Friday, May 31, 2013

Lots of things happening!

So, as the title says, lots of things happening.

AAD is in 2 months.

Edits are just about done on our soon to be released EC book.

We have a new release coming out in late June.


these are all good things.

Some other awesome things? I shall tell you.

1. We are involved in an awesome contest for later this june. 5 days. 5 authors, 5 dollars. each author will have a normally 2.99 or higher book up for 99 cents to celebrate their involvement in Authors After Dark for ONE WEEK and in that time YOU could win your way into AAD 2013 last minute!

Yes, I know theres a BUNCH of you looking to attend, and between the 5 of us, we have paid for both REGISTRATION and a ROOM for up to 5 DAYS! So you COULD go, pretty much for FREE. AWESOME right?

Info is coming soon on who the authors are, and what books, and especially, what YOU have to do to win! I know your going to be really excited about this one!

2. So I (Stella) wrote a book on my own. Its unique, different and readers are going to love it. And whats more? Im going to be self publishing it later on this year. Im really excited about it, really cant wait to get it out there to the masses and see if indeed, the story and the characters hold up. Its my first book I have ever written by myself, so its close to my heart... but dont worry, it still stays in the risk taking romance area you know and love from me and Audra, just this time its only me.

The book is called Eternal Echoes, and will be available in late October.

So that's it from the peanut gallery. Im back to edits and working on Winter and Lola! Have a great day everyone!