Sunday, August 28, 2011

And the fall comes...

Sorry I haven't been posting here as much as I want to, but Stella is busy busy busy these days!

Its almost September, and I'm gearing up to leave on Wed for ATL and DRAGONCON for a week, so excited to be going this year, and hanging out with Joanna and Carol and Jess. I haven't seen the girls in ages, literally AGES. Its been too long and we are going to tear shit up. Oh and I'm on the WriteSEX panel friday night at 10pm... So if your going stop by and see me.

Then I come home and hangout for three days, which will give me just enough time to do laundry and repack, because I leave on the 9th to drive south to South Carolina for a week with the in-laws. So excited that Brandi will be coming this time, so we can hangout, hot tub and drink a lot. I need some time to relax and just read and write with Audra and that's what I'm hoping I will be able to do.

AAD2012's registration opens on the 6th, so I'm trying to get all the clerical done for when I'm away so we wont have to worry about it either way. I know everyone is seriously excited about NOLA (I am too) so i cant wait to get the ball rolling.

And while I'm in Hilton Head, I'll be checking out the Savannah properties for the 2013 con. I'll be posting about it, along with pictures, on the AAD blog when I'm down there.

Hopefully we will have some news in the coming weeks... so stay tuned...

Monday, August 15, 2011

post AAD... and I have some news...

Ok so first... Something I'm very happy about... Stella will soon be a Sadie.

Ah whats a Sadie? A Sadie is a married lady, or so says Babs Streisand in Funny girl. Yes, We are engaged, Jojo and I! HE did it at 154am on Sunday morning in out hotel room during the chaos that is aad and I love love love my ring. We have set a date so far for October 2012, but we will see if that changes....

So AAD is now over and I'm sitting here still reeling. So much happened, I have NO IDEA where to start. Dinners went well, I won a Bookie award for the Biggest friend to Romance, though I dont know HOW that happened, like AT ALL. Whoever voted for me, thank you, It was a total surprise.

I got a new tattoo, which I will show off soon as its not crusty with grossness. What did I get? I got Cash's house brand on my wrist. Or maybe its Dimitri's... I dont know it is the royal brand of the Conglacio though. yes. Finally.

The Booksigning went really well, Which surprised me. I had someone come and see me, Which surprised the hell outta me. So thank you Caitlyn, You totally made my day! Most people dont realize this but as a small press author that isn't with one of the more popular houses, meeting fans that arent just reviewers that get your books for free is a HUGE deal! it made the entire event worth it for me (especially since she reads this blog!)

We raised $2186 for Pets Alive this year, Which I thank everyone for! We had some Amazing baskets this year and I know everyone that won them got some great stuff. Sadly, third year in a row I didnt win anything, but its for charity and it was all in good fun.

We had a fabulous cake for Larissa Ione as well this year, and it was yummy! I dont know who had some but it was good...

OOh and The winner of the Registration for NOLA is Joy Daniels. This year I decided to do something different for my big gift, and since I can, I decided I would give away a registration for NOLA to someone that bought a book from me this year. After the signing I picked a winner from who bought books... and Joy won.

So heres a few piccys from the event....

This is our awesome Tattoo artist, Voodoo

Me and my amazing Agent Louise Fury and Lori Perkins at the Masquerade ball...

So thats just a bit... Ill have more info and fun soon... and with AAD 2012 prep starting soon... its going to be one hell of a fall!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

AAD this week!

hey everyone!

Well I'm leaving in about an hour to leave for the 3 hour trek to Philadelphia to start the now chaos of AAD Philly. I wish I was more excited about this year, but all the bullshit with the hotel as sucked the joy out of this year for me. Seriously? Do yourselves a favor and NEVER use a Hilton to do ANY events. AT ALL. This has been a nightmare, well at least the past 4 weeks has been.

I wish I could say I am determined to make the best of it but I'll be on edge all week. I am looking forward to the signing on Saturday. No matter what happens, I do love meeting readers and talking to people. So if your coming to the signing on Saturday (2-4 Ormandy Ballroom) Stop by and see me, say hi, maybe pick up a book, and let me know the signing rocks.

Im sure there will be lots of pictures and insanity online as AAD has free wifi for its guests and the Guidebook app. Check about on FB and twitter for all the madness. I might know Im going to have a fucked week... but everyone else will have the time of their lives.

See you this week!


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Updates from the front lines...

Ahoy everyone!

I have been very busy with AAD and all that its been hard to update anything. So i have some time now, so lemme get down to it.

Its been an INSANE couple of months. May was a blur as was June. July was tons of insanity as well... Needless to say, I cant remember much. I know I went to MARCON in there at some point. On that trip Leanna Renee Hieber and I got really drunk with Rosemary Laurey and I was on a panel about the Walking Dead. I dont remember much except I came home with a GIANT Cthulhu from the vendor room.

We went to the beach in there as well. I got drunk with our friend Kelly and played at the waterpark. I really need pictures of these things.

So in book news, we have submissions out with our Awesome Agent, so we are waiting on answers. its been pins and needles around here. Something cool though, We are on KINDLEGRAPH! Thats right those of you with Kindle's can have US sign your books of ours on there.

Check us out HERE

So AAD is next week and I'm still up to my ass in con problems. Sadly Audra will not be attending, but I will be there and I have tons of awesome goodies to giveaway. Come and see me on my panels and Ill be a Steam Court author under my Dagmar Avery guise. I plan to do a lot this year... and if your NOT coming to the con, COME TO THE SIGNING! Saturday the 13th from 2-4 at the Ormandy Ballroom at the Doubeltree Hotel, 237 South Broad St. the signing is FREE to the PUBLIC!

And the Steam Ball is open to the public too!