Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Final Halloween Hottie: James Purefoy

DUH! Anyone who knows me knows I have an unholy obsession with anything this man does. Ooey gooey yummy this man is, and hes in the first of my favorite Horror properties eva: RESIDENT EVIL!

Dont know who he was in that? He was Spence, the hottie bad guy that was shagging Mila. Yes... I live for any of those scenes, lol.

But wait, theres more! His Royal Hotness has also been Solomon Kane and that suits me just fine! Sadly we cant SEE the movie yet in the states, something I thing is a great injustice. So drool ladies, because Im going to. All day.

OOh and Yes, James is the muse for Dante, our Surly sexy fire demon that has all those issues with Xxieda, the feisty witch from NYC. Haven't read their story yet? well... its Called, YOU BURN ME and One lucky commenter will get the print copy in the not available yet Forever Shadow NEXT WEEK in their mailbox! I know right? totally cool! these are ARC's as the book wont be out till July in print, so you get an early shot at it.

OK So to win, gimme your top 5 horror movies! If at least three of them coincide with my top 5 (which I will post on Monday) then you win the book, some goodies and something else cool.

So have at it, and Joyous Samhain!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hallowen Hotties: John Leguizamo

Yes yes... I picked a latin guy. Truth is hes yummy... and while most would pick Simon Green from Land of the Dead, You cant been the smarmy asshole that is Cholo in that flick... so, John Leguizamo is it.

Hes been in a bunch of horror flicks, incluing that POS The Happening, and the ever horrible Super Mario Bros. But nothing beats him as Cholo. So drool ladies. hes a bad ass.

Well Can you guess my #1 Eva? Well today is your last chance to... and I'll be announcing the winners of the halloween goodie bags tomorrow as well... so... get your ideas in, cuz it will be revealed tomorrow!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Hotties: Michael Biehn

I got mad love for the past, and while he isnt my cup of tea these days, back when I was younger I used to watch Aliens daily... no not because Ripley was a bad ass, but because Hicks was Ooh la la la la la la la la! The only "man in uniform" i have ever found yummy, I wanted my own hottie Colonial Marine... Not to mention he played Kyle Reece in the original Terminator, and for its time, that love scene was wow smoking. One of the original hotties of the horror genre...

So ladies, Enjoy the hotness that was (and is) Michael Biehn

OOh just yummy. This one is also for Elizabeth Darvill... who shares in the Biehn love with me.

So, have you figured out my favorite Halloween Hottie Yet? No? well you got 2 days... Winner gets CHOICE of a print (provided I have it here), some awesome goodies, and a special ornament for their tree (or bush as it were, lol)

So comment... and good luck!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Hotties: Johnny Depp

Day three is Depp. Hes played in so many awesome movies, and was in the first Nightmare on Elm street, and got his ass handed to him by freddie in his own bed. Blood everywhere! Fantastic.

So my choice? Well Im always going to choose him as Dean Corso, from The Ninth Gate cuz thats my ultimate favorite Depp, but also, because its halloween, Imma choose Sleepy Hollow Depp as well cuz he was awsome in that and whats better for halloween.

Drool ladies.

Ok and once again, if you can figure out who my number one is, Ill give you a print book... choice of print book from our back list. So... what do YOU think?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hallloween Hottie: Christian Bale

Ok so today's pick is none other then Christian Bale. But not just any Christian Bale, we are talking the definitive Christian Bale, as Patrick Bateman, in American Psycho. Drool with me ladies, wont you?

I mean there is just something extremely hot about a guy running after you nekkid after a marathon sex session covered in blood with a chainsaw. Anyone else wanna deny that?

I seriously suggest, if you havent watched this one yet, you make it part of your halloween watching. I mean lets throw aside the fact that its Bale, but hes nekkid, screwing and killing. three outta three there if you ask me, LOL.

Also, if you dont know, This Christian Bale is our muse for our demon character, Cassiel. Yummy yummy ooey gooey...

OK so once again, if you can figure out who #1 is on the list, youll get a print book for your trouble... So comment, and read some books!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Hotties: Sasha Roiz

Ok so I have decided to do a few posts on the hot men in some of my favorite horror movies... the first one is none other then Sasha Roiz. Sasha plays Sam in Caprica, by far the hottest gay gangster EVA. Yummy doesnt cover it. Now lets forget that Im all about Caprica, and it makes it better that Sasha is in it and I can drool like a fool over him...

But he was also Manolette in Dawn of the Dead! WOO! And yes, I wanted to do him then too... So join me ladies in drooling over Sasha and enjoy all that is his hotness...

Oh and for you ladies that know, This would be my Castor, provided that the tattoos were changed, I mean look at him good god hes Yummy.... tomorrow #4 on my halloween Hotties (and just so you know, Sasha is actually #2 on my top 5, but Caprica is on tonite... I couldn't resist...

Oh and if you can guess who my #1 is for halloween Hotties, I'll send you a print book...

Friday, October 01, 2010

MY con schedule for next year is already filling out...

Its insane. I'm trying to get my appearances set up for 2011, and with the moving in the midsts of the year, its proving to be one HELL of a task. So far I have:

Arisia, January 14-17
Scotland, Feb 2011
ShevaCon, March 4-6
Steampunks Worlds Faire, May 20-22
MarCon, May 27-29
(Moving to SC, June, July)
Authors After Dark, August 11-14th
ConText, August 26-29th
DragonCon, September 2-5
AlbaCon, Sept. 30-Oct 2

Still deciding on others, trying to figure it all out. But the truth is, I must be out there this year. And with AAD and all, I really wanna make sure I'm all over the place this year. Its going to be a good one, and It looks like Ill be sharing a bit of the cons with my bff Brooke, and since it will be her first con year, it should prove to be one wild time.

I'm excited to go to Scotland for the babies birthday as well. I might not be there for the birthday (with ShevaCon the week after) but I'm looking forward to spending some time with Aud and Matthew and the fam on the other side of the pond.

Not so sure I'm looking forward to moving, but it is inevitable. At least Aud and the baby can come and hangout by the beach with me. It will be nice to get a house together and all, but... I dont know I dont think I'm very excited about it. I'm more interested in getting the career off the ground right now.

Still its probably good if i just learn to let go. LOL but its hard... Still Im excited about the events Ill be attending for the first time. I have heard nothing but awesome things about Arisia and DC and ShevaCon. So this is what I'm excited about.

OOh and if your reading this... I'll have a new blog post up soon for special Halloween goodies... so stay tuned...