Monday, March 30, 2009


RT is just around the corner. So is our signing at Unique Books in Bayonne. And the concert I'm going to as well. so much to do. and OMG I have to send SO MUCH PROMO in the mail. This isn't going to end well.

So this is our last week to finish this book and get it to our amazing editor. Its almost done, and I'm hopeful it will be finished by Friday and I wont be stressing about it anymore. So I'm committed to getting at least 2k finished myself today. I can only hope Audra will get her ass online and write. But she knows we are on deadline so...

Ooh and in 2 weeks BEYOND THE VISION OF DREAMS finally comes back out! SO excited. I got our author copies today. Needless to say we are really excited, and I cant wait to see what readers say about the book. ooh and Im going to run a contest too starting on the 13th so be on the look out!

Ok its back to writing, I have a bunch to do today, and lunch is calling my name. See you guys later!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

NECRWA: Recap on weekend

First, lovely time. Met some awesome ladies (Corrina and Teresa, LOVE YOU!) and saw some of my buddies from signings, and got to catch up with people. The workshop went well, and the others i went to, I learned a lot. So it was a good time. Ooh and the bar had Blue Moon, so that was a plus.

The book signing, I got to sit next to some lovely ladies, and it was fun (Leprecock chocolate anyone?) and the girls from the Black Cats Book club came to see me, I love them. I don't however, love Carla. She needs to quit being a snot. *smile*

And now I have thrown down the gauntlet with Ms. Andersen. She had the most FABOO blue velvet jacket on Saturday, and I was JEALOUS! so now I have to get something that's going to trump that beauty. I talk a big game, but the truth is that jacket was amazing.

The big goodie of the weekend was i did my first actual pitch, and didnt botch it too much. the editor asked for a partial, and Im taking it as a major win, even if she doesnt take it, atleast i faced the fear to do it up. so im proud of me.

So now its getting the submission ready, and pairing down the synopsis. then i have to write.
Oh on the good side, aud and i have about 18k on the book we have on deadline. we are doing anther 12 this week. we have a deadline, and i think we are going to make it. for once.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Signing tomorrow!

Tomorrow Ill be with several other authors: Jackie Kessler, Toni Andrews, K.A.Mitchell, Ciar Cullen, Cat Johnson, Allie Boniface, Leigh Ellwood, Tilly Greene and Selena Illyria for a stunning and fantastic signing at the Princeton location of Chicklet Books! We will be doing a signing, reading and Q and A panel, as well as plying you with food and wine. Yep, its our first wine and sign signing and I cant wait. The signing is from 5-9 and we are going to be WILD!

So we will have i think three gift baskets, lots of snacks and wine and drinks. It should be a lot of fun I think. So if your close enough, come and hangout with us, and learn about some fun books and get to know some awesome authors.

I have been neglecting blogging this week because I'm on my last legs of promotional detail. Next weekend I have a workshop at NECRWA and The Spotty Dog) So its a busy weekend. The good news is that i have all my promo done for TEB and for PHAZE. Two less things to do.

Audra found her way back online, and we banged out 3k last night between talking about another book. It was a good thing, and we got some ideas for the third Satyr story, but the second is only partially written so that will have to wait. we do love getting ahead of the game.

So im back to writing. I need to hit another 2k today on my own for one of the other books we have in the works. Wish me luck, and dont forget to come tomorrow!

Friday, March 13, 2009

What e books mean to audra and I

Since its E book week, and we are part of the Go Green Read E ambassadors this year, I figured my inaugural post about e books would be about what they mean to us. So onward.

E books meant opportunity for us. Opportunity for our writing, and to reach a world wide audience. With e books we were able to break into writing, able to get our work out there, however rocky the road actually was.

When we started, E book was really the only avenue available to us, and trust me, unlike most, it was the worst beginnings. we made a lot of mistakes, signed with some of the wrong companies, but on the whole, E books are what got us our first real fans. And it wasn't till after we got the first books in print that we met them in person, but needless to say we were always grateful.

E books allow for readers to get a taste of work that NY isnt up to publishing yet, and I have realized that without e book we would all be stuck with the same five authors in the romance genre, because its too hard to take a chance on something new when your doing print runs. Also, with the e books, its instant. People talk to you in a chat they wanna read you, they do in minutes. So much easier.

Stella Price is a romance author and avid eBook reader, blogging this month for All Romance eBooks' Go Green/Read e Campaign. Find out more about the Go Green/Read e Campaign at To learn more about Stella Price visit her website at You can find Stella and Audra's ebooks and thousands of other eBooks on-line at

Monday, March 09, 2009

AAd is now up and ready to rock!

the Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend event is up and ready to rock! We just put the website up today, and the registration and the pay pal option as well. I cant wait for October now, Audra and I are going to both be there, and you, the reader, should come as well. its CHEAP, a fraction of what you pay for RT and it will have some of your favorite authors attending. this is an event that's intimate, and sure to become a convention staple in the next few years.

We have some fantastic goodies, events and classes for everyone and guess what? we feed you! that's right, 4 full meals and a cocktail hour and ice cream sundae party. Both the ice cream party and the masque we are having on saturday night will be flanked by a DJ, and lots of good food.

So go check out the website, and get your registration in, cuz this is limited to 200 attendees, including authors!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

getting ready for RT and the other events ...

My relaxing March is pretty much over before it began. This month I have three events, four actually, and I need to get ready for them all, not to mention April, and then in May more signings. So. Im doing what any smart author does: Thinking about promo.

See, With NECRWA coming up, I need to bring to stuff for my workshop, which consists of props, cd's of templates, worksheets and lists of websites. That's not too bad. But I have to get it together. But what do I bring this time for my promo for our books? I know business cards, I dont leave home without them in my business card case (Which is uber steampunk) and my I DO IT DEMONSTYLE stickers (Which I have to order more of today). But Should I bring the Book cards for GIFTS? and bookmarks for London For the Holidays? I think thats a safe bet. Maybe some Eververse postcards too. We will see. Normally I would bring a lot but with RT on the horizon, I gotta conserve.

RT will have I Do It Demonstyle pins and stickers, as well as some flyers, bookmarks, brochures and other special stuff like metal hook bookmarks, snowflake earrings, bath salts, and snowflake medallions. What else should I do? Anyone? Anyone going to RT that wants something special from the books we write?

May is the CT Fiction Fest, and Ill be running my workshop there as well, just a little modified. So the usual comes there, and probably whatever promo I have left over from RT will as well, and I think Im going to do bath salts again for this event, because lets face it, everyone loves to relax.

So what, as readers, do you like getting from authors? What are you tired of getting from authors? Please comment. One winner will get a Eververse promo prize packet!

Monday, March 02, 2009

The world went white. AGAIN

So here in upstate NY we have about 5 inches, and its still falling. So LAME. Im over the snow now, and SO want spring to come. This is getting ridiculous. Still, I plan on spending the day writing and watching some old and fun musicals. Which ones?

Grease 2, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bye Bye Birdie... it should be an interesting day. Im hoping to get about 5k written on a Dagmar Avery story, and maybe another 2k on the snake book Audra and I are on deadline for. Lets hope we get it going right. I at least have an outline.

And ooh Im so excited because WATCHMEN comes out this weekend. I hear there's a lot of full frontal male nudity... so I cant wait. How do I know, Cara North, the bitch, saw it as a sneak preview this past weekend with her hunny on the Base. Yes. SO JEALOUS. But Im looking forward to seeing it friday.

Ooh and Joe got me Tix to see THE FAINT in april. So anyone going to our signing in Bayonne on April 11th, Ill be running into the city after to Webster Hall to see The Faint and get my dance on. SO excited!

Ooh and youll notice to your left that we put up a poll. Yep. we wanna know who your favorite characters are, so that we can decide on what the new shorts will be for this coming year... If you wanna read about them, we wanna write about them. So get your votes in ASAP!

Ok I'm getting my ass back to writing. Hypnos is a harsh taskmaster.


Sunday, March 01, 2009


I don't know how many of you guys know, but we have a cool little newsletter group. If your interested in our work, you might wanna join up. Normal newsletter stuff, one or two emails a month. If your interested, Join up HERE.

Also, I'm starting up our snail mailing list again! Those who sign up for this can expect signed book flats, postcards, CD's of free books, and other cool stuff as I get it, as well as appearances lists and all. I had done this up a while ago, and there was a nice set of people that wanted stuff, but they didn't enter our contests involving our work on the whole. So I'm going to start the mailings up again, starting in May, so get your name in and everything! You can check it all out on THIS PAGE.

Moo had a complication with his head (as some of you know,) and its back to healing nicely, which is awesome for him and me. Im hoping to get back to normal for all the stuff i need to get going, and hopefully work will get back to normal. I have stuff piling up.

Ooh and Audra has started a new business venture. She is going to be breeding morphs, and by that I mean snakes. I'm excited for her, It is something shes always wanted to do so it should be good for her. And hopefully getting us to be writing more.

So I'm off to write a bit. Hope everyone had a good weekend!