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Sex Scene Saturday: Jae and Sorcha (1st look!)

When A Dragon Lusts a Woman
By Dagmar Avery (Stella Price) and Charlotte Steele
Releases: SOON from Ravenous Romance
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Length: Novel:

Looking forward to the nuptials of her best friend and charge Prince Declan, Sorcha Ilisse knows what’s in store for her: Sex, sex and more sex. The ability to see some favorite lovers and indulge in the debaucheries of the event riding high on her senses, she didn’t count on the one person she didn’t want to see in attendance.
Jaerik, a green Dragon and general of the Dark fae was snubbed by Sorcha once upon a time, but years have past and he never forgot the burning obsession that was her lithe little body gracing his bed for always. She spurned him when he was a young Dragon but now a man, he’s set to prove to her that he is exactly the kinda male she needs.
As the festivities open with an annual hunt, Jae sees his window to seduce and ensnare the one woman he could see himself with for always…

WARNING: Contains scenes of M/F, F/F, F/F/M, M/F/M and several bouts of voyeurism. 

Jaerik stormed through the woods, just as the men of the royal hunt in search of their female prey, but he’d already picked his victim. She’d spurned his advances once, calling him a little boy, but there was nothing small about this Dragon now, and he wanted a bite out of Sorcha. 
Standing in the shadow of a large oak tree, he opened his mouth and took a deep breath, tasting all the aromas as they passed over his tongue. Closing his mouth, he smiled and placed his hand on the oak tree. She’d been here recently, her scent was fresh and strong and oh so turned on. Pulling down his mask, Jaerik began to run.
He pushed through the narrow path between the trees. She was close, her scent was getting stronger but she had slowed, she knew someone had found her. But she didn’t know who. He was downwind, she might have heard his approach but that was all, time for a change of tactic. Jae turned and ran in the opposite direction, looping round behind her until he could see her. She stood in the clearing peering over a bush, half bent behind it, listening and looking for something. Jaerik could imagine just flipping up her skirt and taking her then and there. Silently he entered the clearing.
A slight sound from a twig caught her attention and she spun, a wild-eyed smile on her face. "Umm... well now... not who I expected..." she said and cocked her head. "Who are you today, baby?" she asked, but knew he wasn’t going to answer.
Jae simply grinned as a cloud moved across the moon, plunging them into further darkness as he growled and began to stalk her. “Run,” he ordered.
She giggled. "You might not catch me..." she said, running off down the glen and into the forest proper.
Had he been any fae he may not have, but he was Dragon Fae, the protectors of the realm and admittedly they dealt more in espionage and legalities now, but they still were quicker and stronger than most fae. With a burst of speed, Jae ran, keeping Sorcha within his sights as she dodged round bushes and trees, all the time gaining on her. She was only two steps in front of him when Jae pounced, catching her round the waist, carefully curling his body round her as they fell to the ground before rolling and pinning her. “Should have run faster,” he growled.
"Who says I didn’t wanna be caught?" she purred and arched into him. "To the hunter goes the quarry..."
“Who says I want something so easily caught?” he said as he rolled off her and waited.
"Then you hunted the wrong woman. I have no interest in running; sweat isn’t sexy, unless it’s from screwing."
“I hunted the right woman, and anticipation is part of the game,” he stated as he sat up and withdrew a set of leather cuffs and a rope. Standing, he threw the rope over the bough above their heads. “Last chance.”
"For what? To run? Oh honey, not after you pull out party favors like that. String me up..." she grinned and undid three of the buttons in her long shift dress.
“Strip, but leave your underwear on, if you have any. I intend to cut that off of you,” he said as he tied the leather cuffs to one end of the rope.
She pouted. "No underwear to speak of, ever."
“Such a shame” he retorted. “Using my dagger to slice a garter or thong from your body would be so much fun. Sliding the blade between the fabric and your skin, perhaps nicking the skin as it caressed you. Such a shame. Now strip and come here!” he demanded.
She started and blinked, then shivered and divested herself of her dress and sauntered closer. "Ummm, now you’re talking, a little blood to liven the play..." she said as she came into grabbing distance.
Jaerik turned to watch her, she was small but perfectly formed, her curvaceous body called to his inner beast who wanted to howl into her ripe breasts while he grabbed her full hips and pounded into her. He resisted the urge to grab her. “Come here,” he said firmly. “Stand under the rope and put your arms up.”
She did as he asked, a sexy, coy smile on her face. She lifted her arms up and licked her lips.
Jae fastened the leather cuffs around her wrists and took hold of the free end of the rope where it dangled in the air, pulling on it, lifting her body so she was standing on the balls of her feet; her body strung up and stretched for him. “Comfortable?”
Her eyes twinkled. "Well if I was, this wouldn’t be as fun, would it?" she grinned.
Jae pulled the rope a little tighter, pulling her onto tiptoes as he secured the rope to the trunk of the tree. “Much better.” He trailed his finger down her arm and along her collar bone, down to her breast, where he slowly circled a nipple, watching it harden further. With his other hand, he withdrew a black silk scarf. “Mouth or eyes?” he pondered. “Eyes I think,” he said as he secured it round her head. He knew she would be able to see shadows and shapes but that was fine by him. Anticipation was part of the fun.
Sorcha giggled. "Ooh, kinky..." she said as she struggled against the bonds, making a real show of it.
Jae swatted her ass with his hand as she struggled. “You have no idea Tink,” he said as he stroked her ass and allowed his fingers to dip lower into her slit. She was dripping wet. “Open your thighs,” he said as he removed his fingers and trailed them over her body as he circled her, returning to face her. Cupping her breasts, he brushed her pebbled nipples with his thumbs. “Where to begin?”
"I would say you already have," she said as she strained toward him, her lips wet, glistening, begging."Clever fingers..." she moaned.
“Oh no,” he said, leaning forward and whispering in her ear, his hot breath caressing her neck, “this is only an appetizer.” His fingers pinched her nipples as he gently bit her earlobe. He chuckled at her moan; this was going to be interesting.
Stepping back, he looked at her suspended and naked form glinting in the moonlight, her pale flesh almost glowed. So fucking beautiful he thought as he undid the top button of his jeans, releasing the pressure against his cock, which was straining to get closer to her. He withdrew the final prop from his magic pocket. His mum was a genius—a  huge fan of the mortal show Dr. Who, she had been enchanting pockets to be larger on the inside than they were on the outside. He twirled the long black feather in his fingers and then dragged the feather down her flesh, allowing it to flutter where it caressed. Dipping it down to her cleft, he teased her as he bent his head and took a nipple into his mouth to suck on it before worrying it with his teeth.
Sorcha sucked in a breath and arched into his touch as she hissed for him. "Ummm your mouth is like fire, baby," she moaned. “Tease."
“You are, aren’t you?” he stated as he moved to her other nipple, and repeating the act, smiled around the nipple as she moaned and tried to grind against him. “Sometimes a tease needs to be taught a lesson. They need to be bent over and fucked hard, so hard that your handprints brand their skin for a while.” As he spoke he dropped the feather and thrust two large fingers in her channel, pumping them as he spoke. “Don’t you agree?” he asked as his thumb began to strum her clit.
She moaned and arched. "Yes, a spanking is most needed, I think." She sobbed and twisted in his fingers, trying to get more contact on all the places she needed.
“Perhaps one day, if you do what you are told, I will bend you over my knee, spank you and then fuck you, all the time rubbing your ripe red ass.” He withdrew his fingers and brought them up to her mouth. “Open your mouth,” he demanded as he slipped his fingers inside.
She sucked his fingers and then shivered. "I know how I taste, do you?" she said breathlessly.
“I will soon enough. Would you say you were ready for me, or do you need more of this?” he plunged his finger back into her sheath as he bit her shoulder.
She shuddered and licked her lips. "Ooh, I need that all right...clever, clever fingers..."
Jae nibbled and bit his way down her body until he knelt in front of her. Lifting one of her legs over his shoulder, he dipped his head and began to work her clit with his tongue as two of his fingers continued to fuck her, now curving and looking for that spot inside of her.
"Sweet hell, that’s good!" she moaned and shivered. "That’s one fucking amazing mouth," she arched to get more into his mouth.
Jae blew a thin stream of fire and allowed it to lick and tickle her clit as she ground herself on his fingers. He felt her tightening as he rubbed her sweet spot; she was getting close as he began to suck her clit.
"Dear... "she panted and moaned."Fuck!" she screamed and shook as her orgasm hit her, as she milked his fingers like she would his cock. Her honey ran down his hand, and she sobbed.
Jae smiled around her clit as he continued to stroke and lick her, tasting her as she flooded his face.
She panted. "So good... clever fingers... and tongue... Ummm..."
Jae brought her to the brink of another orgasm, her body was taut and quivering with pleasure when he stopped and pulled back. Standing in front of her, he unzipped his jeans and took himself in hand, pumping his shaft and giving himself some relief as he considered how to have her. “Soon I will fuck your mouth,” he promised, “but not tonight.”
"We’ve only got tonight baby," she whispered. “Isn’t that why you’re wearing that tempting mask?" she asked and twisted against the binds.
“I will fuck that mouth of yours,” he told her as he released the rope slightly so he could push her back to the truck of the tree. “I will fuck every orifice you have. I will fuck you till you scream. I will fuck you where you stand. I will fuck you until you beg for more.” With that, he lifted one of her legs and rubbed his shaft along her slit, teasing her clit. Hooking her leg in the crook of his arm, he plunged into her to the hilt.
She screamed. "Fucking hell, I’m already begging for more. So fucking thick..." she moaned and bit her bottom lip. "Perfect..."
“I don’t hear begging yet,” He said as he stilled. It almost killed him as he stood there, her tight channel clutching him, welcoming him in further, but he wanted to hear her ask.
"Please... please don’t stop...” she moaned and leaned into him. “You’re so fucking thick...”
Jae began to move again, trying not to moan as she clutched him and welcomed him inside her. Finally wrapping her other leg around his waist, he pushed her into the tree trunk, knowing she would wear the souvenir of this fucking on her back. Harder, he plowed into her, swivelling his hips and grinding against her clit as he thrust, getting faster and faster in time to her pants, he felt a tingle at the base of his spine. One day he would fuck her slowly but not today. He was close and so was she.
"So... so good... I can feel you in my throat..." she moaned and shuddered. "Sweet Christ!" she screamed as she came hard, her body wracked with the shakes.
Jae jerked and spurted inside her, coming so hard he opened his mouth and roared, his fire setting fire to the rope, burning through it until she sagged into his arms. Bending his head, he kissed her hard as he undid the cuffs, rubbing her arms as he held them above her head. Pocketing the cuffs, he pulled back. “See you tomorrow night,” he whispered in her ear before fastening his jeans and walking out of the clearing.
Sorcha panted and frowned. "What,wait..." she said and ripped off the blindfold to find herself alone, naked and shaking. A smirk touched her mouth and she licked her lips. "Oh yeah... tomorrow..." she said to the night and walked off back toward the manor.

So what do you think? Its a new book, and super filthy... Jae is not a dragon to be deterred! One commenter will win some Darkling court goodies in the mail!

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