Saturday, May 31, 2008

signings, stupidity and birthdays

Last night was the last night of the signing tour for the spring. What fun. We had a great time, sold a bunch of books, met some new people, and hopefully made some new fans. I'm looking forward to the next leg of signings, starting in July when I get back. So much fun.

OOh and today is My best friend Brooke's Birthday. 29. WOO! And today is also Colin Farrell's birthday, WOO for Colin. I'm celebrating just for him.... HEH.

Last night though, at the mall we were at, the movie theater that was there had a fire alarm pulled in the middle of the Sex and the City showings. women went APESHIT. I mean it was like a demonstration out there. So the signing could have gone much better, especially if they had us in the front of the store, and we could have capitalized on that. *sigh* July should be better. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: MUSIC

So today I figured I would post 13 videos that in some way are near and dear to my heart. Some of them wont have any explanation, and if you get the ghist of the reason, then I commend you. Today's Thursday Thirteen is actually a contest. If you can figure out what all of the videos that have no explanation have in COMMON, *Hint: think location*, then you will win a print copy, choice, of one of the Stella and Audra Price books. That's right. And since I'm leaving for Scotland soon, I'll bring said book with me, and have Audra write a little ditty inside. Answers can be sent to, but of course, I would love some normal comments.

Enjoy the music, These bands are fantastic.

*my rock career...*

Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson. Why? Because two of my favorite actresses are in it: Mia Kirshner and Chyler Leigh. Mia= Astrid and Chyler= Spinner from the Eververse series.

Letters To You by Finch

Worked Up So Sexual by The Faint. I LOVE this band. they are my 100% favorite. Remember this band, they are fantastic dance music!

Faded by Soul Decision. When I used to tour, one of the other girls and I, when we got stuck driving a different car, We rocked this jam, and the song I Got a Man by Positive K. Such silliness.

Analog Boy by The RX Bandits

All My Friends are Metal Heads by Less then Jake. I have seen LTJ over 100 times from when I was 16-21. They put on a HELLA live show. Oh, and they like Pez. WORD.

Blue Monday, Cover, by Orgy. Oh lords, Dont get me wrong, I love the original, but this is what I used to dance at the goth clubs to when i was in college.

Just One Fix by Ministry. I Love Ministry. TOTALLY.

NO Time by The Assorted Jellybeans

Here We Go Again by Shelter. This was THE music with my friends while I was in highschool. My boyfriend then LOVED Shelter, so much so that we hungout at the Krishna Eateries GOVINDA'S in three cities following Shelter on tour one summer.

Beating Heart Baby by Head Automatica. This is the "Dancy" side of the Lead singer of GlassJaw. Great Album, and SO much fun to dance to.

Closer by Nine Inch Nails. I have seen NIN over 60 times since I was 16. While this isnt my favorite song, its the best looking video YouTube had to offer. And come on, who doesnt want to hear Trent Reznor tell them He wants to fuck them like an animal? HONESTLY. they guy is hot.... Seriously.

Big Casino by Jimmy Eat World. Its a newer song, but I couldnt find my favorite song on Video, but really JEW is fantastic. Total anthems for Under 30 life in the creative industries. Do yourself a favor, Listen to Jimmy Eat World. I have seen them over 20 times.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I finally made a book video.

Well I did it. I finally made a video. It wasn't as hard as I thought, though it will be a good long while before I get my panties in a bunch enough to attempt one for another book. It just took forever. I hope you guys like it, I'm very proud of it!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fantastic Birthday, If bittersweet.

Today was a wonderful birthday for me. I had a signing with the lovely and darling Cat Johnson and C.H. Admirand, in Farmington CT. OMG what fun! the store was lovely, the staff was ever efficient, and we had a solid and fantastic audience.

We all sold books, so I was happy about that, and C.H. Gave me a wonderful bottle of champers, *which I'm drinking right now!* and my dirrty froggy brought me chocolate. good love it!

But I get home to news that Audra is sick once again, and that shes on some heavy meds including anti-epilepsy pills. Needless to say I'm scared. Shes so close to getting married, and I know its her stress from said wedding. I cant wait to get there to help her out and help her get well again. I'll call her tomorrow to check up on her.

So other then my champers, Tilly got me the COOLEST gifty, a POE uglydoll keychain! Woo! hes coming with me to Scotland! And Selena was totally awesome and got me two fantastic journals, one thats going to be come Our Afterverse Throne Book or The Fey book of Names. We havent decided yet, but I'm anxious to get started on that project.

Anyways thanks to everyone that showed up today, I love you all and you helped to make my birthday that much better. Im off to relax and enjoy whats left of the day.

Friday, May 23, 2008

New blog design!

Wooo Im sooo excited i got it done and out before I was ready to leave! this is soo good! So our webby, Myspace and blog all match now, and I feel much better about it. Its a bit more streamline, and a lot less cluttered so Im glad about that!

Tomorrow is my birthday and signing in Farmington CT. If your going I have goodies... the first 5 people to come to me and mention the words "Shadow Heights" will get a special goodie bag!

OK I'm off to finish packing up for the weekend... lots to do!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthday Bash!

Join us Thursday night at 8pm est for a new kinda chat party! Stella's birthday and a dual party (both on air and in the chat room) and presents galore!

Scheduled to appear: Jacquelyn Frank, Bianca D'Arc, Selena Illirya, Cat Johnson, Alexandra Ivy, Kayleigh Jamison, Tilly Greene, Elizabeth Amber, Allie Boniface, C.H. Admirand, Eliza Gayle, Celia Kyle, Skylar Sinclair, Cara North and Many many others!

Party starts at 8pm at

Hope to see you there!

Friday, May 16, 2008


So excited! tomorrow is the first day of the Philly weekend and Im almost finished getting packed. Good lord the amount of stuff I'm bringing with me is insane. a CARLOAD of crap. CARLOAD. Im just hoping that I wont be bringing much of it back.

For those of you near philly, and are coming out. We are positioned in the CENTER of 19th st right next to the library. If you do come out, dont froget to get the goodie bags from us, and check out the book sales we have going on! We will be the tents with the giant tiki's attatched to it!

Ill be selling Sugar and Silk together for 22$ and youll get some SWEET goodies with it! Also Ill be selling both of the Dragon Elementals together for 22$ as well!

I cant wait to see the girls again. We always have SO much fun!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pseudo updating

The signing was awesome! I absolutely LOVE the spotty dog. I got to hangout with the girls, drink for free and sold a bunch of books. Can't get better then that. Ok well you can, but I doubt Colin Farrell was making his way through upstate New York at the time (And If he was, WHERE!?).

So this week is getting ready for all the good stuff for this coming weekend, 2 days with Tilly, Robin and Cat in Philly! YAY! I'm really looking forward to this! Not to mention CHEESE STEAKS! Woo!

One month from today I'll be standing on Scottish soil, and rocking out with my sister. Its getting close, and as much as I'm not excited about flying alone, It has to be done. I just hope Audra is feeling better soon. Please send out good vibes to her for a speedy recovery from her illness.

I'm a bit fuzzy today from all the crappy pollen in the air, so I'm going to report on this weekend when I'm not a mess. I'm tired, my eyes hurt and I need sleep.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Signing today!

Today we are at the spotty dog in Hudson NY and OMG I'm so ready for it. Im packing the car now and then Im making my way upstate for this amazing signing.

Im hoping to have pictures for you guys when I get back.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Check out Sensual

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I’ll see you at Sensual!

Friday, May 02, 2008

So much to do, so little time

June is fast approaching. Signings are fast approaching. My birthday is fast approaching. Deadlines are fast approaching. May is a seriously insane month. I'm looking forward to it all, I have been feeling quite inactive as of late. But with new books to promote, and new venues to promote them in, I'm hopeful that we will gather new fans.
For this tour, I found some very cool new places to do the signings, from a bookstore with a pub inside it, to a string of Borders we haven't worked with before. Lots of new people and new places to stock the books *muahahahahahah!* And of course, I get to chill with the girls. I dont think I could have put together a better signing group. All the ladies that do the events with me are mature, fun and best of all, amazing writers.
And with my birthday coming up, *which I have a signing scheduled* Im hoping to sell out of the books they have for me. That will be the best birthday gift ever. Throw on my Online birthday bash on my Blog Talk Radio show, with all the awesome special author guests that are cool enough to give away awesome goodies and books and ARC's... its really going to be a great birthday.
Deadlines... shit I need to get a hop on those things that are not done yet. And the book for Phaze is almost done. Still gotta write the blurb for this one and take an editing pass on it before its finished. I'm hopeful well have it done by this time next week. Now its all blood and mayhem. I'm down for that.
June 10th is coming like a freight train. I'm so excited to see my sister and spend time in Scotland, but I'm sad that It will be almost a month before I see my JoJo again. Not to mention my Moo. It's going to be tough but I think we can manage.
So that all said, if your close to the signings, please come out and hangout, especially if your in CT for the 24th of May. 4 hours of fun, goodies and a lot of interesting conversation! I'm so excited! What a way to spend your birthday right? And Im going to have a special goodie for anyone that does show up. LOL....
So what do I want for my birthday? I have been getting this question from family left and right, and while I keep saying Money... they ask still. So im going with my old stanbys:

Ugly dolls * Ice Lodge Icebat, Poe, Abima* Check them out HERE
Gwin *Ghost Gwin* Wanna see it? HERE
Sweet Journal Check out THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS

See? I'm wicked easy. Though Like Christmas, I have a feeling they will just get me stuff i didnt ask for and have no use for... Le Sigh... My family is insane.