Monday, January 29, 2007

and i shall rule the world with a Gwin by my side...

apparently someone too me seriously with my Bribery post, yep you know who you are... lol, and here he sits, next to my lap top in all his octopus glory. hes been feeding me ideas of world domination, and been telling me how best to keep my treasure hoard safe... If i had a treasure hoard... though hes resigned himself to finding some for me....

so i dont have to do it myself. heh.

We finished our Phaze Fantasies submission and sent it to Phaze this morning. We are pretty pleased with it and its one less thing on our plate to do. I'm hoping this week to get another off to the pubby as well. i love when we are prolific... It always feels good to get back to work and get stuff done.

back to work.. the gwin has some great ideas about ruling the world...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Reviews.. and why i love them.

See, i'm the kinda person that doesn't have issues with reviewers. Reviews are opinions made by people, and good or bad, they are going to make you learn from your craft. Personally, i don't mind bad reviews(and we have gotten them) but i love god ones.

And i LOVE seeing that Sugar and Sin is getting such great reviews. And the reason why i love it is because we had sent it to so many publishers that told us numerous things (the worst being that the characters were uninteresting, unoriginal and the story line sucked) and that they were going to pass on it. We haven't gotten under a 3 (and that was from a person that didn't understand then scope of the book really), but most of the reviews are a 4.5 and above. The book was featured in the Fictionwise newsletter and has a new merchandising plan with bath products, candles, clothing and jewelry.

The series is a major step for us, in the literary world as well as the marketing and merchandising world and i just feel like its been good for us. I mean yes, we got oodles of rejections for the series, but in the end, we got so much more. Sure its taking a LOT of self promotions on our part, but how many book series' have a candle line and a bath products line thats not NY? it makes me hopeful, that we have the drive and the appeal to get ourselves to NY some day.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The bribing shall continue!

I found YET another toy i want.... wanna see?

its a Gwin. its a penguin they decorate, and they hoard treasure.... I want one. Hell i want ALL the gwin armies! So whos ready to get free books for a gwin? BUY ME GWINS!!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Passion Personified...

Ladies... Meet Char.

Yep, this is our scrumptious Fire dragon Char, Alcyone's love and the hero from our First dragon elementals book, Fire in His Eyes. The book drops March 17th 2007... Who wants a piece of this sexy dragon?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Surrender in Moonlight is a Recommended Read!

Surrender in Moonlight lets us explore a harder edge to one of the residents of the Knossos West nest. Reece is the bad boy and likes his sex on the dirty side but doesn’t want a mate; Carmen is rouge by her choice that finds she can have freedom and still love nest life and a mate. Reece and Carmen discover together that you don’t have to be the Smith’s to have a wonderful love and fulfilling life by doing it their own way. I have to say first off that I was sucked in right from the beginning. Surrender in Moonlight is rougher in language and actions than the first story in this series but it matched the characters perfectly. I absolutely loved that Carmen and Reece surrendered to their love but did it their own way and those around them just had to deal. The scenes where Reece learns exactly the type of snake Carmen is and how they handled was an instant favorite.

Surrender in Moonlight is a must read pure and simple. The Price sister’s have developed not only a storyline surrounding a new Were species but also in that they are making their own rules. I am already waiting impatiently for the next book in this series. For me not only is this book a must read but it’s a Joyfully Recommended Read.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Glamour gets fantastic reviews!


Book 2 of the Djinn/ Duvall series

By Stella and Audra Price

Published by Phaze


Janey Duvall, newly bound consort to the Djinn Marsh, is having a
few minor problems with the delivery of a contract, namely, the
assassin is refusing to finish the job. There’s no reason why the
Mark should still be alive, not with one of her best on the job.
Knowing this is not normal behavior, she decides that going to Beijing,
the city the hit is supposed to take place, is the best course of
action. Convincing her consort however might prove to be a tad more
tedious then she first anticipated.

Marsh is intrigued by the idea, having a few of his own that
involve Janey, a corset and an auction, and agrees to go, even calling
in his marker from his most recent job of taming the fiery woman that
became his consort to help with the investigation.

After hearing of the situation from Marsh, Sean Taylor, exiled
prince and the demon solely responsible for getting the Djinn and the
assassin together, sends in Malcom Frost, his second in command, to
help or hinder the investigation, whichever is more profitable.

The Second book in the Djinn/Duvall series, Glamour uses wild
Locales and even wilder situations to get one very important thing
across… Love doesn’t always have to be sweet.


There are a lot of lewd overtones to keep the sexual tension
throughout the book.  The story is well-written and satisfactory in its
pacing.  All in all, it’s a different and interesting narrative.

4 stars,Ginny Kon,

The Price sisters once again prove that a good story does not
have to have all “good” people in them in order to be enjoyed.
Their stories give our inner badness a temporary fix so that for once
we can rejoice because the “bad” guys took no names yet kicked
serious butt! 

Recommended Read, Suzette, RoRR Reviews

Stella and Audra Price here again demonstrate their ineffable talent for twisting disparate
elements of the paranormal into all-new shapes and then creating a
fascinating new bouquet with them. If the Djinn vs. vampire vs.
assassin consort vs. Royal demon vs. suspenseful plot doesn't catch you
{as it surely will}, then the erotic romance between Djinn Marsh and
the lovely but willful assassin leader Janey, whose dying wish made her
his consort, will enflame you and keep you reading into the night.
Glamour is another top-notch entry from the prolific pens of Stella and Audra Price, which will keep any reader racing back for more.

5 lips, Frost, Two Lips Reviews

All romance E books 

Friday, January 05, 2007

No feedback makes homer something something....

I have noticed something i consider very odd. In all the books we have out we have yet to get any sort of feedback. I mean good, or bad, we havent recieved any from anyone that has read our work aside from the reviewers. Im starting to wonder if anyone actually HAS read our books. I mean we have two yahoo groups, and whilethey are quite populated, not one person talks. The sound of crickets is most defening and im starting to wonder why people join groups if they are just going to put it on no mail aand not talk at all. This is very bizzare to me. I mean i know people talk and speculate on literature, hell i do it myself. Is our work that boring that people are just writing it off? Is it that its not intresting enough that the stories we write arent worthy to ask questions of? Or am i just crazy?

I mean if people join your group, they must have read your work right? Im just baffled. Imean even if they didnt enjoy it, its worth talking about.

just Bizzare....

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New year... and soon a new compy.

Well the back light on my lappy blew. Im supposing itsmy fault for always havning it on. So we ordered mea new onw from Tiger direct. It should be here in a fewdays. Whats good anout that is that Ill be able to change the layout on this here bloggy to match the new webby. All snakes and apples and original sin.... Yeah we figured we might as well embrace our Snake-i-ness...

We have our release dates for our books this year, and that means aud and i have a shit load of work to do, im just thanking the powers that be that most of them are atleast halfway finished. Just proves we have a lot to do and less time to do it in.

We have been getting some fantastic reviews though, Surrender, Sugar and Glamour are all doing rahter well... I just hope the people that have read it enjoy it.

OOh and we have a new messageboard! and i gotta say it going to be a lot of fun once things get cracking there.

So this month its Finishing Of Crimson and Collars and Lady Luck for Phaze, as well as Edits for Fire in His Eyes.

So thats a good thing. Im looking forward to getting the Dragons out to the world, they seem to be getting pretty good responses when we do chats. Im hoping Marsh will see us with a new best seller.

Ok back to plotting and outlining for Dragons 3 and 4...