Monday, April 28, 2008

New cover!

Aud and I got the email that GIFTS is going print June 16th. I'm SO excited. So excited that I redid the cover for the print book. Why? Because I thought we needed a more shelf friendly cover. Small press is a bitch and a half to have your work shelved, and Phaze is no exception. So Im trying to combat that so we get a fair shake on being available. So you wanna see?

Like it? I do. I'm very happy with it. I cant wait to hold it in my hands LOL. So here's hoping it interests sellers enough to buy it for the shelves. Ooh and you wanna see the cover wrap?

Yes Im very excited. Now we have to wait for it... but still It should be worth the wait. I believbe its going to be 280 pages, which rocks cuz its much bigger then Wishbound and people will be able to actually READ it. WOO HOO. So I will have it for the July signings.

And two weeks till the Spotty Dog event. So looking forward to this month of signings! I get to hangout with Tilly, and Cat and Bianca... its a good time when Im with those ladies!

Anywho, Im back to writing. Audra and I have to finish London for the Holidays!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Winners, Insights and Plans...

So the winner of my shag list post is :Candice: So please email me at and send me your addy. Thanks for playing everyone, it was a total blast.

Now, thankfully, RT is over and everyone can get back to normal. Which is good. I mean I wasn't there this year, but I gotta say, from all the stuff I have heard, from the EC stuff to RT allegedly feeding conventioners leftovers at the Awards banquet from the Fairy Ball to the hotel being closer to condemned then to renovated I think RT fucked the cat with this one. I haven't heard one favorable report this year and that scares me. Greatly. I hope our promo went over well.

On an up note, I got my ticket for my flight to Scotland. So in June I'll be adding pictures, and hopefully video to this blog as I get it while I'm there. We are going to be doing a LOT of sight seeing, mostly for research for the books though so it should be a lot of fun... I'm happy that Ill be spending 21 days with my sister.. damn fun abound. Though I'm a bit apprehensive, that old Twilight Zone with Shatner keeps coming to mind... THERES SOMETHING ON THE WING! Nightflights across the pond... I think I'm going to sleep through it.

Ooh and did anyone see AVPR? damn... I sat here watching that movie purely mystified. Bizzare. I wouldn't wanna meet up with that Pred-Alien... *shudder*

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Celebrity Shag List

So someone asked me who my celebrity Shag list was, and I figured I would post it, then tag some friends to do the same.... So lets see...

1. Colin Farrell: No explanation need

2. James Purefoy: Good Gravy, that accent!

3. Johnny Depp: Again, no explanation needed.

4. Christian Bale: My American Psycho fantasy

5. Jamie Davis: Just scrumptious

6. Clive Owen: that dirty kinda fantasy...

7. Ryan Reynolds: My Canadian obsession

8. Chris Evans : LOOK at that stomach!

9. David Wenham: My Aussie Fantasy

10. Sean Patrick Flannery: My "your my favorite supporting character in a stargate SG1 episode" fantasy

OK so thats my top 10 celebrity shag list! I could go on about what I would do with them, but there's no need to get graphic is there? LOL. So lets see... Im going to tag 5 of my girlfriends...

Kayleigh Jamison
Eliza Gayle
Jacquelyn Frank
Adra Steia
Cat Johnson

Monday, April 14, 2008

New Contract!

Audra and I haven't been around much in the last two months, due to the wedding, writing and tons of promotions for the print books. We do have good news though. We have signed a contract for our book, A Bitter Kiss of Chaos, with Noble Romance Publishing! And we are doubly excited because we sold on a partial! Needless to say it was a big decision to accept the contract, but we did because we felt Noble Romance Publishing has their act together. They have a monumental marketing plan, a 5 year business plan and the promise of print on the horizon. They have thus far been rather selective on their acceptances, and we are just so tickled to now count them among our publishers!

So today Ill be updating the website and myspace, and putting the word out on our groups and such. we are bot just SO excited!