Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still shopping and its... theraputic. Jacket I adore.

I love this jacket. I am trying to design a costume around this jacket. I have the corset, and I'm doing a cool skirt, or rather Im having a skirt made for me by a seamstress friend that matches, But I really love the way this jacket looks. I love the buttons, and I love the fact that its cotton, which is a huge plus because you know its going to breathe. I had been apprehensive about this one because of the ruffle, but i have come to enjoy the visual aesthetic. See I LOVE jackets, I love wearing them and I have quite a collection. So this will not only work awesome for some costumes for my steam punk collection, but it will be wearable on normal times too. You can buy this jacket HERE.

So why all the clothing posts? Because I always have to talk about clothes Im going to buy offline before I do it. It helps me to decided if I really want it, If I can see myself in it. I think I need more Jackets, Especially with all the events and conventions I am doing this year.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Matthew update

Audra sent more piccy of his royal cuteness! thought I would share!
He is now 12 lbs, 9.5 oz! Aren't the Dino socks the best?

Monday, March 29, 2010

New print cover!

We have found out our short stories and novella's that are free and 99 cents will be in a print anthology for AAD this year! I had hoped that we would have Drake available, but it might be a bit far fetched. So whats going to be in this Anthology?

You Burn Me
Bargain by Starlight
Valentines Whispers
Incubus Lucky
The Sleeping
In Marrakesh
Proper in the Parlor
End of an Era in a smoky bar
Meeting the Man in Question
The Beach
The Dinner Date
New Years Resolutions

So what do you think of the cover? The name was an agony to come up with but seeing as the main short (You Burn Me) happens in Shadow Heights... We figured it was good. I cant wait to have this one out so those who don't read e books will have something new to read. LOL.
Ooh and our three new shorts this is the release schedule:
April 15th: Incubus Lucky

May 15:You Burn Me

June 15: Astoroth: Her Last Sin

Cool right? So get ready... Lots of good stuff coming!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winners, different directions and a hell of a lot of winners!

Well this has been a strange contest for us, and one that we will be doing again. There were SO many good ideas sent to us, but ultimately, Audra choose the name from something SHE had been toying with... Which I have to admit fits the whole scope of the story. But never fear, someone did win, just not in the way we thought they would.

So the winning name is You Burn Me. When you read the book you will notice it IS a double edged sword kinda name, because it works for both sides of the relationship. With that in mind, Cover has also been finished. What do you guys think?

So as for winners... there were 6 names we liked best for this book, that could have made it. So those 6 people will be getting a prize pack from us, with goodies galore it in. Here's the list:

Carolan Ivy: Pure Burn
Star Shadow: Demon Ignited
Robin K: Lick of Flame
Minx: Eternal Flame
Mindy: The Trouble with Demons
Lori: Virgin Fire

Congrats to all winners! they will be getting not only a prize pack in the mail, but a copy of one of our books (their choice, restrictions apply) in e book. Email me at and send me your address so I can get these packs in the mail this weekend!

Ooh and we have another pretty cover to show you! our short story for the Keepers of Twilight (fallen angels series) will be out in June, and you get a sneaky peek of Astoroth's hotness. Its a short dirty little story, about how Astor acquires his lover Sarah and why she agrees to be with a fallen (aside from the fact that hes a fantastic lover, LOL). You will see more of Sarah and Astor in the second book in that series, the forthcoming Bitter Kiss of Chaos. Isn't he sexy?

Ok well that's all for now... back to art and writing a little today...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I found my steampunk skirt... finally!

Yes I found THE Skirt for my "ladies" costume for the Steam punk Worlds Fair this may! I already have my airship engineer's costume done, but I was searching for the most perfect skirt for the other costume, and I found it and its SUPER affordable.

Its black and white stripped with a flattering fish tail that pulls tight at the knees and then flairs to the bottom. its just steam punk enough and will look amazing with my new black satin corset and white ruffled shirt. I think the stripes will even slim my hips just enough as well. I can’t wait to try this one on.

So the costume? The skirt, the corset, my cute creme ruffled shirt, a jaunty mini top hat that's striped like the skirt, and my awesome granny boots. I can’t wait to take a picture of me in this one. I think I need a parasol, though I do have the cute netted gloves already and the awesome stockings.

You can buy the skirt HERE and you can get TONS of cute stuff at this site and its SO affordable!

Best part about this skirt? its COTTON and I LOVE that its high-waisted, so its going to hold in the little bit of belly i have these days LOL. I really look forward to having this in my possession.

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Pants!

OK so I got my super cute new pants from chicstar this weekend and wore them at LunaCon on Sunday. LOVE the pants, comfy, they breathe really well and the corset bottoms are SO cute. I paired the pants with a cute off the shoulder olive green shirt and my cute blow fish mottled green and black flats.

The pants are SO unbelieveably comfortable, and the satin piping that makes the sweeping design on the side is the perfect contrast to the flat black of the cotton. For RT I'll probably wear these with my cute black ruffled shirt, my black and silver corset and my cute bat heel shoes. I should be adorable.

Ooh and you can purchase these pants HERE.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Help us name our new Story!

So Audra and I have been working on a novella for about 4 years and I finally finished it. Why so long? Well there are lots of reasons but the most prominent is that Audra wasn't writing one of the Main characters. A friend of ours, Nadia had developed the character at first and then things got in the way. So, When we used him as a cameo in Sugar and Sin, we started getting emails about him, asking about his story, and what the whole deal was with the girl dumping her coffee on him was about.

So we used what we had, of the character, and changed a bunch of it, adding to his personality and subtracting some as well. What we came up with is whats in this new story. And guess what? This story, when available is going to cost only 99 cents! that's right, a full Novella, at 99 cents from All Romance E books!

So that being said, here's the deal. We don't have a name for this book. I have been trying to figure one out for the past 4 years, and I got nothing. That's where you come in. So heres the deal. Im going to give you guys the blurb, and we need you to help us come up with a name for this.

Winner will get not only a mention in the acknowledgments, but also a print copy of Sugar and Sin signed by both of us, and some awesome goodies, maybe even an "I DO IT DEMONSTYLE" shirt. So ready? Ok thought so. Here's the blurb:

A priestess of The Morrigan, Xxieda Rolla is a woman who has known success in her business, fulfillment in her family life and is only missing one thing: the love of the man that would have her for always. Sent to Shadow Heights New York by her goddess to find him, she meets the ever tasty, ever surly Dante Barratt. Sparks fly, and so does Amaretto Latte.

Dante, a dealer of rare and illegal commodities, and a very tempestuous fire demon might want the woman who's brown eyes haunt him, but knows better then to get involved with someone who just screams purity. Shes hot, and successful in ways he never could be, IE: in a legal fashion. Women like that were far too god for the likes of him.

After a chance encounter on a dark street corner, and an earth shattering kiss, Both are powerless to deny the chemistry between them... until Xxieda tells him her secret: shes a virgin.

Ok so that's the blurby... What do you think? ooh and for those who wanna know, this is Dante:
Yummy right? James Purefoy is by far the epitome of surly hotness, and he worked so well when writing this story, I had to show you guys LOL.

Another thing: this story is rated R, and probably is a 3 flame rating at ARe, There is only 2 sex scenes in this one... and trust me, it works.

So? get your titles in! This contest ends on March 23rd so get them in now!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Its tuesday and im already exhausted.

This normally doesn't happen, I'm usually running pretty much full steam ahead until Saturday, when I start to slow down, unless its a signing week, then I take it easy with prepping and planning and then let my energy seep during the event.

That was the plan for this week, but its not to be. I'm already tired and knackered. Yesterday morning I had a dream about a guy I knew, and hadn't spoken to in over 10 years. I hadnt even thought about him for a long while, but we were friends in HS, and I used to have a severe crush on him.

So when I got up yesterday I realized that it was the 15th and it was his birthday, which was a nice little coincidence for me. So taking it as a reason to contact him, I went looking for him on Facebook because lets face it, everyone is on facebook. What I found shocked me. My friend passed away in Feb. Needless to say I was a bit disturbed, freaked out even, and I let myself have a good cry. He was a brilliant musician and apparently brilliant in general. Ill miss him. When we were close he always made me laugh.

My dream, or what I remember of it, was nice, and there was a hug involved between us. I like to think it was a good thing. And wherever he is, I hope hes a peace.

So because of this yesterday was a bit of a stretch for me to function. And because of THAT I'm exhausted and my week hasn't even begun. I have LunaCon starting on Friday, Kay Jamison is driving up to visit for the weekend on Thursday, and I have 12 panels this weekend. Normally I'm vivacious and excited about events, but I think I'm going to be more subdued this time and I hope that doesn't ruin my experience. I'm hoping this is a fun con, and I'm already packed for all my promo and books. Now to figure out clothing for three days. I'm not even remotely ready for this one... Normally I'm raring to go already.

Seeing Kay is going to rock, and we both need some human interaction. Its been far too long since I have hung out with the girls. Its why I'm looking forward to RT in April.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ideas for RT clothing: Cute Corset shirt.

And I SO love this! Normally I’m very strange about corset tops, but this is so freaking cool, I’m really leaning towards buying this. I mean the back is FANTASTIC and would look so cute with a little black skirt or with my burlesque outfit to mix it up a bit.

The ruffle is Uber cute, and I like how its got buttons on the front and the corset style on the back. The tails are out of control though, and make the piece. I love clothes like this, because its one of those fantastic pieces that can go with jeans or a skirt, or even shorts and boots for a costume.

So Im thinking of buying this for the Romantic Times convention this April in Ohio to go with one of my daywear costumes, maybe with my black skirt, or my cute new Vigoss jeans.
What do you guys think? Would you wear it?

You can buy the piece HERE

Now... This Jacket is calling my name as well. Isnt it cute? total steampunk and would look SO cute with my new engineer costume (all I would need is new goggles!) That I seriously and considering it. What do you think? I love this jacket, and its one of the cutest I have seen in a damn long time. Personally I would have done the tan with tan or antiqued or leather laces, but i think its super cute either way.

You can buy this piece HERE

So what do you think? Should I? Heres Hoping i get the $ to do so soon. LOL.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Fun stuff this week! Read and E book Week!

Hey all! So this is 'Read and E Book Week' and we are participating in a couple of REALLY cool promotions this week!

First, This week at All Romance E Books, Tease Publishing is doing a full week of free books! Thats right, the publisher is setting up 2 titles a day for readers to down load for free (thats 2 different ones per day, and they are available for 24 hours) And yes, we have a book in the mix! On march 10th you will be able to get a free copy of Sugar and Sin, the first in our Eververse Demon series, that has been getting amazing acclaim from both readers and reviewers alike! This is the starting point of all out books, so get it for free and fall in love with all our characters!

The Tease free books this week are as schedules:
March 8th:
Selena Illyria's Runaway (IR/Scifi)
Diana Castilleja's Trusting Delilah (Paranormal/werewolf)

March 9th:
Tilly Greene's Hephaestus Lays Down the Law (ancient gods, paranormal, erotic)
Karen Michelle Nutt's Destiny's Prerogative (paranormal, shapeshifter)

March 10th:
Kayleigh Jamison's Svetkavista (Historical other/multiple partner/glbt)
Stella and Audra Price's Sugar and Sin (Paranormal, multiple partner)

March 11th:
Cat Johnson's Erato (Ancient gods, erotica)
Diane Merlin's Mercenary Heart (Scifi, erotic romance)

March 12th:
Desiree Lee's Scorpio Risen (Paranormal/vampires/werewolves)
Dagmar Avery's Becoming Persephone (Ancient gods, erotica)

March 13th:
Dorlana Vann's Death: Jaclyn's Ghost and Passage to Messentia (paranormal/ thriller)
Cara North's Curse of the Blue Stone (erotica, pirate)

Remember guys, these books are available for their day ONLY for free, make sure you pop by and get them! Find some new authors to fall in love with!

Second, Phaze books, the publisher that has our Duvall Inc. series (that's Djinn and assassins people!) Is doing a 25% off coupon on their site starting Monday! So stop by the SITE and have at it. If you havent read the Duvall Inc. Series yet, nows the time to get it!

And dont forget, we have TONS of books I know a lot of you haven't tried out yet! I recommend
our snake shifter book, Entwined by Fate, if your going to try something of ours this week, because its sexy, wild and embodies our new career tagline: Risk-taking Romance! See how non creepy snakes can be, and fall in love with some extremely unique characters!

And dont forget the three sexy snake novella's we have with Total E bound! If you havent read our trio of cousins that find love in unlikely places, now is the time! Pop by our series page and check it all out!

Ok thats it for today, I'll be posting again on the 10th to remind you all that Sugar and Sin is free for the day!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Another picture

My little froggy Nephew! isnt he adorable! Guys I dont normally like babies, but little matthew is adorable in the jammies.

I'm in total love with him. Look at that little puggy nose! OOh!