Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Secret Project...


Yes, I know We had one before and its out at pubs right now so keep your fingers crossed. For this one though, we went in a totally new direction and I love this. My project notebook is quickly filling up.

We are almost finished with Satyr book 2, which we have renamed To Collar and Keep is about 29k finished. We need to add a bit in though, and it looks like it will end up around 35-40k, so we are happy with that. With Of Crimson and Collars coming out next month, we are trying hard to finish this and get it to our editor.

So this weekend starts my crazy fall season. Im driving to Ohio for CONTEXT this weekend, If your in the area, come to the event and see me on saturday from 12-2pm on Saturday. I will be signing, and you will have a chance to get Masquerade. Next weekend is Farmington CT with the ever fun Jessica Andersen and Kathryn Smith and friends, If your close to there, come and hangout, we will have baked goods and candy!

After that its, Cheesefest in Monroe NY on the 12th, RenFaire on the 19th and then I finally have a weekend off. October brings the Collingswood Book Fest on the 3rd, and AlbaCon on the 9-11th. Then I have a weekend to get ready for Audra coming on the 20th. But that week is going to be insane with getting everything for AAD together and done before Aud gets here so I can spend time with her in NYC. Once the AAD weekend is over I can breathe easy, but I think I over scheduled myself.

Ooh and we have two shorts we are almost finished with. Not sure when you will see them, or where, but we know you will love them. Short dirty little stories...

Ok well I gotta get ready for tonites concert, the last show in NYC for the NIN goodbye tour. *sniff* But Im going to enjoy it and its going to kick ass.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Writing, writing, writing... I love days like today.

So we have another idea, a secret project we are developing. Audra and I are so excited. I'm hoping this is the one that we say BING, its the one. the idea is so simple, and whats more, no one is doing this yet in romance. I'm ever hopeful.

And we are working on another of the stories for the snakes. Yes, this one will probably end up being a novella, something that will happen between some other stories in the novel series. I'm very excited about it, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hero.

We are also hard at work at finishing Satyrs two, Harlequin and Arabella's story, what we have named Of Beauty and Bonds. I really like how this one is coming out, and I hope the readers take to this story as well as we have. the Satyrs are a naughty bunch of guys, but Oh so sexy.

And we are writing a short for another character you guys would have just met if you have read A gift of Daybreak. We arent sure where its going to be used, in the next Eververse book or if its getting its own publication, but OMG is he a naughty naughty guy.

So it is back to writing. With Of Crimson and Collars on the horizon, Im getting my ducks in a row to present a very cool contest for the release. Keep your head up, this is one you are going to WANT to win!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Interviews from the Edge: Levet the gargoyle

Hello everyone! I’m here today with my favorite gargoyle eva, Levet. He has been gracious enough to come and talk with us today and give us all more of a peek into what makes him, him.

Embrace the Darkness. This book also features the ever sexy vamp Viper, and Levet’s besty, Shay, a Shallot demon. Since Embrace, Levet has had cameo’s through the rest of the books, and has made reading them more of an enjoyment. I always wait for a Levet scene. I’m ever so excited I get to chat with him now.

SP: Hi Levet! Glad you were up for this. Can you tell everyone a little about yourself?

Bonjour!! I am happy, of course, to speak about myself. I am, after all, a most fascinating subject who has led a life of adventure and extraordinary bravery. To be honest, I am shocked that I have not yet had my beautiful face gracing the cover of Time. Or at least the centerfold of Playgirl. Ah well. In time my true glory will be shared with the world.
So…about me. I am a powerful gargoyle, although I was rudely and quite unjustly forced from the Gargoyle guild since I am vertically challenged. As if being three foot tall is not enough. The world could not bear my splendor if I were any larger. Unfortunately I have been forced to fend for myself, until I met Shay, who has made me a part of her family. I prefer to ignore the unpleasant fact she is mated to a vampire. No one’s perfect, well…except for me.

SP: How old are you?

The cathedral of Notre Dame was still just a dream when I blessed the world with my birth.

SP: How does it feel to the unsung hero of the Guardians of Eternity series?

So typical that the cold-hearted leeches would pig (wait, Shay insists I must use the word hog) hog all the glory. Still, it is something of a tradition for the truly great heroes to work incognito. Just look at Batman. Or of course, Superman. Although I am far more handsome than either.

SP: So how’s the magic coming along? Several times you have used your powers and they have had varied effects, is it getting more stable?

*Clears throat* It might be a teensy weensy bit unpredictable, but of course, it is wondrous to behold. And do not listen to anything Jagr might have to say concerning my magic. The cold-blooded bastard is simply jealous.

SP: How are things at home with Shay and Viper? Any good stories?

Ah, Shay is always a delight. So sweet and charming. Which makes her devotion to Viper all the more puzzling. Of course, he can be fun upon occasion. Just the other day he taught us all how to curse like an ancient Viking when he discovered I had a small mishap with his Bugatti.

SP: So I always wanted to know, when you go all stony during the day, what’s it like? Is it sleep? Or is your mind away and traveling?

I actually have no memory of being a statue. Sweet oblivion.

SP: So here’s some questions just all about you.

SP: Your favorite food?
Ox. Still on the hoof.

SP: Your favorite movie?
la cage aux folles.

SP: Who do you like better, Viper or Cezar?

Ew. That is like asking if I prefer turnips or brussel sprouts. In my opinion, the only good vamp is one who has the good taste to remain in his crypt where he belongs.

SP: What are your hobbies?

Being a Knight in Shining Armor leaves me little time for hobbies, but I do plan to take over Howie Mandel as host of Deal or No Deal when I am done rescuing damsels in distress. That seems like a sweet gig with all those beautiful women.

SP: Summer or Winter?

Summer. Winter is so hard on my skin.

SP: Clear skies or rain?


SP: We know you are a terrible flirt, which makes you that much more loveable, but what do you consider romantic?

A cozy room with a warm fire, a bottle of wine (French, of course) and a lovely water sprite who knows how to stroke a gargoyles wings.

SP: So do you make an appearance in Darkness Unleashed? Is it a small part or did Alex relent and give you a bigger part?

My role is far larger, and I am essential in the rescue of Regan, but as usual I must play second fiddle to a vampire. I will say that I at last…ah no, I must say no more. My lips are sealed.

SP: Tell us a secret, something telling about you as a gargoyle.

There are few people who know that gargoyles have been worshiped by many for our ability to bestow fertility. Yet another reason for women to adore me.

SP: Now I think it’s a great affront that Alex doesn’t have you as a character on her website. Why do you think that is?

She is so terribly bourgeoisie, always fussing over those vampires and werewolves. So what if they are all tall, and gorgeous, and oozing sensuality? It takes a woman of exquisite taste to appreciate a gargoyle.

SP: Now I know other gargoyles aren’t as cool as you, so tell us a little about your heritage and what means the most to you, being a gargoyle.

Ah, most people assume because of our frightening exterior that we must be stupid, unfeeling beasts. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Certainly there are some gargoyles who are brutish and incapable of finer feelings, but many are quite artistic and sophisticated. Indeed, it well known among the demon world that it was a gargoyle who actually painted the Sistine chapel.

SP: Anything else you want to add?

It is rumored that Levet will not be making an appearance in the anthology that Ms. Ivy is currently writing. This travesty must not be allowed. For those of you who wish to save the silly woman from utter disaster, you can send an email to alexandraivy @ yahoo dot com and tell her that you demand your favorite gargoyle.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Masquerade is in print!

So excited! Masquerade is up at Amazon for print and Audra and I couldn't be happier. And guess what? I got 5 copies in my grubby mitts as we speak! They are super pretty and I cant wait for them to be available for us to sell at the events we have coming up.

So we have a contest available too....

Wanna win some goodies? What goodies? Well how about some special snake and demon promo, a free print book, and the winners choice of a hat or a tshirt? Yeah I thought you would like it.

Ok so heres the deal. To win, its very simple. buy the book, read the book, review the book. I will have this open till August 30th and will choose a winner on Sept. 1st.

Good Luck!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Andy is LIVE


Thrust into what could be a very illicit situation, could a man not looking for love find it where he least expects it?

When Andy Derrell went to Las Vegas to enjoy a wedding he never thought he would be propositioned by one of the most notorious nests in the country to audition its female members for a possible mate. But there he was, with six females to choose from, females that were coveted by their own territory's men.

Fajer Copeland, the only non-venomous snake of the southwestern nest, and their most sought after beauty is not looking for a mate, and is fine with being alone. Until the night Andy shows up in her bedroom doorway. Can she fall for the man that entices both her body and her mind and look forward to a life she always dreamed of?

Its a bit more demure compared to the first books in the series, Andy and Fajer are very different then the rowdy cousins and their wild mates. I hope you you will like them, Andy really is a one of a kind guy.

Wanna win some goodies? Well here's how. Buy the book, and read it, and leave a review at Total E Bound. I'll pick a winner August 28th 2009. What do you win? Some signed goodies and either a hat or t shirt, winners choice. Good luck and we hope you'll like it.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Masquerade is coming!

Hey all!

The 15th brings the 4th installment of our Eververse series to the reading public and we cant wait! Oscar and Uriel are a very special pair of demons, and we know you are going to enjoy this book!

And to celebrate this release, Audra and I are holding a contest for a signed copy of Sugar and Sin and Silk and Steel, the first two books in the series, as well as a signed poster of Masquerade and tshirt!

How to win? Simple! there is two ways to win! One, join our newsletter: starting August 15th.
Two: leave a conscious review for the book at ARe before September 25th. Thats a ranking AND review, or at Amazon. Simple!

We will pick a winner on our blog on September 30th!

Good luck! So enjoy the excerpt below and fall in love with Oscar... we did.


Oscar looked out over the ice plains and smiled at the glittering mass that loomed before him. The triple moons of the Afterverse hung low in the air, the sky was a definite purple. Oscar, schooled in the knowledge of omens of his people took this as a good sign. So, things are going to return to normal eh? Balance again in the royal house? It’s about fucking time. He moved away from the window and grabbed a cloak and made his way down to the throne room, to see what perversity the bastard prince was up to. As a loyal friend of the true prince and a general of the realm, he felt it his duty to keep tabs on what Gabbe was doing to the kingdom at large. And now, it looks like I must be ever more watchful, becauseJustify Full the times they are changing back to as they should be.
The hallways were quiet on his way to the throne room, not a single soul floated through. Nor any Conglacio, either of his acquaintance or not was seen. He reached the throne room to find a most peculiar sight. Milo, head of the third house was standing in the center, a beautiful girl at his side. At his entrance the girl turned and looked at him and he stopped cold. She’s Conglacio? Where the hell has she been hiding? I had thought I knew all the ladies of the realm. He bowed at her and smiled, then moved over to where Gabbe was standing. He bowed to Milo, and saluted.
“Milo, it has been a very long time. Who is this fetching creature standing beside you?”
Before Milo could answer Gabbe turned to him, all steely and cold. “This is Uriel. She’s Milo’s daughter. I have asked to take her to the ball at the Cento court, and was waiting on Milo’s answer.”
Oscar smiled and gave Milo a guarded warning look. He assessed the girl beside him, who was no more than Drake's age. If she was in that age group, why don’t I know her, and do the princes know such a perfect specimen of Conglacio beauty is around? He smiled at Gabbe. “Wonderful. I don’t think you will be able to make that ball prince, remember, you were off to the Celo Court to see Kayla?” Oscar made it a point to mention the princess that Gabbe was courting in front of Uriel and Milo so that Milo would get the hint to keep the girl away from the bastard prince. She was too beautiful to be wasted on such a whelp as he.
Milo understood and smiled. “Well highness, it seems that we are at an impasse. No doubt the princess will be sorely put out to not accompany her suitor to the ball but I will have to decline your request. However, as Uriel has her heart set on it, I shall have to squire her myself.”
Oscar stood at attention and smiled. “Milo, I would be honored to squire Uriel around the ball, as I am not attached to anyone, nor have I been since Daphne. It would be my unbridled pleasure.”
“Very well Oscar, you may take Uriel, as you’re a Demon of your word, and I can trust you with the one thing in the verse precious to me. We shall see you at moonrise tomorrow.” With that he left with the shy and stunning creature and Gabbe was seething like a spoiled child that did not get his way. Score one for the first house! Gabbe can’t have them all and Uriel is much too good for him. And yet she reminds me of someone, I can’t place whom.
“What’s wrong with you Gabbe? If Kayla finds out, your claim on both courts is over. Trust me highness, this way you can have your cake and eat it too.”
The bastard prince’s anger turned to confusion. “How do you figure Oscar? You’re taking the girl I wanted to take.”
“Pardon highness, but you’re not too bright are you? If you take Kayla and I take Uriel, you will have your chance to woo both women.” Right and if I let you near Uriel it will be a very hot day on the ice plains. He saw Gabbe realize what that meant and the bastard prince smiled.
“Excellent plan Oscar. It seems you’re always looking out for me.”
Oscar bowed as Gabbe left the throne room. Right, the only thing I’m looking out for is how best to kill you when the time is right. You don’t deserve the throne, and I'd love to do the princes the service of ridding you of your life.


Uriel stood in the throne room and couldn't help feeling as if she was a horse being bartered over. The now crown prince had recently taken an interest in her and had kindly invited her to the ball at the Cento court. Uriel, although she had heard many things about the court, had never visited it herself. She had thanked the prince for such a kind offer and had accepted; as anyone in her position would have done which is what had caused her to be standing in the throne room so late at night.
Her father had been enraged when she'd told him. Cursing and swearing, which was something she’d only ever seen him do once before. He was never like that around her, and for him to be like that to her she knew that she had somehow messed up. She still couldn't really understand it. Gabbe had always been more than nice to her, but her father strongly disagreed with even the thought and she loved her father dearly.
So, now she was standing in the throne room as her father politely tried to turn down the prince’s offer. They had been here for over an hour and Gabbe showed no sign of giving up his claim. She looked around the great room in awe, it was very pretty. Movement from the side door caught her eye and she turned just in time to see a man walk into the room. He was about her height, a little taller, and had the most amazing eyes she had ever seen, the most intense shade of blue. He bowed at her and smiled, then moved over to where Gabbe was standing. He bowed to her father and saluted. She watched the man curiously as he seemed to know her father.
The exchange had been brief and Gabbe had been waylaid, which looked to be much to her father’s delight, and she was going to be squired by the newcomer, Oscar. Her father ushered her out the door before Gabbe could say another word. He almost had them both out of the palace before she spoke up. She stopped and took her arm away from him and turned to face him.
"Father what is going on? Who was he? And why is he now taking me to the ball that you've been cursing about all evening?" She asked him, feeling slightly scared at the thought of spending the evening with the strange man.
"Uriel, that is Oscar. He’s the head of the first house of the Conglacio and he’s a much better match. I trust you, and your virtue, to him."
She raised an eyebrow, "And not the prince?"
Milo sighed. "Not a prince that's courting both you and a Princess. I would hate to have your heart broken because of the," he choked on his words "prince."
She nodded and smiled. "I know father, I trust you to know what's best. If it makes any difference I didn't really want to go with Gabbe. Thank you for having my best interests at heart, many wouldn't. I'm glad you see me as a daughter and not just a tool to barter off for the highest support.”
"Uriel, love, I will always have your best interest at heart. You’re my daughter. If the prince was worth it he'd be yours, you’re stunning."
"Thanks dad. We better get home since it’s an early start in the morning."
"Lord Milo?" She heard Oscar’s voice shout.
Oscar followed them down the reception hallway and caught up, smiling. "I was wondering if I might be able to escort Uriel home? I'm sure you’re busy, and she is your daughter, but..." He let his voice trail off and Milo nodded.
"Excellent idea Oscar. I do have a few things to attend to, so daughter? Would you mind terribly if Oscar here walked you home?"
She swallowed a few times then nodded, stunned. "Sure, well I… I, would be honored." Smooth Uriel, smooth. She ducked down and cursed her conversational skills.
"Uriel, believe me, the honor is all mine." He smiled and gazed into her eyes with his blue green ones.