled Malcolm up to her, locking her lips to his to taste herself on him. She then went to her knees, mirroring him as Sam went behind her, cupping her breasts and teasing her flesh.

Mal pulled her against him, straddling her legs over him. “Silk everywhere, love.”

She smiled, the heat in his eyes making her blush. She felt Sam chuckle behind her and nibble on her neck. “I’m glad you think so...”

Malcolm’s considerable length was nestled between her thighs, hot and hard, twitching as she moved slowly. Sam had reared up, and she felt his cock, thick and wanting, in the small of her back. Sam’s head was bent over her shoulder, nipping at her skin, licking off the remnants of her frost outburst. She trembled between them, eager to enjoy and be enjoyed.

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Contest: Help us decide who everyone is!

Well today is a day for me to be optimistic. With the new book out, I have been wanting to do a fun contest with Storycasting since we signed on over there in 2008. We have done some small ones, but we want this one to be huge! So, onward!

Starting today, Monday January 25th, we will be asking you, the reader to pop by and casting our new book, Entwined by Fate. What? YOu havent read it yet? Well you can get it HERE in print or HERE in e book.

When you cast, make a comment on our cast after you have cast yours you will be entered to win a very fabulous prize!

What Prize?

How about a Signed print copy of Entwined by Fate and a fantastic custom candle created for the book. it is scented in neroli and merlot, and as soon as I have the picture of it, I will be posting it!
This prize is a 45$ value!

So here's the info:

Contest is open to US only this time guys, at least for this prize, Why? because it costs about the amount the prize is worth to send it overseas, Sorry! If you are overseas and wanna play for something else... we can do that...

Contest Runs from January 25-Feb 25th One Month. Its enough time to get your read on and really make a good suggestion for the characters (And we cant wait to see who you pick, We haven't come to concrete decisions on any of them except Homer!)

Extra entries for anyone Retweeting this contest: +2

Extra entries for anyone who casts any of our other books: +2 per book

So good luck to everyone, I'm hoping this will be a lot of fun!

ETA: For those overseas, we will be offering a gift certificate to the Candle maker we use so they can get their own custom candle!


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Sexy Saturday Sex Scene winner: Week 3

Ok so this was a tough one...

This weeks winner is Minx with her choice:

When we were writing this scene we used this song, Policy of Truth by Depeche Mode

If you notice, Im not into a lot of the top 40 kinda stuff, and a lot of our work is written to stuff that isnt on MTV, or hasnt been in like 6 years LOL. Also, and this is for future reference, I dont think we will ever pick anything thats hip hop or R&B, nothing against the music, we just dont listen to it. Hell you would do better suggesting Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash over the Wu Tang Clan (though truth be told I do love me some ODB...RIP)

So thanks for playing this week. Next week will be a scene from London for the Holidays! Minx, email me and lets get this done!

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Sexy Saturday Sex Scene Week 3

This little promotion has been a lot of fun, and Im glad we are continuing with it. So with out further delay, lets get to todays sex scene...

Todays scene comes from the first in our American Satyr series, Of Crimson and Collars, a book about a hybrid demon/satyr who has no place in the world at large, until he finds out about his satyr side and meets the one woman that can calm his lonely heart.

Stella and Audra Price
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Race: Satyrs
Buy Now Link

Warning: This scene is not for anyone under 18 years old. You have been warned.

Watching her closely, he ordered her fruit and his breakfast along with a large amount of coffee. “So is that bath ready?” She nodded and licked her lips again, holding her hand out to him.

He stood and walked to her completely naked and took her offered hand. “Lead the way, then.”

She smiled and walked them into an overly large bathroom, lush with topiary grace and style. The plants were the type that thrived in steamy and warm environments, the blooms on the few flowering ones extremely fragrant, but sparse, as not to overdo the exotic potency. Minerva led him into a sunken marble pool. The waters swirled around her ankles then calves and finally her waist as she stood in the centre, steam rising around her. Bubbles broke on the surface of the water, and Ben noticed there were jets in the sidewalls and bottom. She beckoned him again with her outstretched hand.

Smirking, he stepped in after her. The water was practically boiling, just as he liked it. One didn’t live in the demon realm for so long and not become accustomed to both intense heat and cold.

“I like it,” was all he said as he took in the place.

“This is the largest bathroom in the castle,” she said and dunked under a bit, floating over to him and grinning.
He dunked under too, letting the scalding water run over him.

“It is certainly large, and we can put these jets to good use. Tell me, do you like the heat?”

Minerva smiled and nodded. “I was happy to hear you say you enjoy it hot, Prince.”

“And the pressure of the jets? Rushing the burning water against your clit? Do you like that?”

“I…I don’t know, Prince. They aren’t,” she said and went under quickly and came up, her hair a silken wet sheet behind her.

“Well, we should remedy that right away then.” Taking her arms, he turned her, pushing her forcefully against the side. He spread her legs, holding her to the jet and positioned her accordingly. “Now, how does that feel?”

Minerva gasped and threw back her head. “Um, Prince, that’s good…but you feel better.”

“I do.” He let the water blast over her clit. “But you’re not getting me right now. There are some ground rules you have to learn, and this is the simplest way to start.”

“Yes, Prince…” she moaned and leaned back into him. He allowed his hands to move around her front, taking her breasts in his hands.

“Now, you mustn’t come, pet. Not without my express permission. To do so will incur severe punishment. Now, you may ask—beg even—but you must never come without my first saying so. This applies at all times. Sometimes, I’ll let you come as often as you want. Other times, maybe only once, if at all,” he whispered in her ear as he teased her nipples. “Understood?”

She shuddered and nodded. “Yes, my Prince.”

“Good. Your body belongs to me now. I own it and everything it is. Your every orgasm is mine. Mine to give and mine to deny.”

Minerva leant into him and panted. “Are you keeping me, Prince?”

“For now,” he told her, though he most certainly was keeping her. “But do not go against my wishes in this manner, and it includes touching yourself. Your pleasure is mine.”

Her skin against his chest was so supple and fresh, he couldn’t stop himself from kissing over her neck on the spot where he’d bitten her last night.

She moaned, tilting her head to give him better access. “I won’t disobey you, Prince,” she whimpered, her nipples hardening. Her hands went to his hips. Holding her breasts tightly, he lifted her higher and teased her open with his cock.

She gasped, feeling him between her thighs and moaned again. “Please,” she begged, “Please take me…”

Even Ben couldn’t resist a plea like that, not when she was still so tight and supple and especially not with the moons’ magic beating down on him, driving his body to slake his lust. Still holding her up high, he slammed up into her, careful to keep the jet on her clit. He was interested to see how far she’d get, whether she’d break his command or be reduced to sobbing pleas for mercy.

Minerva moaned and gasped, purring low in her throat. “Prince…gods, that’s deep,” she groaned. Her body quivered, and she dug her fingers into his hips, moaning. “Prince…please…so good…”

He took her hands, placing them on the edge of the tub before pushing her face down to meet them. Now with her completely bent over, he told her not to move. He stroked her thighs under the water, parting them uncomfortably wide before pulling almost out of her body then slamming back into her. Sometimes slow and hard was just what was needed to start the day, and he certainly enjoyed using her in this way. She was so willing and so complimentary, just happy to get fucked and make him happy. All women were in the end but from the start Mina was by far the best. She enjoyed giving him the control he needed.

She panted, arched and moved in his hands, letting him guide her. “Please. Please…I need to…” she whimpered.

“Need to what?” he asked cruelly, knowing full well by the fine trembling of her body that she was close.

“Please…” she begged. “Please, let me come, Prince.” He toyed with just how cruel he would be before deciding he could allow her this one.

“Since you asked me so nicely, come, pet.” He thrust harder into her, his cock moving over her sweet spots as the jet still pounded into her. “Come for me,” he growled into her ear.

Minerva exploded. Her body shook with utter abandon, her eyes closed as she screamed his name, panting. It was too much for her, and she slumped, her knees buckling, moving her body closer to the jet, adding more pressure to her sensitive flesh. She pulsed with energy, any resistance she could have had melting away. “Ben,” she panted. “Gods, you’re so good.”

It took him a few seconds to recover himself. The force of her orgasm had nearly sent him over the edge, something that rarely happened. He kept his body moving inside of her not quite ready to bring it back to full force. Her reaction pleased him. He would most definitely have to speak to the collar maker about getting one made for her. She was indeed a prize. “You should thank me…for being so kind. I could have drawn that out for a very long time.” He smirked into her back, having every intention of doing so with her next one.

She moaned and shuddered, her body back on edge. “Thank you, my Prince. Um, please. Anything you wish to do, my Prince. I am yours, all yours.”

“Perfect response. You are indeed mine to do with as I please.” His body was once again screaming at him, and he started working her faster until he pounded into her. Her legs were split wide, the screaming jet flush against her clit now. The excess spray moved against his balls, the extra sensation driving him wilder.

She panted and writhed under his hands, bucked back at him and pleaded, her body taut like a string once more. It didn’t take much for him to get her to that zenith, to that one place where nothing but pleasure mattered. “Ben…Master, please…”

“Please what?” He pinched her nipple hard. The master was a nice touch, but he was enjoying this far too much.

“Please, come with me. I love how it feels. Please…”

“Not yet,” he growled, pushing her head down against the tub and fucking her viciously. “Although, you may beg further to entice me. I might change my mind.”

She sobbed and moved under him, moaning her joy as he used her body and drove her to new unheard of heights. “Master…anything…gods, please. It’s so good. I need you. Please…” she begged weakly then abandoned her pleas, a gasping moan coming from her mouth.

He could barely hold himself back any longer, the weak twitching of her body and her soft sounds just about ending him. “Come now,” he moaned in her ear.

Minerva let go of her tattered control and sighed, shuddering then moaning once more, this one was softer but deeper, her muscles clamping down on him harder as she sobbed his name over and over.

Taking her hips, he drove himself higher into her as he came hard, his orgasm strong. He kept thrusting until they were both spent.

Minerva panted and licked her lips, squeezing him once more from the inside. “Is this how you get up every morning? I might pass out from the attentions,” she chuckled and wiggled her rump.

“I’m confident you can keep up the pace.” He kissed her neck, pulling her back into his arms and deeper into the warm water.

OK so whats your song choice for that raunchy little scene? Winner of the song suggestion gets an e book copy of this book tomorrow at 5pm! So get your choices in! (and If you already have this book, we will substitute something else!)

And dont forget to stop by my buddies who are also doing this promotion: Bianca D'Arc, Tilly Greene, JoLynne Valerie, and Cat Johnson!

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In which I hang up my buckaneer boots and tricorn hat...

This is not a blog I want to write today, if ever, but with things going the way they are recently, I feel it is about time I address some things, and before everyone gets all up in arms about what I have to say and explain, let me assure you, this has been thought over long and hard.

E book is great for its innovation and the "I want it now" attitude of the readers that use it, but its also opens us all up to theft. Because of the theft portion of that statement, going forward in our career, all our novels will not be available in normal E book formats. That means LIT, PDF or HTML or any other. We will have our Novels available on kindle, and any other straight to device formats but that is it.

Why? the short answer is that the pirates have made my life hell, and I don't have the time, strength and inclination to fight them anymore. So from now on we wont be giving them any way to get our books to share them.

See, I have the ability to do this with Tease Publishing, and I will be doing it. Please understand that I didn't come to this decision lightly. The truth of the matter is that with the amount of books that we sell in e book, the numbers aren't there. With our print, that is where the majority of our sales come from. We don't make the numbers most do in e book, and therefore, its counterproductive for us to offer E books in those formats when all it really is doing is letting the pirates win.

Now, you will say, Stella, the pirates aren't real readers and buyers, true, but with the low number of e sales we get, taking them away, the formats, will stop them entirely from pirating out work. If they can't get it, they cant pirate it. And you know who you are, pirates.

Now, if your a e reader of ours, I'm sorry about this, and while we are taking the forthcoming options of e books from all future books, if you are a reader, we can make arrangements. Please note however, the files that are done for e book readers of ours, will have several distinguishable things in the file that if they are found on pirate sites, we will know WHO has put it up. Why do that? Because the pirates are people that buy books. This will not stand. All files will be watermarked as well.

I really am sorry about this. But I don't have the stamina to be fighting these assholes 24/7. Its come to a point where its either fighting the pirate sites, or writing. And I have been writing less and less seeing how many copies of our books have been pirated, and seeing when I get one taken down, another gets thrown up. Its relentless, and the only way I can see to protect our intellectual property is to not offer it anymore. I'm of the mind that if you make it harder for them, they will stop their bullshit. I'm a firm believer of being paid for my hard work, and in e publishing and small press, that paycheck is never equating the amount of time and energy you have put into the manuscript. But that's the chance we take when we sign with a publisher.

Here's the truth: our e sales as a whole, and that's 18 books in e book, hit about 50 sales every 6 months. We do that in a month in print with 2 books. Thats hard. We are not with some of the big publishers that get the huge sales numbers from those that love that publisher. If we were this might not have to happen. So we have to take steps to ensure we are getting paid for the hard work we do, and that our copyrights are protected, and most of all, so those asshole fuck pirates don't win.

Again, the books WILL be in kindle, and if and when other readers have straight to device downloads like kindle, then we will do it like that as well. Yes, there are ways around it all, but we believe it is safer for our work, and that's what is important. I'm just happy that we can do this, and feel confident that our work will be protected to the best of our ability.

Now, I'm ready for your ire, your questions, and your snark, I expect it after dropping something like this. Do I think this is the answer to everyones problem? No, but for right now, it is for us, and until better options present themselves then this is how it is meant to be. Again, to our fans that read e book exclusively, I am sorry and we will work to keep you guys in the fold. It is simply easier to work with the scant number of e readers we have on a individual basis (if they want it) then to fight the pirate sites.

Thanks for understanding, and for reading our work.

Monday, January 18, 2010

its available! the sweets with the sour

hello all.

So today i woke up to a virus in my OS, and now I posting this via the desk top in my moms room because my lappy is dead. Must get it fixed in a few hours once the hunny gets home with the car and I can go to best buy. I'm praying i dont need a new computer, so please, think good thoughts.

Still, i just found out that Entwined by Fate is available NOW on amazon! YAY! please make my day worth waking up for and go and buy it, cuz im seriously upset here, and need a pick me up, and what better way then knowing people will be picking up our new book?

I spoke to Audra this morning, and shes quite excited, as am I, and we have some new stuff in the works this coming few months once Little Ace is born.

So please, go buy the book, and help us prove to the masses that Weresnakes are the next big thing. The more it sells, the more amazing opportunities could happen for those of us that write outside the box and spin good stories!

Thanks to everyone, ooh and if you do pick it up this week, I will mail you a weresnake goodie pack to go with it with magnets, a sticker, signed book flat and bookmark. Just email me at and let me know you picked it up!

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sexy Saturday Sex Scene week 2 WINNER

Ok this was a hard one, lots of good answers. Thanks to everyone who came to play this week, there's a chance to win every saturday till the Romantic Times convention.

Anyway, the winner this week is FALLON BLAKE with her suggestion of Prison Sex. Originally, when this scene was written, I was listening to Tip Your Bartender by GlassJaw, and I think Prison Sex came closest to the mood for this time.

So thanks to everyone that played this week! Next weekend, we will have a scene from Of Crimson and Collars, another hot one sure to make your panties scream!(Clairebear, thats for you!)

Thanks! Fallon, email me at and you'll get your copy of WISHBOUND!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sexy Saturday Sex Scene week 2

This week's saturday sex scene is from our first Djinn story, Wishbound. In Wishbound, our Djinn Nicodemus Marsh has been sent in the sexually subdue an assassin that refuses to do the bidding of a demon prince. This is their first meeting, and its wild and explosive.

WISHBOUND: Wishes and Glamour
Stella and Audra Price
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Length: 2 short stories
Race: Djinn and human
BUY NOW LINK (Wishes and Glamour)


Marsh walked into the lavish living room and saw the beauty pouring herself a drink from the brandy decanter. It was true that he had been sent in to meet her, but god if she wasn’t fine as hell. Cash said to watch her, do anything to gain her trust, and Marsh fully intended on doing just that.

The woman was all curves in all the right places, a mane of hair that would do a lion proud. Good god, hips made for fucking and a set of lips ripe for a cock. He was going to enjoy this, a lot.
She noticed him standing to the side of the doorway, more in the shadow then in the doorway, and he was certain that this gorgeous little human wasn’t sure how he got into the room without her noticing the door opening.

“So, you’re Janey? You’re the little tart Taylor sent me to work with on this? Or was it sent me to play with? I can’t remember, but I think I shall enjoy the later more, you like the sound of that?”

She regarded him with a bit of interest. “I suppose I might ... of course I’ll have to put you through some very... rigorous testing...”

Yeah she was interested alright, but then again, most women were, until they got into it. Then that was a whole another ballgame. “Yeah? Well... I’m sure I can oblige you woman... lord knows I need some rigorous activity to get be back in the swing. You like it raw baby?”

The look in her eyes was enough of an answer. She smirked at him. “Raw and wild.” She ran her hands over her body, over the luscious curves that were her ample breasts and he was close to salivating. This woman had no clue as to who she was playing with. Taylor told him that it would be a “Who fucks who” situations to prove who was boss in this job, and Marsh planned on being the one to win this little battle of the sexes.

He stalked to her, intent on making the first kill in this battle and grabbed her, lifting her up under her thighs and slamming her against the closest wall, and she yelped, wrapping her legs around him. He looked her in the eye. “You wanna play teasing? I don’t do teasing.” he kissed her hard on the mouth, almost to the point of bruising , then ripped her shirt open, dipped his head down and took an already pert nipple into his mouth, biting her. “Would you look at that, Teflon tittes? Shit girl you’re a treat.”

He bit her again and she moaned, then again, harder, almost to the point of pain, and then licked a long slow line from her nipple up to her neck and the hollow behind her ear. “You taste like sugar, Sugar. You taste like this everywhere?”

She moaned. “Oh, you'll have to see for yourself won’t you...”

“Hope you like bite marks love...” he whispered in her ear as he bit hard onto her neck.

She shuddered against him. “Oh fuck yeah you’re a naughty boy aren’t you?”

Marsh was not fazed. Naughty boy? Bitch you don’t even know. “Haven’t even gotten started yet Sugar...” he turned then and dropped her, throwing her face first over the couch in the middle of the room and ripped her panties off from under her leather micro mini, roughly sticking two fingers into her and rubbing her clit with his thumb. “Look at you already wet, and you don’t even know me... letting me touch you, you’re a slut Janey, a dirty slut… and you don’t even know my name.” he trailed off, and she moaned, thrusting herself back onto his hand.

She didn’t ask his name, just panted and sobbed as he worked her tender flesh. “Ummm anonymous sex then? That’s what it shall be.” He growled and freed himself from the confines of his slacks and grabbed her hips, ramming her hard, not letting her adjust to his substantial size and leaned forward, talking to her again. “Yeah you do like that don’t you slut, I felt you cum as I entered you, hope you like the way you taste cuz I’m going to make you suck all your cum off me baby... down your fucking throat while I bust ...”

She moaned loudly, backing hard into his every thrust. “Ummm... well baby, you gotta make me come again then…” she gasped and threw her hands back, her nails raking at his thighs, obviously trying to gain some control of the situation.

Marsh was having none of it.
He moved his hips into her in a rotating motion, fucking her hard without mercy. “Don’t touch me slut, you’re not allowed yet, don’t make me fucking restrain you,” he leaned in and bit her spine hard. “I bet your blood tastes as sweet as your skin you dirty slut... you’ll let any guy fuck you wont you? I’m not special, well not yet... you’ll be begging to be my slave by the end of this...” with his last word he slapped her ass hard.

She screamed coming hard, still grasping at him. “Ummm... that’s me... a dirty fucking whore... you bastard...” She swallowed hard, and then backed harder onto him. “Ummm, such a big naughty boy... Oh you fill me up so good...” she slapped at his thigh, squeezing it.

Marsh grabbed her arms and puts them at an unnatural angle behind her back, in the air and rode her harder, using her arms for leverage. “I said No touching you fucking slut! Don’t make me beat you.” He growled and pumped into her furiously. “So wet for the guy you don’t even know, you don’t even know what I am you dirty bitch, and you’re letting me taste your charms... Ummm I should brand you, but you’ll give it to me any time I want won’t you, I won’t have to ....”

She whimpered and screamed, sobbing hard. “Oh fuck! Ummm, yeah... please...” she wriggled in his grasp, opening her legs further, to let him deeper. “Please, oh fuck! Anything, just don’t stop...” she moaned a guttural moan in the back of her throat.

“Oh I’m not stopping, not till I get what I want” Your total submission. He leaned down to her lower back and bit hard, “Ummm you do taste sweet you filthy whore...” He licked her skin again as he fucked her, his other hand going down and toying with her clit. “I don’t stop till you’re a quivering pile of goo begging for me for all time baby.... get ready for sexual slavery.”

She bit her lip as she came violently for the third time, whimpering and sobbing, no longer able to move her body to meet him, only forced to relax and accept the pounding he was giving her.

“That’s it slut, that’s it accept it, this body is mine now...” he slapped her ass with the hand that was holding her arms, as her body was so spent she was quite boneless and wasn’t going to do anything he didn’t want her to do. “God you’re wet, you love this don’t you? I asked you a fucking question!” he said harshly and pinched her clit.

She groaned. “Oh god yes! I fucking love this... you pounding into me... giving me the pounding that a whore deserves... using me like a good little fuck toy should be used...” she sobbed and shivered, finally submitting to him. He growled and pumped her harder, if there was such a thing, grasping her painfully, bruising her delicate caramel skin.

She came again for him, screaming. “Fuck Harder!”
He smirked and growled, doing what she asked. And she screamed again, and he chuckled.

“Can’t take much more can you? Beg me. Beg me to finish…”
“Please” she cried hoarsely. “Oh gods please…”

He laughed. “You call that begging?! You can do better than that! Come on!” he roared as he redoubled his efforts, her body now slick with sweat and other things.

“Ummm... please finish... I want to taste myself on your cock as you pound it deep into my throat...”
He chuckled and leaned forward, licking the bite mark on her back.

“Ummm a woman after my own heart...” he pulled out of her still sopping pussy and turned her roughly, pushing her to her knees and shoving his cock in her mouth. “You bite, I hit, remember that...”

She whimpered and glared heatedly up at him, gently raking her teeth over him to test the waters. Marsh didn’t waste any time. He pulled out of her and glared. He was hoping this didn’t have to end in that kind of violence. “Don’t push me bitch...”

She grinned and licked her lips, looking up at him, raw lust clear on her face. “I just had to know...” she purred. “Fuck my mouth... please...” she sobbed.

He smirked. “Such a dirty bitch.” He grabbed her face and shoved himself into her mouth. “Bite me and I’ll fucking kill you.” He said with both lust and heated malice. He knew she was the kinda girl he liked, one that played right on the edge, that tightrope walked over the shark tank.

She sucked him down her throat, keeping her teeth well out of his way. He grunted as he fucked her mouth. “Ooh you suck like a whore too, umm that’s it... come on Janey, show me you can make me come....”

She greedily sucked at him, her hands massaging his balls, as she took his long hard length all the way down her hot tight throat. He growled and decided to forgo the nicety of informing her of his impending explosion, wanting her to be surprised. He came hard down the back of her throat, grunting. “That’s it bitch take it.”

She choked slightly before swallowing him down and sucking him a second before he pulled out and zipped up. He looked at her abused and used form sprawled on the floor. “Not bad Janey, now you see who is the boss.” He reached down and pinched her nipples through what was left of her shirt, then walked around the couch and sat down. “Get cleaned up, we got things to discuss.”

So.. what song would be playing in the background if this was a scene you saw on Tv? LOL. And guess what? While this excerpt is from the short story WISHES, the winner will get WISHBOUND, which is both WISHES and GLAMOUR. Ready? Go!

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Updates and a plea

Hey all!

So Entwined by Fate is in the queue for Amazon, which makes me quite excited! See that's the problem with small press. They put the book in and then HOPE to get it in by the time it needs to be. I don't have any clue if it will be available on Tuesday, but we can all hope!

Saturday I will be doing another Sexy Saturday Sex Scene post, and I got a bunch of my fellow authors to rock the posts too. So expect something from Bianca D'Arc, Cat Johnson, Tilly Greene, Allie Boniface, Diana DeRicci, Selena Illyria and more! Remember, all you have to do is read the excerpt, comment about the background song and you could win! This week from me and Audra, you will be getting a very naughty piece from our Duvall Inc series.

So today is writing a bit, and getting ready for the release coming up. Tomorrow Entwined by Fate releases in e book version, and I'm very excited! You still have OODLES of chances to win goodies to help us celebrate this release!

Now, on a more positive note, if you are interested in the snakes, and want them in print, Please consider picking it up on the 19th, and helping us hit a visible high on Amazon's numbers. This book is different, and unique, and we are hoping to show the powers that be in romance that weresnakes are SSEXY and readers want to read them. This will only happen if we all get together and show them that this book, and this idea is in demand! So on Tuesday, stop by here, and then pop over to the amazon page, and help us get this book the recognition it deserves!

Thanks to everyone thats following our bloggy and helping us get this book where it needs to be! We are almost there!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winner of Sexy Saturday Sex Scenes week 1

Hey all!

Ok I'm not feeling so well right now, and after about an hours debate with Audra on the phone, we have come up with our first winner.

Since this scene is a sexy, more of a make love kinda scene, we have chosen Crash into Me by Dave Matthews Band, so the winner is The Queen B. TQB, please email me at and I'll send you the ebook copy! Congrats!

So what do you guys think? Is this fun? make you think? Make you wanna read the book? Should we keep doing this kinda weekly contest? Please leave a comment, we so love the input!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

New for 2010: Sexy Saturday Sex Scenes

Hey Everyone! So to start of 2010 Im going to do a weekly post for YOU the reader, and you could win goodies! Yes, I know its going to be fun though....

So whats all this "Sexy Saturday Sex Scenes"? Well I had an idea. why not give a saturday snippet, but a naughty sex scene from one of our books, and run a contest for it. The contest will be this:

Read the sex scene, and pick a song that you think could be playing in the background during said sex scene. Post the song in the comments section. On the Sunday, I will pick a winner from the comments on the song we think is either closest to something we would have picked for the scene or possible THE song we picked for the scene. So you have untill Sunday evening to enter and Ill pick a winner at 9pm on Sunday (est).

What do you win? Well how about an e copy of the book where the sex scene is featured? Cool? I thought so! So ready?

To start off this little craziness, We are going to start with one of our underrated books, The Soft Edge of Midnight.

The Soft Edge of Midnight
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Races: Unicorns, Fallen Angels, Devils, Fey
Length: Full Novel

This scene Is the first of when Karsten, our Stallion unicorn, and Illori, the Mare, get it on. Its early in the book. I had wanted to give you guys a scene with Sammael, the "bad guy" in the book, but this seemed more toward the heart of the book. Anyway. Heres the scene. Read it, then post a comment as to what song you think would work best as background music for it. Winner will win this book in e book format... So ready? Good Luck and I cant wait to see what you guys come up with! Enjoy Karsten and Illori!

She was so innocent. He couldn’t believe his good fortune. The urge to grab her and kiss her senseless was there. He was doing well restraining himself. They walked in silence, Karsten breathing her in as they did. She was beautiful and perfect, and what’s more, she knew she was a mare. Such a rare find, so rare. She stopped them just in front of a building. “This it?”

“Yep.” She opened the front door and led him up the stairs to her door. “I’ve just moved in, more or less, so there’s not much in the way of furniture. I haven’t had a chance to decorate it yet,” she explained letting him in. “I’m lucky enough to have good neighbors, and the view of the Kelvin Gardens is unbeaten.” She smiled wryly at him as they walked into the surprisingly large lounge. “Can I get you anything to drink?”

“Not unless the drink is you, Sweetness.” He grinned, pulling her to him and kissing her in a crushing and needy embrace.

She melted willingly into him, moaning into his mouth. Her small hands moved over him, exploring his body. She pulled back, licking her lips. “How can this be? I’ve searched for you. For so long I looked. I didn’t think there was any left here. Are there others?”

He groaned and shook his head. “I have been searching just as long, believe me.”
She smiled warmly up at him. “I do.” She licked her lips again tasting him. “So what now?”

The thing of it was, he didn’t know. All roads pointed to making her his, to mating with her, to marking her, to keeping her safe, and to loving her. “I don’t know. Every fiber of my being is telling me to take you, make you moan and writhe for me. What do yours say?”

“They say that sounds like a plan.” She smiled and kissed him again as she worked her coat off. She paused as she threw it to the floor a little unsure.
He grinned and, grabbing her around the thighs, lifted her up. “So do you taste like candy or what, love? You sure smell like it.” He buried his face into her neck, breathed deeply, and groaned.

She arched into him, clearly enjoying his attentions. “I don’t know. I’ve never really...well, we can find out.” She nuzzled him. “You smell like home.” She groaned and pointed to a closed door. “Bedroom’s that way. I need to have you surrounded by my sheets.”

The thought of being wrapped in her scent and her warm sexy body sent him into a frenzy. He had her through the door, into the bedroom, and lying on the bed in seconds. He kissed her chin, cheeks, the tip of her nose, her throat, and her lips as his hands delved under her sweater and T-shirt to the silky skin of her torso. He groaned again and looked her in the eye, “You feel so good, so good,” he mumbled as his hands caught hold of the hem of her shirt and sweater. Lifting them, he exposed her skin and her breasts, encased in a powder blue lace bra to his view. “Saints preserve us, you’re fucking perfect.”

She gasped, blushing as her body arched towards him. “You think?” She smiled heatedly at him as her hands moved under his shirt and she felt his muscles.
He grinned and sucked in a breath as she touched him. The feel of a mare on a stallion’s skin was electric, the touch like cotton. He growled and reared off her. Ripping his sweater off, he went back to her, kissing the uncovered tops of her heaving breasts. His tongue snaked out and he shook his head. “Christ, you do taste sweet. Gods.” He was already lost. His body protested its confinement, but there was no way this wasn’t going to be fantastic for her, he would see to that. She would remember this fondly until the end of their days, and it would not be because he was a rash, unfeeling oaf. He was resigned to make her purr before he entered her.
Her silky body moved up to him, her hands moving over his bare flesh. “Oh Gods, please.” She shivered. “That feels so good. Please, don’t stop.”

“I don’t plan on it,. You’re too much of a treat.” He smirked. His hands went to the button of her jeans and he moved down her body as his fingers unbuttoned and unzipped the denim that fit her like a second skin. He pulled them down, both the jeans and him pooling at her feet. He tossed the offending denim aside and admired her toes, delicately painted a perfect shade of lavender. He looked up the long line of her body, looked at legs that were perfectly shaped and at the small scrap of silk and lace that matched the bra she wore, and he sighed. The mare would be his, and she wasn’t stopping him.

She smiled at him again, blushing faintly as she sat up and kissed him. Her hands moved to his thighs and squeezed up them until she found his imprisoned cock. She blushed deeper. “Oh my.”

He gave her a very male look. “Yeah, you’ll be saying a bit more than that soon enough.” He kissed her again and groaned. His hands went to her tummy and then the soft downy hair just under the lace. She was more than ready for him, her scent changing from cotton candy–like sugariness to peppermint, reminiscent of a candy cane. He was going to enjoy her for decades and eons to come. His fingers skimmed the top of the underwear just as his mouth found her nipple peaking out a rosy, almost orchid color from behind the offending lace.

“Oh, Karsten!” She arched into his mouth. Her hands moved over his back, running her nails lightly over his flesh.

He hissed into her, the feeling of her touch overwhelming. “Yeah, you’re going to be saying that a lot, Ori, I promise you that.”

“I hope so.” She wiggled urgently under him. “You need help getting my bra off?” She teased, giggling as her slender foot found his crotch and massaged it carefully. She wiggled her arms out of her sweater and pushed it farther up but left it there, not taking it over her head.

“No, no. I like it just where it is. I like the friction of it between your skin and my tongue.” He smiled and went back to nibbling and licking her skin, both in and under the bra. “And you better be nice or this won’t last long enough for you to enjoy it, and I so want you to enjoy it.”

She grinned down at him gasping. “You know best, and I am enjoying myself.”
“Yes, but you will enjoy this a lot more.” His fingers hooked under the tiny string sides of her underwear, and he slid them down a bit, her hips lifting of their own accord for him to remove the cloth. She was indeed ready, but he wasn’t ending this so quickly. She was a rare treat, one he intended to savor fully. “Ummm, look at that,” he said absently as he admired the now exposed small junction between her legs. Not a single line marred her skin, the only modification was the tiny star bellybutton ring. He grinned. She likes stars? “You like stars?” The sparse hair between her legs was trimmed neatly, as if a present to him, for it was his favorite, seeing it presented so. He looked up to her, waiting for her answer to his question.

She beamed. “I do. They remind me of better times. Why, do you?”

He smiled and kissed her. “You’ll see,” he said, his hands now on her perfect skin. “I want to make this last, sweetness. I need you and I am not sure I will last at the rate this is going.”

“I know. I need you so much.” She kissed him nuzzling at his face. “I always have.” She trembled under his touch. “Please, take me,” she whispered pleadingly.
He groaned. He could never deny her, regardless if the mark would take or not. He wasn’t sure if she was his mate, only sex would show the truth, and that meant marking her, and the mark taking. It scared him that she may not be, but the upside was that they would have each other and not be alone. Either way, he won, just one was better than the other. Here’s to hoping my luck holds out. He kissed her. His hands went to his pants, quickly opening them and getting them off his thighs. He waited, letting her accept him or deny him. It was part of the courtship, and as much as she might be out of her mind with lust and need, it didn’t mean she was going to except that part of him.

Looking down at him, she shivered and wet her lips once again with her pink tongue. She moaned and scooted her leg over him so he knelt in between her legs, her thighs glistening with moisture. “Please, Karsten, hurry.” She rubbed her cheek against his, mixing their scents.

Oh, God. She was accepting and willing, and she was already marking him herself. It was all too much for him, and he grabbed her hips and lifted her, bending down to kiss her thoroughly. His left hand held her hips up to him, and she voluntarily wrapped her legs around his hips. His right hand slipped between her thighs, and her wetness coated him. Still of mind to make her purr before he had her, he stroked her softly, his thumb pressing on her clit, a finger now slipping inside her.
“God, yes!” she cried out, her spine bowing, as she came hard around his finger, her body clenching on to him tightly. She moaned, riding his finger as her orgasm rode her. She kissed him as he continued to work on her clit. “Mmmm, perfect.” She purred lazily and looked up at him, her eyes heavy with contentment, the urgency now out of her actions. Her breathing hitched again. She was well on her way to her second coming—literally.

That’s it, baby, he thought as he worked her, reluctantly removing his hand from her willing flesh. He positioned her above his cock, hard and riding high on his belly. Her legs wrapped around him tighter, cradling him in her heat, and there was no better feeling. His eyes locked with hers, and he brought his hand to his mouth and sucked the finger he had inside her, just as he swiveled his hips and slipped inside her. She was wet, willing, and yielding but tight, and he went slowly, waiting for just the right moment. He smiled around his finger and thrust deep into her. “My God, you feel like heaven and smell like sweet sin.”

Wincing, she hissed. Her body was shaking with need. “Gods, don’t stop.” She swallowed hard. “So big.” Kissing him hard, she moved her hips experimentally and moaned into him.

“That’s it. Accept it. You’ll be getting it a lot.” He set a slow and devastatingly deep rhythm. She was so wet, so damn welcoming. He closed his eyes and buried his face in her neck, nipping at her skin.

She cried out. Her hands moved over his back, pulling herself closer to him. “I hope so,” she whispered into his ear as he rode her, her legs tightly around his waist. Her featherlight kisses moved over every inch of him she could reach, her labored breaths tickling over him more urgently.

“Ummm, God, that’s it. You do taste so good, you know that?” he whispered in her ear as he took her. “You’re mine, Ori. All mine. So long, I waited so long.”
“Yours.” She smiled breathlessly at him. “Finally. Been far too long, and you’re mine, Karsten.” She dug her nails a little into him to emphasize her point. She sobbed. Her body so very close.

“Then come for me, sweetness. Show me you want me.” He swiveled his hips and lifted hers higher. “Show me you always want this.”

She screamed, coming tightly around him. Her body shook and stiffened as the waves of an orgasm washed through her. Her nails dug deeply into him as she clung to him, unable to breathe.

“Gods, love!” He grunted before following her over the brink, and he filled her, surging within her. He panted and nipped her earlobe. “All mine. Well, soon anyway.”
She shuddered and relaxed back on the bed. “No, now. Yours.” Her cheek moved along him, and she licked a few beads of sweat from him. She beamed at him before nuzzling him more forcefully. “Mine.”

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Stella got bit by the Art bug... again

So I figured I would post here about the fun art that i have been doing over the holidays. I think you guys will like it. Granted not all of it is finished and all, but it felt good to just create something without a purpose. That said, I figured I would use these for covers later on down the road, or sell off the finished file to authors that need cover work. If your interested, let me know. So... onward!

Ok so that's what I have been up to. thoughts?

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Weresnakes take over the Blogverse!

Hey all!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope your all over your hangovers (luckily I am) and are ready for a fantastic year of amazing reads and wild times!

So we are kicking off our fantastic release month with a little info blog about the weresnake blog party, and baby it is going to be wild! 6 bloggers have decided to host days for this blog party and give away a TON of awesome goodies to help us celebrate this landmark release.

January 8th
Welcome to Larissa's Life January 18-20th
January 13th

PhotobucketJanuary 19th

The Cajun Book Lady
January 5th

Mortal Sinn's reviews
January 11th

These ladies will be doing interviews, reviews and opinion blogs about the work, and will be giving away goodies to commenters! What will they be giving away? Tshirts, Mugs, totebags, Keychains, Print books, E books and promo packs! Lots of goodies to be had for this so stop by their blogs (I will be posting dates here) And hangout, and maybe win some goodies!