Monday, December 05, 2011

Breaking Silence: Help! Seriously, HELP!

So yesterday, I lost my engagement ring at the palisades mall. And of course, whoever found it didn't event bother to bring it to the management,or the security office. I normally think horrible things about people in general because everyone is usually out for themselves, and it looks like I was right. Whoever it was that took my ring, I hope they die a painful, scabies filled death as their fucking fingers and toes fall off.

I'm a good person. Had I found a ring I would have turned it in, mean its a sapphire engagement ring, its not gold, or diamonds, someone specific obviously loved it... right? Well apparently the person that took it is a total asshat and they need to be run over by a fucking train or something else of that sort.

So anyway, this is where you come in. I need to buy myself another engagement ring, and as much as it sucks to do that, at least I know I wasn't doing it originally. So in order to do that, we need book sales. I don't care if you buy a print book and burn it or use it to wipe your ass. I don't care if you buy an e copy and never read it, just please help me out with this...

Almost all our books are available at Amazon, Kindle(except the dragons) and ARe (both Stella and Audra Price books and Dagmar Avery Books) My hope is to be able to repurchase my engagement ring in March when I get my next bout of royalties, which, sadly would have went to other wedding things like jewelry for the wedding party, and securing the DJ... but sacrifices will be made, because that ring really was the ring of my dreams and it just doesn't seem right to get married in October without it.

So please, pick up some of our books, help a girl out will ya?

Thank you, so much!