Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Release, New Review drive and prizes!

So today, now, this second, THE SERENDIPITY OF KARMA is out in the wild... and its already getting amazing reviews!

Its the perfect length for a lunchtime read, and a story that will stay with you through your afternoon, day dreaming about Rhys... TRUST ME!

Pick it up here:

And did you know today starts the 15-15 Review drive? Bet you didnt! this is simple!

So from May 15- June 15th we are going to do a review drive.

in that month the more books of ours you read and review on, the more awesome stuff you get!

So here's the tier system:

1review: Paper swag (signed cover flat, postcard, etc)

2-5 reviews: Paper swag and a Pin pack (with the I DO IT DEMONSTYLE pin and others)

5-10 reviews: Paper, Pin pack and Premium (Book specific premium goodies)

10-15 reviews: Paper, Pin pack, premium and special limited edition swag (could be anything from playing cards to temporary tattoos)

15-20 reviews: Paper, Pin, Premium, Ltd. Edition and a Signed print book

20-24 reviews: All tiers before plus a shirt and 10$ GC

ALL of the books that are on Amazon under our names are eligible.

to keep track:

Fill in the spread sheet for EACH review. this will ensure we know how many to award for!

So why not start with THE SERENDIPITY OF KARMA? Get to know Rhys and Saffron (and even Winter) on a whole 'nother level!