Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Cover Reveal: Make Damn Sure

It’s been 10 years since Nyx Deveraux had the night of her life with a guy that was elusive as smoke. 10 years since she was rocked, utterly. Every man since then has been lacking, and Nyx has been chasing the devastation she felt since. No one compares to the one night only man that haunts her dreams.

And then she meets Rusty… Formally anyway. She already knows him in the biblical sense.

Declan “Rusty” Rust made a mistake ten years ago, one he’s paid for every day since. Nyx was too much of a sexy obsession, and his pride demanded he take what was destined to be his, first, so that she never forgot him. Now, his punishment is over, and with the opportunity presenting itself to reconnect with the woman he burns for, his plans can finally be put into action.

But Nyx is not the girl she was ten years ago, and what should be an easy seduction turns into an all out fight for their future. A fight that could mean certain destruction for life as they know it.

Isn’t it sexy? We can’t WAIT till you get to meet Rust….  And you don’t have long to wait!

May 6th the book will be available on Amazon and in print!

So what are you waiting for? Add it to your Good reads:

Havent read the others in the series? You SHOULD!


Dream Howler said...
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Howling Scribe said...

This cover is pretty cool Stella! I can't wait to catch up with everything you have been writing since we last spoke. I have been trying to get my website back online, but I have to find a good programmer because my site just went haywire. Maybe I will use WordPress for a little while if I can figure out a good way to set it up for book reviews.

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