Friday, November 09, 2012

Checking in... New book on the horizon!

Hello all!

Lots of time has flown by since the last post here hasnt it? Lets see...

AAD happened in NOLA, which was awesome, I got married in NY which was even more awesome, Resplendence Publishing picked up our Djinn series (previously published) and gave it swank new editing and swank new covers, and Audra and I have decided to put a book out self published this December... which is why I'm resurrecting this bloggy a bit... to keep people in the know.

So... If you would like to hear about all the awesome this book will be... and I KNOW that that you do... head over to our FaceBook page where Im going to be posting most of the info and the contests!

The book will be out December 18th exclusively on Amazon in both e book and print so we are really excited about this release... its a book we have been sitting on for over 2 years... so, its about time the world sees it!